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Optimizing your marketing promotions to mazimize your revenue

Ecommerce businesses that aren’t optimizing the speed and performance of their online promotions are leaving large sums of money on the table. Analyzing the billions of collected customer experience data from top internet retailers tells us this is not the exception – it’s the norm. So how can your company maximize returns from your marketing campaigns?

Join Mat Ball and SOASTA Chairman and Founder, Ken Gardner to see how top internet retailers – such as Gap, Neiman Marcus, and Lowe's – maximize revenue and conversion outcomes for their promotional campaigns.

We'll cover:

A “how-to” process for optimizing your marketing promotions through your user data
Proof of Revenue - visual proof that better site performance (speed/availability) significantly impacts campaign performance (conversions and revenue generation)
Beginning and end snapshots of success stories of SOASTA customers using data science
Ken Gardner - SOASTA Founder and Chairman
Mat Ball - Marketing Manager, SOASTA DataScience

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Optimizing your marketing promotions to mazimize your revenue

  1. 1. How to Optimize Your Marketing Promotions and Maximize Your Revenue November 15, 2016
  2. 2. Your tour guides... Iris Lieuw SOASTA Data Science, Team Lead @irislieuw | Mat Ball Product Marketing Manager @matball49 | Ken Gardner SOASTA Founder / Chairman @kennethcgardner
  3. 3. Today’s agenda Let’s jump in... 1. Performance Matters – Always 2. Ken Gardner Showcase 3. Q&A
  4. 4. Key themes for today Speed and Conversion • Better page performance = more revenue → Always Marketing Campaign Pages Almost Always Slower • If you don’t optimize campaign pages you’re losing money! mPulse Data Science Provides Your Advantage • All the beacons, All the time, Kept forever • Your site DNA is different, how? • Prioritize and execute based on data + revenue goals + CX
  5. 5. Let’s start with some numbers • $1.671T 2015 WW Retail eCommerce Sales - $3.578T in 2019 • $335B 2015Retail eCommerce Sales - $523B in 2020 • $69B US Digital Ad Revenue - $100B in 2021 • $83B - Amazon is pulling away - largest online store • Ok, how are you going to compete with Amazon?
  6. 6. Beginning 7 Days Ago Before/After Snapshots of Success
  7. 7. May 30: Treemap - Page Group - Desktop May 30, 2016 00:00:00 to May 31, 2016 00:00:00 Run at November 10, 2016 01:04:35 Nov 8: Treemap - Page Group - Desktop November 8, 2016 00:00:00 to November 9, 2016 00:00:00 Run at November 9, 2016 19:49:44 Site Site Media Customer - Progress
  8. 8. • Fixed prebuilt dashboards • Sampling & aggregation approaches • Minimal data retention, loss of fine grain detail • Lots of latency • Designed to minimize cost • The analytics you can afford • Limited ad hoc capability Traditional analytic dashboards
  9. 9. • Remarkable Leap Forward • Cloud Computing Capability & Economics • Cloud Storage Economics • Stream Processing (Kafka, Kinesis, Lamda, Redis, S3, …) • GPUs, Visualization Libraries, CSS Acceleration • Data Science Tools - Open Source (R, Python, Julia, Jupyter, ML, Neural, Predictive) Generation performance analytics New capabilities | last 10 years
  10. 10. • All of the data, all of the time, keep it forever • User sessions • Page views • 1st & 3rd party resources • Resource domains • 3rd party stream integration: Adobe, IBM, Google • Users, campaigns, … • Create advanced performance analytics Collect All of the Data, All of the Time, Keep it Forever
  11. 11. Signal mPulse Dashboard
  12. 12. Thank you, how to connect with SOASTA... send email to Questions?