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Segment: ONG
Context: Corporate Presentations

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  1. 1. AVISO O powerpoint é o software mais usado por tontos que pensam teruma perspectiva única que valha a pena partilhar Não leve esta apresentação muito a  sério Viva a vida
  2. 2. WHAT IS SOCIAL INNOVATION?Social Innovation is present in different subjects carbon trading pre-school hospices online tax restorative justice transactions programmes innovation camp magazines sold by social ventures Pledgebanks fair trade the homeless microcredit incubators therapeutic positive deviance zero carbon timebanks communities housing community wind farms production distance learning schools participatory budgets police social slow food community open eco-cities support officers innovation source world wide criminal assets health web recovery corporate collaboratives personal budgets universities skunk works personalisation co-production congestion non-emergency phone numbers cognitive behavioural charging online learning therapy for prisoners drug courts platforms wikipedia consumer co-operatives
  3. 3. WHAT IS SOCIAL INNOVATION?New ideas that work in meeting a social need (current or forthcoming)Sometimes they are just new combinations or hybrids of existing elements,rather then being wholly new in themselvesMobilize people, resources, organizations for common social problemsEVERY NEW TRUTH PASSESTHROUGH THREE PHASESFirst, it is ignoredSecond, it is violently opposedThird, it is accepted asbeing self-evident Schopenhauer
  4. 4. WHAT IS TESE?“BE THE CHANGE YOU WANTTO SEE IN THE WORLD” Mohandas GandhiVISIONTESE wants to be the leadorganization in anticipating andpromoting innovative solutions thatbest meet emerging social needsMISSIONTESE creates and implementsinnovative responses that bestpromote social development,equal opportunities and quality oflife, creating partnerships withpublic, private, and organizationof civil society
  5. 5. WHAT IS TESE´SPOSITION?An organization of reference inthe third sector in Portugal anddeveloping countriesWe add effective value becausewe are involved from the earlyidentification of new needs to thecreation and implementation ofinnovative solutionsWe learned from the experienceon the ground and continuouslyrenew the cycleWe are present in key areas ofnational and internationalplatforms of experience andknowledge sharing
  7. 7. LUZ BINPROJECT MAIN GOAL: Increase adult’s access to education/literacy (women in particular) in Bafatá Region, Guinea-Bissau.1 STRATEGY: Increase afternoon school time, allow for adult literacy classes at night and build up capacity of school boards, village committees and local technicians TARGET GROUPS: ~ 7000 adult women and children1 Adult Literacy Rate (15-49 years) inGuinea-Bissau is only 28.6% (2006 data)
  8. 8. WHAT Community mobilization and awareness raising on the importance of educationWE DID towards development Installation of photovoltaic systems in 29 community schools for additional school hours, with minimum running costs Provided School Boards and Village Committees with the tools necessary for sustainable management of additional school hours and demand for classes Trained new educators in adult literacy methods to meet increased demand Installation by local technicians, giving them training and support to start their own company