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Safety moment

healthy moment about cold / ice

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Safety moment

  1. 1. SAFETY MOMENT By Snydez
  2. 2. COLD DRINK
  3. 3. THE ICE
  4. 4. PRODUCINGA l l eg e d l yp r o d uc e d f r o mw a te r o f t h erivero r u n - b o i l edw a te r.
  5. 5. TREATMENTAnd thetreatment isfar fromh e a l t hy,in thep av e m e n t o rsome uncleanplace
  6. 6. DELIVERINGTr a n s p o r te d i na dirty cart
  7. 7. THE BET Stomach ache Diarrhea Typhus
  8. 8. SUGGESTIONS If you’re unsure of the healthiness of the restaurant, avoid ordering any drink with an ice cube.