History of the memphis movement


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History of the memphis movement

  1. 1. History of the Memphis MovementThe start of the Memphis movement began in the 1980s in Italy. The movementwas started to use modernism in design tech, and using different shapes tocreate unique and interesting furniture.The Memphis movement was started by a number of famous Italian designers andarchitects. One of the leading members of the group was EttoreSottsass, hecreated and designed some of the famousfurniture such as the Carlton bookshelfand Max. They first started the group whenthey were in a meeting; a song was playingcalled ‘Stuck inside of Mobile with theMemphis blues again’. The group decidedthat they would go along with the name‘Memphis’.The Memphis movement produced a differentfeel towards minimalism, with brightcolors and various shapes as a guide.However when they were designing furniturethey did not have a specific guideline to how they should design it or buildit. The only rule towards designing was tomake it fun and interesting. Ettore Sottsass, Alessandro Mendini, Martine Bedin, Andrea Branzi, Aldo Cibic, Michele de Lucchi, Nathalie du Pasquier, Michael Graves, Hans Hollein, Arata Isozaki, Shiro Kuromata, Matteo Thun, Javier Mariscal, George Sowden, Marco Zanini, and the journalist Barbara Radice.MaterialsFor my project, I intend to use either Europeanredwood or MDF.European redwood is a type of softwood that is easyto cut and also strong at the same time, and I thinkthat using this material will be suitable for makinga CD rack. I will be able to cut the wood out easilyand it will also be strong yet light at the sametime. It is also cheap and very suitable forcupboards and keeping things. European Redwood (top), strong softwood and used for general woodwork and cupboards.The other material that would be suitable for makingmy project is MDF, it is a manufactured board/man-made wood and it alsostrong. The suitability of the material is excellent, it has a smooth and evensurface to it. Having a smooth surface for this particular project makes it anideal material, as I wouldn’t want bits of splinters to be on my CDs and whenI take it out. Also, it’ll be safer for everyone who touches it. MDF board hasalso water and fire resistant forms that means that if I accidentally spilledwater on the CD rack it’ll still be okay.Construction Joints
  2. 2. The project I will be making will have 2 different shapes, both shapes will bea rectangle but a different size. I intend to have 1 that has a taller heightand one with a longer length. The design on the sides will be a ‘poker style’CD rack.I will use the butt joints for creating therectangle shaped slots. They are the easiest tomake, however I don’t know if a 20mm piece of woodis big enough for a butt joint. This will help meglue 2 opposite sides together and create a 90degree angle. (On the right).I can create a butt joint by gluing 2 pieces ofwood together or screwing them together. I willalso use a miter clamp to hold them together untilthe glue dries.Source:http://www.ripsdiy.co.za/woodjoins.shtmlhttp://www.ehow.com/list_6509645_types-furniture-joints.htmlhttp://www.wooden-box-maker.com/images/rabbit-butt-joint.jpghttp://mr-dt.com/materials/manufacturedboards.htmhttp://www.lathamtimber.co.uk/images/softwood%20images/Euro_Redwood_500.gif