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Design research

  1. 1. 61722000SOURCE -<br />MATERIALS – wood(pine), leather, acrylic paint.<br />MOVEMENT – Push and Pull.<br />TOOLS – Coping Saw, Tenon Saw, Bench Hook, Araldite<br />CONSTRUCTION – <br />COLOUR – Natural, Red<br />OTHER FEATURES – Wobble eyes, Push and Pull mechanism, the legs are flaps and they can move easily. <br />011430<br />SOURCE – <br /><br />MATERIALS – wood, nylon string, acrylic paint<br />MOVEMENT – None (unless you move the hands, head, and legs by yourself)<br />CONSTRUCTION - <br />COLORS – Dark Brown, Light Brown, Natural<br />OTHER FEATURES – uses the string to hold the hands, feet and head in place, and it is able to move. To move it, use you hands to change the hand position. The head can move sideways, and the hands and feet are able to change positions.<br />488950054610<br />SOURCE -<br />MATERIAL – Animal Feather/hair, plastic.<br />MOVEMENT – None<br />CONSTRUCTION - <br />COLOR – Yellow, Light brown<br />OTHER FEATURES – The top of the shell is like a cap to cover the chick from coming out like a real chick does. When you open the crack the chick will pop out.<br />-4572000<br />SOURCE -<br />MATERIAL – Leather, plastic<br />MOVEMENT – the joints in the legs help to move bullseye freely, because it is flexible.<br />CONSTRUCTION – If I am making it out of wood, I will cut the different pieces of the horse out first, paint them and then glue them together.<br />COLOR – dark brown, light brown, peach, yellow<br />OTHER FEATURES – the tail and the head have hair that is dark brown, which helps children to identify different parts of the horse’s body. It is soft and it is not dangerous to most kids. The design of it is based on a Toy-Story, which most kids from the ages 2-5 should be aware of it, and they should know which animal this is.<br />-68580052070<br />SOURCE – <br /><br />MATERIAL – Plastic, Spring, Leather<br />MOVEMENT – push and pull mechanism.<br />CONSTRUCTION <br />COLORS – Dark brown, Black, Light Brown, Green, RedOTHER FEATURES – when you pull either sides of the body, the other side will come back because of the force. It is a little dangerous because kids might pull very hard towards their face and it will injure them.<br />25400-3810<br />SOURCE -<br />MATERIAL – Wood, Nylon String<br />MOVEMENT – Pull mechanism<br />CONSTRUCTION – I should mark out the body and head first, and when it is done I will use a tenon saw to cut the sides. When it is done, I will then use a coping saw to cut the curved sides. I will need to cut a small cylindrical piece of wood for the wheels to move in the middle, and also make the wheels.<br />COLORS – Bright Yellow, Orange<br />OTHER FEATURES – N/A (?)<br />095250<br />SOURCE -<br />MATERIAL – clay<br />MOVEMENT - None<br />TOOLS – coping saw, tenon saw, paint brush.CONTRUCTION – Draw the shape of the eagle on a piece of wood, and then cut it with the tenon saw.<br />COLORS – Natural, burnt brown.<br />OTHER FEATURES – If I make it with wood, I should create a light eagle, and attach a string to the middle of the eagle so that it will ‘fly’ in the air.<br />0-228600SOURCE -<br />MATERIAL – Plastic(acrylic), wood<br />MOVEMENT – Pull, while the xylophones are played when the wheels move.<br />TOOLS – Coping saw, Junior hacksaw, Tenon Saw, paint brush, araldite glue.<br />CONSTRUCTION – create the bottom of the wagon first then start creating the body, xylophones and wheels.<br />COLORS – blue, red, while green, yellow, black, red.<br />OTHER FEATURES – the xylophones makes sounds because of the impact from the sticks on the <br />duck’s hands.<br />5080112395<br /> SOURCE -<br />MATERIAL - plastic<br />MOVEMENT – wind up toy, push<br />TOOLS – coping saw, round file<br />CONSTRUCTION – create the body of the bear and the wheels seperately, then glue the inside of the wheels to the hands.<br />COLORS – brown, red, yellow-ish green.<br />OTHER FEATURES – the wind up wouldn’t last long, so changing it into a push and pull toy like a normal ‘hot wheels’ car would be better.<br />