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Digital Predictions 2013



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Digital Predictions 2013

  2. 2. CROWD FUNDED EVERYTHING! No idea is too crazy in 2013. What started with Kickstarter will expand into every region, every niche and explode like we saw with daily deal sites. Consolidation comes later, for now expect to see interest/gender/demographic based crowd funding platforms. Expect to see more big brands move into this space for both “industry firsts” and to reduce risk of new product development.
  3. 3. ECOMMERCE2.0 Crowd funding is just part of the greater eCommerce2.0 trend. Mobile and tablet will be crucial (duh!) but so will experimenting with new models of selling. Humble Bundle changed the way we buy indie games in 2012. Expect more industries to experiment to see what works for them. Why buy one pair of razors when you can subscribe to a year’s worth?
  4. 4. THE NEXT-NEXT GEN? The Wii U is here but expect Sony and Microsoft to announce their new consoles mid year just in time for Xmas 2013. Expect to see a lot more opportunities for brands with these new consoles and expect a very expensive Christmas for parents.
  5. 5. SMART-ASS OBJECTS Hyper-connected objects from your thermostat, to your car, light bulbs and even street lights with homeland security features will start to invade our lives. And, if a new product doesn’t have some “smarts” to it then you can just add a smart dongle to make it smart. This is how Skynet started right?
  6. 6. 3D PRINTING. SO HOT RIGHT NOW We’re still a few years off 3D printing at home but the desire for 3D printed objects will hit fever point in 2013. Especially amongst digital agencies. Expect the first mass market wearable shoe to be printed out of Japan, while America continues research on the printable hamburger. In future years expect big box stores to become nothing more than a giant 3D printer creating items from digital kiosks thanks to advances in nanobot technology.
  7. 7. I KNOW WHAT YOU ATE LAST SUMMER Supermarkets will mine their data in even more interesting ways to target consumers and offer big brands intimate details on their consumers. Mobile will allow them to close the gap even further. “Theoretically”, they could track you within the store, or more likely, offer dynamic coupons in-store. Dwell time in the cereal aisle was 25% higher than other double income no kids families. Better send a coupon!
  8. 8. THE ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ OF 2013 Video will again be the #1 consumed media online and we will desperately search for the next Gangnam Style video to break 1 Billion views. And like the aligning of the planets, a Korean, keyboard cat will jump from space to land in the middle of the Super Bowl to deliver Kim Kardashian’s baby live on TV. All to the beat of the latest OK Go track. The #1 comment on the video…? “What’s the name of the song?”
  9. 9. BADGE UNLOCKED: GAMIFIED SOMETHING After reading about it 3 years ago, companies everywhere start to employ gamification in HR. Staff compete to be top of the leader board for promotion, while the bottom are fired in a ritualistic ceremony held every 3rd Friday. Gamification and casual gaming continue to be confused for one another as the buzz word continues to be a hot topic.
  10. 10. THIRD & FORTH SCREENING With the buzz surrounding co-viewing we saw a glut of platforms in 2012 to enhance your TV viewing. With Into Now, Get this, Get Glue, Smartglass, Fango, Watch with Ebay, Miso & Zeebox, 2013 will see the players in this space consolidate or die. We also have to remember that people might just want to surf, tweet, chat, search and shop while they watch TV not “check-in” to earn badges.
  11. 11. ONLINE COURSES EXPLODE There is a lot of hype about online uni courses. But soon it’ll be less about the name of the school you attended and more about whose online course you took. Celebrities, even small ones in their own circle, will start to share their knowledge and teach a lot more. Expect to see more niche learning opportunities on sites like Skillshare with classes like how to make meatballs and designing a rock poster. And for brands to start to get in on the act either sponsoring classes or running them. If Salman Khan can successfully help the world learn why can’t Snoop teach the world to knit?
  12. 12. SOCIAL MEDIA GET’S NERDY The ever increasing amount of data being produced by social media, coupled with the increasing spend and focus from brands, will require the social media team to pull out the calculator and start number crunching. No longer will your Tumblr of sloths doing yoga guarantee you a job.
  13. 13. NEVER PAY FOR A GAME AGAIN* Freemium games rule the mobile space. Expect to see less and less paid games and more FREE* games and apps supported with heavy monetization. Expect to see this trend creep into other areas of our lives (especially in the entertainment areas) as everyone experiments on how to make money via gaining mass awareness first.
  14. 14. LAZY? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT Being lazy has never been easier. Consumers will become accustomed to outsourcing various parts of their lives thanks to services like Pindone, TaskRabbit, Uber and other local versions like AirTasker, and TaskPanda taking off. Expect brands to partner with these services as they grow. Have your house tended to by a Domestos-sponsored cleaner or picked up by an all new BMW 7 Series Uber driver.
  15. 15. 2013’s HOT OR NOT Mobile Games Myspace Anything in Space Klout Being Profitable Privacy Policy Changes Gun Stocks Guns SXSW Cannes Kim & Kanye’s baby The Royal Baby Less More Content Marketing Banner Ads FB Jobs (Linkedin for blue collar)
  16. 16. 2012 PREDICTION REPORT CARD 2012 Prediction Correct Kinda Nope Flash is NOT dead X Engagement > Impressions X Year of Android X NFC: The New Kid in Town X Richer Communities X Tablets, Tablets, Tablets X Voice is the new UI X Virtual meets real X Gamification X 2012’s Hot or Not? X
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