River View PlazaHealth and Fitness Center<br />“Fitness Matters, Wellness Works”<br />
Goals and Objectives<br /><ul><li> Implement Anytime Fitness Center
 Reduce employee health issues
 Reduce/prevent work-related injuries
 Increase efficiency of operations
 Increase building revenue and image</li></li></ul><li>Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Increase revenue from public interest
Utilize skills of DigiFast Employees
 Promote healthy lifestyles</li></li></ul><li>Advantages of Workplace Fitness and Wellness Centers<br /><ul><li> Increased...
 Reduced health care costs
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River View Plaza COM 140 Final Project


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  • According to the Centers for Disease Control, 24.2% of Oregon adults are obese . This is an overwhelming amount that keeps climbing dramatically each year. Obesity is associated with heart disease, certain types of cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, arthritis, breathing problems, and psychological disorders, such as depression. A health and fitness center will provide a convenient, healthy alternative for the employees within River View Plaza.
  • Our goals and objectives of implementing Anytime Fitness Center within River View Plaza are simple. A health and fitness center will benefit all employees in multiple ways including the reduction of health issues. At least 50% of our health care costs are created by employees lifestyle choices of smoking, poor diet, and lack of exercise. By reducing health issues, the coverage costs of health insurance will begin to decline. According to www.wellnessproposals.com, preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illnesses and 90% of all health care costs. The United States spends the highest amount of money on health care related services; however, we still remain at the bottom of the healthiest countries of the world. Coors Brewing Company claims a saving of $1.4 million over a six year time spanafter implementing a fitness center. Pitney Bowes health care costs dropped 10% within five years of creating a wellness center for their employees.Classes that offer training and information in health-related areas such as stress management, smoking cessation, and back care programs will teach employees to be more aware of the strains that they are placing on their health. Offering a wellness center can reduce worker’s compensation claims by 25% or more! Healthier employees hold a lower risk for illness or injury.Efficiency will be increased due to employees taking fewer days off from work due to illness which can save thousands, if not millions over several years on down time, temporary employment , and turnovers. Improved company morale plays a large role in improving efficiency. Wellness centers sponsored by employers send a message to employees that they care about their well-being.Building revenue will increase because of the public having a new option for a fitness center. New businesses that are unable to sustain a center of their own will be interested in the open areas of River View Plaza so that they can implement the center for their own employees. River View Plaza will increase it’s local image by showing other companies that we care about the health and well-being of all employees.
  • River View Plaza is in an ideal location that is attractive to the surrounding residential areas and is convenient for commuters entering the area. Several of the communities are within 10 minute walking distances that are convenient for stay-at-home parents, students, etc. Here at DigiFast, we have an opportunity to utilize the skills of our employees to bring in additional revenue from the fitness center. Dave Martinez is an exceptional graphic designer. Dave can use the blank canvas offered by walls, lockers, and even ceiling panels as advertising spaces for local businesses. His skills will be beneficial to the advertising of the center to the public as well. Stacie Matthews can incorporate business advertisements into monitors displayed for viewing River View Plaza business information, health-related materials, and provide music for the center. By promoting healthier lifestyles and an area to accomplish personal health goals, River View Plaza will grab attention from other businesses that will benefit the entire building. Many smaller businesses, such as a family-operated food service, cannot financially support a fitness center of their own. By bringing in this service, the building will not only receive another tenant but also a food service to supply the employees with an additional break area. Offering healthier choices within the building will be powerful components to our center.
  • Employees are the most valuable asset that a company carries. Without employees, a company cannot function. Healthier employees tend to be happier, self-confident, take on leadership roles, and are more productive. The benefits of a center are obvious. By investing in a program that brings lowered expenses in return in areas such as productivity, absenteeism, and health care costs, employers are setting the company up for success. A wellness center can build teams within a company because it brings employees together by offering a place to set goals and create the social support needed to accomplish these goals. Getting healthier is a way for employees to bring their professional relationship to new levels and creates more efficient plans of working together. The initial financial investment can seem daunting at first; however, when you look at the savings that will incur within the first few years, the investment is worth every penny.
  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, preventable illness makes up approximately 80% of the burden of illness and 90% of all healthcare costs and that preventable illnesses account for eight of the nine leading categories of death.Employers are spending more than $390 billion annually on rising costs of health care coverage. There are three main strategies that companies can adopt to help curb their annual expenditures on health care coverage: EducateAdvocateAssistEducating employees on how much money is spent on health care coverage versus profitability and making sure they understand how they individually affect this cost, will help them see how much they affect the company. Employees that are educated on their health and how it affects the company will lead to employees becoming more aware of their health situations and allow them to learn how to improve their lifestyles. To get the message of health across, a company must become an advocate itself. Awareness alone will not get the job done. The American Cancer Society offers a 10-week plan for the workplace called “Active for Life”. The program combines the employees individual goals with the company as a team and teaches how to implement healthy practices into their daily lives. The final step to curb expenditures is to assist employees. Many employees have not experienced a health class and there are many who do not attend regular check-ups with a physician. Offering clinics to expand health knowledge, providing healthier on-site snacks, and creating “contests” for employees that offer incentives will raise awareness and the drive to meet personal goals.
  • Anytime Fitness offers the services of a Franchise Consultant that can work with any size company and create a center that fits the needs of employees as well as the budget. Depending on location, the franchise investment can range from $43,074 up to as much as $298, 074 with initial investments of $8,999 to $19,999. These costs can be minimized by leasing the equipment instead of buying it. The fitness world is ever-changing and leasing equipment offers the ability to change if the needs of the center were to change.
  • Anytime Fitness Centers off a 24-hour facility which is ideal for anyone to fit time into their schedule to workout. Currently, only two other fitness facilities in Portland offer 24-hour services. Both of these buildings are located in the downtown area that hold limited parking areas. Neither building houses a security desk like River View Plaza. Anytime Fitness also offers the benefit of having Anywhere Club Access. If employees are required to travel out of the area, they have access to any other Anytime Fitness Center! Low- to no-cost investments can be determined by River View Plaza’s needs and budget. A low-cost option would be purchasing a membership for a set amount of employees, regardless of how many actually participate. For example, a group purchase for 100 employees could be implemented and then 150 employees actually decide to use the facilities. The return for those 50 extra employees would quickly add up. Not to mention, the general public would increase the revenue gained! A no-cost option would be to offer employees discounted memberships and in return, River View Plaza would not incur any costs.Anytime Fitness assists with creating custom-designed posters, flyers, etc. to promote the center. This is where Dave Martinez can also use his graphic design skills to obtain interest from local businesses and the public to not only the fitness center but the building in general. Offering incentives such as t-shirts, hats, entertainment vouchers, or gift certificates often help increase participation in programs.
  • Offering an affordable, easily accessible health and fitness center will improve the health of employees. Benefits of healthy employees include a cut in the costs for health care coverage since healthy people do not require the treatments that obesity or other health-related issues can lead to and higher morale that offers a higher productivity rate! I recommend that an Anytime Fitness Center be included in the new businesses to join the River View Plaza family. Workshops and medical screenings will educate employees thus improving our businesses. The workshops and medical screenings will also help to show that we want to improve the quality of our local citizens as well. Health care savings have proven to be a slam dunk after implementing workplace health and fitness centers. Our community outreach program will assist other businesses in getting the word out about creating a healthier lifestyle.I have included a handout that includes a survey that can be used to receive insights on the individual goals and ideas of current employees. These surveys will give an initial idea of interest to start the programs. As our building grows, so can the center!Implementing a health and fitness center to River View Plaza is clearly the most important investment that we could choose. A safe and healthy work environment is crucial to succeed. By encouraging healthier lifestyles, River View Plaza is creating an environment through which employees can succeed personally and professionally. The return on investment has been proven time and time again by companies all across the United States. Let’s make the choice to all promote and live a healthier life by adding Anytime Fitness to River View Plaza!
  • If you have any questions regarding the presentation or handout, please feel free to e-mail me or call at the number listed to discuss your concerns. I am looking forward to move ahead on plans for our health and fitness center!
  • River View Plaza COM 140 Final Project

    1. 1. River View PlazaHealth and Fitness Center<br />“Fitness Matters, Wellness Works”<br />
    2. 2. Goals and Objectives<br /><ul><li> Implement Anytime Fitness Center
    3. 3. Reduce employee health issues
    4. 4. Reduce/prevent work-related injuries
    5. 5. Increase efficiency of operations
    6. 6. Increase building revenue and image</li></li></ul><li>Opportunities<br /><ul><li>Increase revenue from public interest
    7. 7. Utilize skills of DigiFast Employees
    8. 8. Promote healthy lifestyles</li></li></ul><li>Advantages of Workplace Fitness and Wellness Centers<br /><ul><li> Increased productivity rates
    9. 9. Reduced health care costs
    10. 10. Reduced medical and absenteeism costs</li></li></ul><li>Rising Cost of Health Care<br />Source: http://www.newamerica.net/blog/files/brt_chart_growth.JPG<br />
    11. 11. Initial Start-up Costs<br /><ul><li>Franchise: $43,074-$298,074 USD
    12. 12. Minimize upfront cost by leasing equipment
    13. 13. Anytime Fitness Franchise Consultants</li></li></ul><li>Anytime Fitness Center Benefits<br /><ul><li> 24-hour facility
    14. 14. Anywhere Club Access
    15. 15. Low- to No-Cost Investments
    16. 16. Customized Programs
    17. 17. Promotion Efforts/Incentives</li></li></ul><li>Recommendation<br /><ul><li>Anytime Fitness Center
    18. 18. Workshops
    19. 19. Medical Screenings
    20. 20. Health Care Savings
    21. 21. Community outreach</li></li></ul><li>If you have any questions regarding the presentation or handout, please feel free to contact me.<br />E-mail: shellyoakley2008@hotmail.com<br />Phone: 123-456-7890<br />