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My Warsaw - Royal Castle


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My Warsaw - Royal Castle

  1. 1. The Royal Castle in Warsaw (Polish: Zamek Królewski w Warszawie) is a royal palace and was the official residence of the Polish monarchs. It is located in the Plac Zamkowy in Warsaw, at the entrance to the Old Town. The personal offices of the king and the administrative offices of the Royal Court of Poland were located there from the 16th century until the Partitions of Poland. In its long history the Royal Castle was repeatedly devastated and plundered by Swedish, Brandenburgian. German, and Russian armies. The Constitution of May 3, 1791, Europe's first modern codified national constitution, as well as the second-oldest national constitution in the world, was drafted here by the Four-Year Sejm. In the 19th century, after the collapse of the November Uprising, it was used as an administrative center by the Tsar. Between 1926 and World War II the palace was the seat of the Polish president, Ignacy Mościcki. After the devastation of World War II it was rebuilt and reconstructed. Today it is a historical and national monument, and is listed as a national museum.
  2. 2. Władysław IV Waza Successive owners of the Castle Jan II Kazimierz Waza Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki Jan III Sobieski August II Sas Stanisław Leszczyński August III Sas Stanisław August Poniatowski
  3. 3. PLAN OF FOUNDATION OF CASTLE (gray indicates a plan today, red plan of XV c.) 1. Great Tower 2. Curia Maior (big house) 3 Curia minor (smaller house) 4. Royal bedroom 5. Judicial shed 6. Krakowska Gate 7. Collegiate Church of St. John
  4. 4. Royal Castle in Warsaw in 1920
  5. 5. The Royal Castle in Warsaw burning 17.09.1939 after a German shellfire.
  6. 6. Remains of the Royal Castle in Warsaw, capital of Poland - blowed up by German forces on 27 november 1944, according to Adolf Hitler`s order. Photo done in the middle of 1945.
  7. 7. Warsaw by Bernardo Belotto (Canaletto II)
  8. 8. Castle in the winter robe
  9. 9. Castel from other side, in down comunication tunnels
  10. 10. Kubicki Arcade on the project of reconstruction eastern facade of the Royal Castle in Warsaw by Jakub Kubicki, from the years 1816-1818
  11. 11. Kubicki Arcade and rear of the castle.
  12. 12. Arcade, built with extraordinary momentum in the years 1818-21 by the architect James Kubicki as a Castle Terrace, which contain underneath the cobbled street with a length of 200 meters. Now this space has been equipped with giant skylights and the street turned into a great, a little unconventional but very beautifull interior of the castle.
  13. 13. Chamber of Deputies of Polish Seym in Warsaw Royal Castle
  14. 14. Knights' Hall
  15. 15. Knights' Hall
  16. 16. Little Chapel of the castle
  17. 17. Throne Hall
  18. 18. Royal Cabinet - general view
  19. 19. Vestibule before the Great Hall, also called the Great Anti-Chambre.
  20. 20. Vestibule of Grand Hall; paintings by Noël Hallé
  21. 21. Marble Room; was used as a second vestibule in the apartment
  22. 22. Plafond painted by Marcello Bacciarelli
  23. 23. Sala Wielka
  24. 24. Canaletto Room
  25. 25. Apartment of Prince Stanislaus
  26. 26. Oval Gallery
  27. 27. Music room
  28. 28. Royal bedroom
  29. 29. Stanislaw August Poniatowski, the last Polish king; portrait painted by Marcello Bacciarelli: in the castle collection.
  30. 30. Music - W. A. Mozart, Minuet Illustrations of the web sites had chosen - Anna