Polish Chrismas Eve


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Polish Chrismas Eve

  1. 4. Day the only, unique, full of expectations for the fulfillment of the Great P romise. Although repeat every year, we wake up in the morning with the heart beating : today's Eve. Soon the Lord Jesus is born - come to each of us as a tiny C hild, ask a place among the people that have already been forever.
  2. 6. When the first star is due to appear in the sky, lets w e share with opłatek (wafer) , make each other's wishes, sat for Wigilia Supper (Christmas Eve Supper)…
  3. 7. Opłatek - (with Lac. Oblatum - "generous gift") - a very thin white bread flake, unleavened , baked with white flour and water without the addition of yeast . Last hour standby - waiting for Christmas is just Wigilia ( Christmas Eve ) , from the Latin word vigilare - watch.
  4. 8. Opłatek (z łac. oblatum – “dar ofiarny”) - bardzo cienki biały płatek chlebowy, przaśny (czyli niekwaszony i niesolony), wypiekany z białej mąki i wody bez dodatku drożdży, którym dzielą się wszyscy zgromadzeni przy stole wigilijnym składając sobie życzenia.
  5. 9. Christmas Eve celebration of Polish heritage is very family, widely regarded as the most important day in the year. The house smells paste and Christmas tree. Mom in the kitchen prepares traditional dishes for Christmas supper : red borscht with „ eyes ” (a little ravioli) , cabbage with mushrooms, fish in various forms, k uti a - grains of wheat with honey, dried fruit compote , in accordance with tradition, dishes must be twelve and each must be tried .
  6. 11. Polish Christmas supper characterized dishes without grease and without alcohol of course , t heir nature and sequence of serve at the table contain a symbolism . Christmas supper is not pompous reception but a meal consumed in the family circle and with the nature of religious events . The entire family and everyone gathered around the table refuse to prayer before supper. F ather or grandfather or the oldest person present s hould lead in prayer. After the reading of the gospel of Jesus' birth is the most important moment, it is a violation of the wafer , of making himself wishes and transmission sign of peace. Everyone should also apologize to each other for the evil done. Wishes should not be spoken casualy formulations, but the words from the heart-offs and are in fact directed us to the most expensive neighbors.
  7. 13. Free to leave the cover at the table, it is a beautiful customary, signaling the memory of our loved ones, who can not spend the holidays with us. It is also a sign of ties with the dead from our families and our preparedness to accept
  8. 15. „ Julaftonen” (Wigilia) - akwarela Carla Larssona
  9. 16. Jacek Malczewski - „Christmas Eve in Siberia”