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Gorga Expedition Journal - #EkspedisiGorga


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A journal of an expedition in Tapanuli, North Sumatera. Named as #EkspedisiGorga (Gorga Expedition) since one of its objective is to document Gorga motifs.

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Gorga Expedition Journal - #EkspedisiGorga

  1. 1. Expedition JournalIndonesian Archipelago Cultural Initiatives
  2. 2. Slide no.0 Gorga expedition is an activity under “Sejuta Data Budaya” campaign. “Sejuta Data Budaya” is a campaign which invites Indonesian people, especially the young, to submit traditional culture data to Expedition date : July 10 – 22, 2012 ..let’s go
  3. 3. Absolutely,not this Gorga...  You’ll see her if you try to google “GORGA”….
  4. 4. Various Bataknesebuildingornaments, motifsof decoration.M.A. Marbun,I.M.T. Hutapea.1987.“Kamus BudayaBatak Toba”Balai Pustaka
  5. 5. ExpeditionObjectives!  documenting Gorga motifs  to have preliminary documentation about megalithic relics.
  6. 6. MapThe Journey
  7. 7. Siallagan Village King of Sidabutar TombTourism Village of Jangga Dolok Sitorang & Silaen Govt. Building of Toba Samosir Catholic Church of PangururanGovt. Building of North Tapanuli Sisingamangaraja Tomb HKBP Parapat Church Batak Museum / TB Silalahi Center
  8. 8. Samosir
  9. 9. 1 2 4 Huta Siallagan3 4
  10. 10. 1. Raja Siallagan house2. Siallagan Court Stone3. Sopo4. Museum5. Execution stone sketch 5
  11. 11. Catholic Church ofPangururan
  12. 12. Parapat
  13. 13. HKBP Parapat Church The Gorga is tintless, but remain varnished. Claimed as the most beautiful church in South East Asia.
  14. 14. Balige
  15. 15. Cultural & Tourism Agency of Tobasa Regency
  16. 16. Toba Samosir Govt. Building
  17. 17. Toba Samosir Govt. BuildingLeft: District House Of Representatives Locals say the Gorga is from Samosir.Right : District Chief Office Some say, the gorga is from Toba. Gorga also exist on rear side. Many said, it’s totally wrong!
  18. 18. Batak MuseumTB. Silalahi Center
  19. 19. Batak Museum Six pictures of traditional cloth from 6 puak (clan) of Bataknese people Yes, there is Toraja traditional house in there.
  20. 20. Tarutung
  21. 21. Govt. of Tarutung
  22. 22. Sitorang & Silaen
  23. 23. Huta Bagasan Janji Maria
  24. 24. Huta Bagasan Janji Maria Very old houses, with original paint. No re-paint at all. Many ornaments has been stolen. The house in the middle has singa-singa which shaped like an elephant’s face.
  25. 25. …suddenly.. Hey, brother, brother, take a picture of us… Please..!! Could you say “NO” to those faces? Yeah, me too Huta Bagasan Janji Maria
  26. 26. Tourism Village Jangga Dolok
  27. 27. Tourism Village Jangga Dolok  The roof still made from “ijuk”.  There is a house which has no gorga. The old lady (the household) has no enough money to held the rituals.  On left and right side of the houses, there are some army and hero figures combined with Gorga.
  28. 28. BaligeTradeCenter6 buildingswith differentGorga!Some peoplesay, thosebuildingsrepresent 6 ofsomething ofBataknese.
  29. 29. 1. Raja Sidabutar I (400+ years)2. Raja Sidabutar II (300 + years)3. Raja Sidabutar III (100 + years4. The bones of soldiers who died in a war.
  30. 30. 1. Raja Na Ualu : the gestures representing rain dance.2. Court Stone Chair3. The statue of guards protecting the court.4. Raja Sidabutar VII tomb5. Many statues remain unknown.
  31. 31. D O N E !!
  32. 32. Terima Kasih
  33. 33. …no title Luckily, when heading back home, I was not charged for having extra baggage, though carrying gigas instead of kilos. Sometimes, got too much coffee because of the hospitality of the locals. Hospitality of Nusantara people won’t make you bored.. 
  34. 34. Interested?• Identify the objects you’d like to observe. It has to be a traditional culture.• Usually the objects scattered to many areas. Therefore, gather information about the locations and try to make your journey map.• Make sure you have at least one contact person that could guide you in those locations.• Wrap this into a proposal, and then send it to us at