Informative speech ppt


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Informative speech ppt

  1. 1. The Illuminati
  2. 2. The Dollar Bill
  3. 3. Symbols everywhere depict our future. Conspiracies have beenthought to be theories... so they say...!
  4. 4. Adam and Eve Conspiracy.
  5. 5. Pyramids are one of the main symbols for the Illuminati.
  6. 6. Jay-Z, Beyonce and Kanye West’s Secret Society The song industry plays a big role into our society such as the artists Jay Z, Beyonce and Kanye Westby creating lyrics which talks about how the world is going to be ruled by the ‘Leaders’ of the nation and will cause mass destruction for the New World Order.
  7. 7. Lady GagaSubliminal Messages are present when listened to this Paparazzi backwards.
  8. 8. Denver Conspiracy
  9. 9. The DenverThe Swastika is Airport’s runways a symbol used designed as theduring WWII... Nazi symbol.
  10. 10. Illuminati is everywhere...Pearl Harbor McCarthyism John F. KennedyGenocide is on our hands in the near future...
  11. 11. Illuminati is everywhere with symbols and hand gestures.