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CRM Adoption - Revamp your Sales OS


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This is an extract from our standard proposal on CRM Adoption. Sharing it simply because we take pride in our work.

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CRM Adoption - Revamp your Sales OS

  1. 1. Revamp your Sales OS(OS = Operating System) Adopt CRM . Sleep Better <Company Name>
  2. 2. “Are we going to meet our revenue targets this quarter?” The absence of reliable data on leading indicators of sales makes predicting revenue difficult. It causes anxiety. Our mission is to help you sleep better. We do this by helping you get access to reliable data and predict revenue better. Let’s see how we help you predict revenue better This question gives CEOs, VP Sales and Investors sleepless nights REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  3. 3. We empower your team with a simple CRM system This system traces the customer’s journey with your business. The leading indicators of your business become fully visible to the entire business. You can then predict sales more accurately. More importantly, you can course correct if the forecast is less than expected. In short, a CRM helps you revamp your company’s sales OS (operating system) Let’s see how we help you do this revamp REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  4. 4. Install, adopt and achieve with crm We help you evaluate, purchase and configure a CRM system that is best suited to your business and its stage of growth We train your sales team to adopt the system and use it as their “personal assistant” We help the leadership team interpret the funnel and take important decisions that help you achieve your revenue goals install adopt achieve Wait a sec. It’s not all rosy. There are challenges. REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  5. 5. Challenges in crm adoption Selecting the right CRM for the stage of your company Integrating inbound calls and lead capture forms into the system Designing stages of the pipeline and responsibilities Resistance to software adoption Fear of surveillance Discipline of updating CRM Rules of stage movement Using dashboards correctly Deciding actionable steps for course correction Finding business insights from the data install adopt achieve We know how to address these challenges REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  6. 6. We understand the reasons behind these challenges We understand the technicalities of installing and operating a CRM We are experienced sales professionals who have lead and run sales teams ourselves. We understand sales team behaviours at frontline and management levels. And we know how to implement habit changing behaviour using principles of human centred design and visual management We understand the typical decisions that CEOs and sales leaders take on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. We help leaders take data driven decisions using a CRM install adopt achieve we did a diagnostic at ___ and here’s what we found REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  7. 7. Our understanding of ___’s sales challenges Since all leads are not captured in a system, that makes it difficult to trace a customer’s journey. When fully traced, the right sales actions and follow-ups can be taken at the appropriate time and mistakes avoided Leads are captured from various sources. Each source represents a different lead quality and hence potential. Identifying this potential can help prioritize the “best fit” leads Since multiple stakeholders are involved in acquiring a customer, ownership lines can become blurred. There’s a risk of hurting customer experience. A CRM solves that by clean lead assignment We filled an inquiry form on ___ on 17th June and didn’t receive a response till 21st June. A CRM can help reduce such occurrences traceability Lead fit ownership Which CRM is most appropriate for ___? Turnaround time Based on the diagnostic REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  8. 8. pipedrive Simpler interface relative to other CRMs Suited for small sales teams Suited ideally for customer acquisition Good for short cycle-time sales which require follow-up Recommended for first time CRM users Monthly subscription option available, pricing plans -> So what’s the plan? REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER
  9. 9. install adopt achieve Purchase pipedrive subscription Configure company settings Pipeline stage design Deal Fields creation Product List creation Rules of allocation, duplication checks Inbound call integration Web form integration Adoption training for central + on site sales team and community manager Leadership team adoption training Activity tracking Troubleshooting Data-driven reviews Visual management Establishing sales review cadence Top, middle and bottom of the funnel insights Sales team performance management OUTCOME ↓ Sales OS 2.0 On critical path REVAMP YOUR SALES OS. ADOPT CRM. SLEEP BETTER Week 1-2 Week 2-6 Week 4-8 Detailed Project Plan will be shared during project kick-off
  10. 10. We’ll need you to own the following: ● Timely and scientific GOAL SETTING roll-out ● CHANGE MANAGEMENT and its communication (we’ll co-own this) ● PEOPLE PERFORMANCE ● Cost of TOOLS We’ll also need: ● A good internet connection for upto 2 people ● Technical Support (for API integration, etc) We’ll need some help from you along the way
  11. 11. At this point, you’re likely to have some questions. We’re all ears. LinkedIn