Our Mission


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Our Mission

  1. 1. 2008 Undesignated Mission Support<br />$1,484,572<br />50% goes to Churchwide $742,286 <br />These funds provide:<br />Planting & sustaining congregations locally<br />Planting & sustaining congregations at ELCA level<br />Our synod receives funds in return as ELCA staff support. Currently 3 synod staff members are funded by Churchwide dollars. <br />Furthermore: campus ministries, new congregations, programs such as the development of stewardship materials, Book of Faith initiative, outreach materials, as well world hunger and disaster assistance are funded through mission support<br />
  2. 2. Your mission support makes a difference in our synod<br />Approximately 12% of your undesignated giving is sent to synodical ministries in the form of grants.<br />Recipients are:<br />Nearly $200,000<br />In annual support<br /><ul><li>Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
  3. 3. California Lutheran University
  4. 4. Campus Ministry
  5. 5. California Lutheran Homes
  6. 6. Solheim Lutheran Home
  7. 7. Solvang Lutheran Home
  8. 8. Lutheran Retreats Camps & Conf.
  9. 9. Lutheran Social Services
  10. 10. Lutheran Office/Public Policy
  11. 11. So. Calif. Ecumenical Council
  12. 12. New City Parish
  13. 13. Lutheran Maritime Ministry
  14. 14. Region 2
  15. 15. La Frontera
  16. 16. Lutheran Planned Giving</li></li></ul><li>Your mission support makes a difference in our synod<br />Approximately 38% of your undesignated giving is used for the synods mission and services.<br /><ul><li>Candidacy – the process of developing Rostered Leaders
  17. 17. Mobility – matching Rostered Leaders with ministry settings
  18. 18. Vacancy – assisting call committees in the discernment and calling of Rostered Leaders to ministry settings.
  19. 19. Developing lay leaders / ELM
  20. 20. Council training, long-range planning
  21. 21. Conflict resolution
  22. 22. Training & support
  23. 23. Mission development
  24. 24. Administration of congregations under “synodical administration”
  25. 25. Administration of the Office of the Bishop</li></li></ul><li>Endowment Funds<br />The 1st Lutheran Los Angeles endowment fund (FLLAF) provides support to new and changing congregations, as well as scholarships for candidates in rostered ministries.<br />This year the FLLAF has provided $19,200<br />inscholarships and <br />over$20,000 in congregationalsupport<br />
  26. 26. Endowment Funds<br />The Mission & Ministry fund provides outreach grants. Warner Trust supports programs ranging from education to building renovation.<br />In 2008 $65,000 was distributed from <br />endowment funds to 19 congregations <br />and agencies.<br />
  27. 27.
  28. 28. touching lives <br /> enabling leaders<br /> building communities<br />
  29. 29. 10 congregations in our Synod dependent on financial support:<br />1. Abundant Life, Diamond Bar (San Gabriel Conference)<br />2. Faith Lutheran, Canoga Park (Twin Valleys Conference)<br />3. Fe y Esperanza, South Gate, (Long Beach Conference)<br />4. First/Mi Salvador, Inglewood (LA Metro)<br />5. Glory, Torrance, (South Bay)<br />6. Messiah Lutheran, Los Angeles, (LA Metro)<br />7. Pueblo de Dios, Compton, (South Bay)<br />8. Santa Cruz, Santa Maria (Central Coast)<br />9. San Pablo, North Hollywood (Twin Valleys)<br />10. Koinonia, (Truth Lutheran), West Covina, (San Gabriel Valley)<br />
  30. 30. YOU can be part of the solution<br />share the vision of the synod and help finance our mission<br />
  31. 31. Plant some seeds… <br />Visit the synod website www.socalsynod.org and click on to make a donation.<br />Send your check to the Southwest California Synod, ELCA and designate . You may choose a particular mission site to support. <br />This program is an ideal way to honor/remember someone who inspired your faith. Make your donation in that person’s name. All donors will be listed in synod publications. <br />