Opportunities for Russian Standard Vodka


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Opportunities for Russian Standard Vodka to engage with Consumers.

What does premium means for spirit brands?

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Opportunities for Russian Standard Vodka

  1. 1. Opportunities for Russian Standard Vodka to engage withConsumersPresented bySobithan Sekar
  2. 2. What is premimuisation in Vodka market means?Taste, heritage acts as a more sought premium cues than other attributesUnlike beer, cider, it is less important that spirits brand acts as a guarantee of quality. Rank Premium attribute % who see it as a premium quality cue1 It tastes better (filters and distilled) 882 It has a rich heritage 583 It is a guarantee of quality (brand acts as a quality) 554 It is made from better quality ingredients 515 Drinking it feels like I am treating myself 496 It is more expensive 447 The packaging is more attractive 428 I like to be seen drinking it 319 It has a higher alcohol content 3010 Not everyone drinks it 2511 You can only buy it in specific venues 16Base: 1,293 spirits drinkers who rate at least one spirits brand as premiumSource: GMI/Mintel
  3. 3. For spirits what matters most is richer heritage. For Ex: Johnie Walker, Jack Daniels and others.Marketing message of Russian Standard Vodka can emote the rich heritage of Russian Standard Vodka.
  4. 4. Vs © 2010 Mintel International Group. All rights reserved. Confidential4 to Mintel.
  5. 5. Opportunities for Russian Standard Vodka to engage with ConsumersThere is also an undeniably a large, mainstream, cross-gender and mostly latent-demand for drinkingcocktails. For Ex, Mintel’s report (2009) claims that only a third 34% of alcohol drinkers currently drinkcocktails but 37% claim that they would like to do so in the future.What type of alcohol would you use consider drinking in the future? Insight: With consumers increasingly interested in cocktails and festive season coming it’s a good idea to feature vodka cocktails on the opening page of Russian Standard Vodka.
  6. 6. Key Analysis:1.Adults are highly influenced by consumer reviews which are posted online, meaning that rating and commenting onRussian Standard Vodka website can influence in promoting brands. (Ex: Ocado)2. Online also has implications for new types of business models which can circumnavigate, the supermarkets andcompanies can retain more control over their brands. For EX: Vodka Bar.
  7. 7. 3. In-house drinking:Entertaining in the home has become more integral to consumers’ lives throughout the recession. The home has become a more important venue for consumers for drinking alcohol, especially in the UK, where almost half would agree that ‘most of my drinking is done at home’, compared to 36% in Germany, 32% in France and just 18% in Spain.Index of agreement with drinking ‘When relaxing of an evening’ in the last six month in the home, by type of drink drunk (average=100), May 2011.Base: 1,136 internet users aged 18+ who drank alcohol at home Key Analysis: In 2011 Pernod Ricard launched the ‘Delicious night in’ advertising campaign in the US featuring its Kahlua, targeting the stay-at-home drinker. After a survey ¾ of Americans believe the home is the best place for great conversation. Call of action: Similar campaigns could boost Russian Standard Vodka to engage with consumers who drink any white spirit and remind them of the suitability for drinking ‘When relaxing of an evening’
  8. 8. Share of at-home drinkers, by type of drink, who have drunk “when socialising with friends”, May 2011Base: 1136 internet users aged 18+who drunk alcohol at home Key Analysis: Cocktails have recently benefited from a revival of interest, boosted by the renewed popularity of the Mojito cocktail, which has allowed Bacardi to grow sales of its white rum by over 10% between 2009 and 2010. Call of action: In Facebook we can position Russian Standard Vodka as a brand which is synonymous with fun and socialising . Facebook Campaign: ‘best shared with friends’ For Ex: Smirnoff Campaign ‘Win it , share it’ allows friends to share the cocktail and Vodka for different occasion.
  9. 9. It is my opinion that Russian StandardVodka when compared to other liquorsand spirits has got an edge inOstentatiousness or bling in the premiumpackagingWhile Scotch and wine dominate in termsof premium gifting innovation overChristmas and liqueurs, the rest of thespirits market has underutilised innovation over the past few Christmas periods.Key Analysis:Such Stylish packaging can not only make spirit more appealing to those looking for gift options but also tempt consumers to treat themselves and buy better quality opportunities. Especially as Mintel’s research shows that almost Quarter 23% of UK adult alcohol drinkers buy more expensive alcohol than usual over Christmas.
  10. 10. Key analysis: By combining the level of usage and penetration the data shown that vodka’s success has been driven by the sheer frequency with which is drunk by 18-24s. Needless to say that 18-24s spend most of the time in Facebook. Take Away: 1. If appropriate develop an application to encourage fans to share the content of Russian Standard Vodka. (e.g. Share to a friend) on Facebook. 2. Creative ways to engage with audience with photos and contests. (Ex: Expedia) Variety in the posts , posts with 80 characters or fewer gets 27% greater engagement than longer posts. (For EX:Source: Taken from the TGI survey of around 25,000 adults.
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