Process journal 3


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Process journal 3

  1. 1. Cutting and filing the rough edges28/3/11 MondayWhat I did today:Today in DT class, I continued to cut the other half of my animal moving toy. It was hard at firstbecause the angle was too hard to cut on, so I started from the bottom of the hard wood(beech)and continued my cutting from there. I used a coping saw for cutting the angle along with abench vice. I cut until the middle of the animal, where to animal tag was, and then started to cutstraight from the top to the tag. I did this because it was easier to cut the other parts later. Aftercutting it, I continued to the mouth where it was really hard to cut because I had an open mouthdesign. I cut 3-4 smaller cuts so that it was easier to cut later on. I finished cutting the top of thehead, and then cut diagonally towards the mouth so that it was easier to smooth later on.When I finished all of the cutting, I used a half round, round and flat headed file to smooth themouth of the animal. I smoothed most parts until it was flat, and then continued to smooth theother parts of the animal.This is a picture of me using the copingsaw to cut the angle of the head.This is a picture of me filing the inside ofthe mouth with a round file.
  2. 2. Cutting and filing the rough edgesWhy:I continued cutting the animal moving toy because I did not finish it in the last class. The anglewas really hard to cut on because the wood was too high on top of the bench hook which madeit unstable to cut on, and I had to bend the coping saw blade a lot which was dangerous. I usedthe files to smooth the mouth because the coping saw blade would be bent a lot, which mademe scared because I didn’t want to break it.Emotions:I think today was a productive day, because I finally finished cutting my animal body shape out. Ican now smooth the edges of the body and start moving on to the axle for the wheels. I felt veryhappy when I could smooth, because it was a sign that I’m done with one part of my project.Whatʼs Next:For me, the next step is to smooth the edges and start measuring and marking ou the axle forthe wheels. I think the filling will take a long time.Learner Profile/AOI:I think I was an risk taker because I used a tool/saw that I wasn’t comfortable with, but I stillmanaged to finish the job on time. I was also reflective because I used the files for smoothingwhich I used last year.