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2011 Soap Creative Digital Predictions


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Time again to dust off our crystal ball, tweak the physic powers, poke the giant octopus and attempt to predict what’s going to be hot in 2011.

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2011 Soap Creative Digital Predictions

  1. 2011<br />DIGITAL PREDICTIONS<br />
  2. Time again to dust off our crystal ball, tweak the physic powers, poke the giant octopus and attempt to predict what’s going to be hot in 2011.<br />However before we do, lets look at how successful we were last year...<br />
  3. X<br />Depends where you call home!<br />X<br />Really Steve’s failing!<br />X<br />See above<br />X<br />First baby steps<br />X<br />Ah come on!<br />
  4. X<br />David Fincher agrees<br />X<br />X<br />X<br />Depends on where you sit<br />X<br />X<br />‘To the cloud!’<br />X<br />X<br />Claiming this as a Correct!, on a technicality<br />So, 65% success rate! Not too bad.<br />What will 2011 hold...<br />
  5. 1<br />Deals & Places<br />Facebook Places becomes the 300lb GPS check in gorilla! In the process unlocking the “Widespread reach” badge that eluded Foursquare.<br />Look out for Facebook Deals becoming a feature of every brief. Even if the client has no physical location to own.<br />
  6. 2<br />Level Up! <br />‘Gamerfication’ being the buzz word as every one from charities, film studios, packaged goods and all in between look to add a powerful element of play to their marketing & CRM strategies.<br />Watch out though, in 2011 consumers won’t be able to sneeze without receiving points!**anyone from Kleenex reading this?<br />
  7. 3<br />Platforms & Services<br />In 2010 we saw brands move towards creating long term owned platforms (Pepsi Refresh, Nike+) vs. short term campaigns.<br />Expect to see this go one step further with brands providing services that compliment their brand. For example, P&G, Mr Clean car washes.<br />
  8. 4<br />Hot Buys<br />With no shortage of $ stockpiled we expect to see some hot buys in 2011. Here are our top picks:<br /><ul><li>Amazon buys Netflix
  9. Facebook buys SkypeThen develops its own product and reneges on the deal at last minute
  10. Apple buys SpotifyAnd then shuts it down. launches
  11. J&J (KY Jelly) buys Chatroulette & Redtube*To have complete 360 relationship with large segment of their audience
  12. Google starts a real estate arm. Or buys a bankGot to do something with the $30B in cash lying round *anyone from Kleenex reading this?</li></li></ul><li>5<br />To The Cloud! (this time we mean it)<br />While Australia waits for it’s $50B National Broadband Network to get the funding, the USA dive even further into the cloud.<br />Google’s ChromeOS & laptop is the first step in being free of the HD addiction.<br />Microsoft’s Office 365 shakes up the way we pay for software.<br />onLive and Gaikai want you to throw away your consoles for streaming games.<br />Spotify launches in the USA, Apple retaliates with the launch of<br />GoogleTVlaunches and even more networks “cock block” their content.<br />
  13. 6<br />Social Media Fatigue<br />Social media fatigue will skyrocket in 2011 as people start to regret having their boss, mother and 150 other “friends” connected to their weekend activities.<br />Simplified, restrictive & exclusive social networks similar to, which limits your possible friends will be on the rise. <br />While the choice of social networks people actively participate in will filter down to one or two.<br />
  14. 7<br />Nerd Matters<br />Net Neutrality gets a catchier name and becomes bigger fodder in public debate. While still confusing many. <br />Nerds continue to correct concerned citizens on the original name.<br />And you thought Y2K was big! Chaos will ensue come April 2011, the predicted date when we all run out of ip4 IP addresses. As long as Farmville & WOW continue to work no one will notice a problem.<br />
  15. 8<br />Everything Mobile (maybe not)<br />Surely if Chase customers in the USA can deposit checks via their iPhone, you can pay for a Coke with it too right? No.<br />Will 2011 be the year your mobile replaces your wallet and house keys to allow you to wear the skinny jeans in comfort? No.<br />Mobile innovation will continue however unless we move to Japan, it’ll be a few more years before the infrastructure catches up with our Tokyo dreams<br />
  16. 9<br />Microsites are back!<br />After taking a beating in 2010, microsites will rise from the ashes as... Facebook tabs!<br />But we’ll all realize just because it’s on a social network doesn’t make it more social. So…<br />We’ll see a return to more “social microsites” as we realize the microsite wasn’t the problem, it’s what you did with them.<br />
  17. 10<br />Digital Craps<br />2011 will see the peak of digital buzz word bingo! This is good news if you’ve just fired your agency. Print these off to take the mystery out of the pitch responses.<br /> *download your own Digital Craps here<br />
  18. 2011 HOT OR NOT<br />In pulling this though provoking and deadly serious prediction deck together, we ended up with some thoughts on what else will be Hot or Not in 2011.<br /><ul><li>Wired iPad
  19. iTunes
  20. Google PLUS 1
  21. User Generated Content
  22. Ipad1.0
  23. 3D TV
  24. iAds
  25. TEDx
  26. BluRay
  27. eBay
  28. Trend Reports
  29. Project / Flipboard
  30. Spotify
  31. Niche Social Networks
  32. Ubiquitous computing
  33. Ipad2.0
  34. 3D Printing
  35. Facebook Deals
  36. TED
  37. Google TV
  38. Groupon & Clones
  39. Leaking Info</li></li></ul><li>Trends Overload<br />Here’s a collection of some more researched and detailed trend/prediction reports for 2011<br />
  40. Reference Links<br />Links for further reading:<br />Facebook Deals | Facebook Places | Gamification 1 | Gamification 2 <br />Brand Platforms | Pepsi Refresh | Mr Clean Car WashGoogle + Real Estate | Facebook + Skype | Apple + SpotifyOffice 365 | ChromeOS | onLive | Gaikai | Google TV Blocked<br /> | IP Shortage | Net Neutrality | iPhone check deposit<br />
  41. Happy New Year<br /><br /><br />