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G9stemcells xavier

  1. 1. One  World  Essay Xavier Tan Grade 9 Biology Stem Cells One World EssayBeijing BISS International School School Code: 1123 Date Submitted
  2. 2. One  World  Essay
  3. 3. One  World  Essay Stem Cells Did you know that stem cells have the ability to do almost anything a body can? Theycan transform themselves into blood cells, marrow cells, brain cells and even embryo cells! Theyare totipotent which means that they are able to transform into any cell. Stem cells can helpminimize cancer symptoms and potentially kill cancer rather than going through a series ofradioactive treatment. However, there are ethical and economical issues that concern the use ofstem cells, as well as cultural and personal opinions, besides it also take a lot of finance to helpsupport the researches and investigation.Stem cells are cells that do not have a specific job in the body. Stem cells are something youcall ‘starter’ or special cell that are undifferentiated type of cell. Therefore, they can change andtransform to whatever cell is needed, which means that they can replace other forms oftreatments. Stem cells are in our bodies ever since we were born as embryos and up until theadult body. Research shows that they can be developed without them being in a body, insteadfrom a controlled environment. Moreover, they are currently being researched on how to usetheir abilities. They are totipotent which makes them able to divide into various cell types.Adult stem cells exist in small amounts in several tissues in the body, helping maintain andrepair those tissues. (Adult stem cells cannot be substitutesfor embryonic stem cells, JDRF). Stem cells are similar tothe usual cells in our body; they have been in our bodiessince we were born. They can be both extracted from thebody, specifically from the bone marrow. They can dividethemselves into daughter cells, which prevents us fromextracting anymore from the bone marrow. Scientists placethe one cell that they extracted from the bone marrow intoa small dish with a type of liquid with nutrients in it. Thishelps the cell to divide. They are already being used intreatments for over one hundred diseases and conditions(bio-medicine, 2009). Stem cells have the advantage of doingalmost anything we want them to do for our body. Stem  cells  able  to  be  any  cell  in  our  body.  TheThey can become embryonic cells, which forms Totipotent stem cells come form the early embryos. These stem cells can create fullbabies. This makes it easier for both couples that are organisms, although they are the mostunable to have babies and bisexual couples who want controversial type of stem cell. (top)to start a family. Stem cells are able to reduce cancerrisks or harmful cells that threaten your body. Thismeans that they can be an alternative treatment for cancer, as treatment for cancer isexpensive yet dangerous to the body because of the radiation. Although stem cells have a lot of advantages, they have an equal amount ofdisadvantages. Stem cell research is costly. Most governments in the world do not fund theresearch due to the lack of evidence that it would be a good cause. Lastly, adult stem cells arehard to isolate and identify. Moreover, stem cell treatment maybe more expensive due to therare solutions available, there are not many people who would resort to a new treatment.
  4. 4. One  World  Essay Ethical issues involve a lot decision making, as well as thinking for the best. Stem cellresearch and treatment require a huge amount of time and thinking due to the expenses andthe results after it. Couples that are unable to produce offspring can resort to having embryonic stem cells,which is a solution for having a baby. This means that adoption wouldn’t be the only solution.This also means that cloning would be possible in the near future, with experiments donesuccessfully on various animals. Cloning yourself, or at least a part of your body organs ishelpful because then you wouldn’t worry too much about your body accepting the organ. Bothof these functions of stem cell use a basic reproduction cycle. Scientists put the one cell into asmall dish with nutrients and water to let it divide. This one cell organism develops into either anorgan or an embryonic cell that is totipotent. Using stem cells as an alternate route may not be the ideal situation for some couples,as they would imagine a different baby when they receive it. This is due to the cause of usingstem cells to create a baby in the lab. For example, in 1998 an embryonic stem cell was finallydeveloped in a lab. However the scientists at the lab in charge of the experiment due tosuspicion of other cells developing instead. (ABC News, 2005) An evidence of this issue would be that many countries have brought this issue up tocourt due to the many incidents that have occurred during the past. Some scientists believedthat stem cells can be programmed to grow into cancer cells, even though they aren’t supposedto. These cases exists, as scientists have tested this with lung cancer patients. They put thecancer cells with the newly bred stem cells, which effected the stem cells. They found out thatthe cancer cells infiltrated the stem cells, ending up creating more cancer cells. Ethical issues can never be solved, only to be decided by the people themselves. Stemcell research have various advantages as well as disadvantages, just the fact that it can be anembryonic multipotent cell and totipotent cell already makes it a difficult decision. The second one world issue is economics.Stem cell research requires a huge amount of consistent funding to keep the research going.This funding used to research the effects and techniques of cloning both animals and humans.Cloning animals would mean that we would have more livestock to feed the population. Otherpurposes for the funding would be researching embryonic cells. Scientists would then be able toresearch more on how to keep the embryo alive in a lab. Finally, they would also be able to learnhow to prevent the stem cells from being reprogrammed to being cancer cells. Corruption may occur with the money used for research. As said above, stem cellresearch would require constant funding of research and it isn’t cheap. Adding to the fact thatstem cells are vulnerable to reprogramming by cancer cells, there may not be a solution forthat. Economical issues are tough to decide. In a long term, stem cell research may proveuseful as reprogramming maybe reversed. In a short run, stem cell research may not have asgood as a result but would be able to find out how to clone as we are getting close toperfecting the skills. Although many issues are raised when stem cells are concerned, it maybe the solution tomay treatments for various diseases and illness such as cancer, Lou Gehrig’s disease,Alzheimer’s and many other incurable diseases. The treatment would most likely cure thedisease and be available in the near future, however it might be expensive. Stem cell treatmentwouldn’t be available for the poor and needy, and it would still depend solely on thegovernment’s ability to fund the research. Hence, stem cell research should be available for allpeople around the world.
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