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translator tips

  1. 1. ==== ====check out the translate pro ====Freelance translators may work for a translation agency, an offline translation company, workdirectly with end clients or get translating jobs from any of the online marketplaces.Companies with no online presence tend to get fewer translator jobs and offer relatively lowerrates. On the other hand, while working as a freelancer for a translation agency you may getregular work and be independent as well. The problem is that these agencies take a largepercentage of payment from the client, which lowers the earning of the freelancer who does thetranslator job.Working with direct clients and finding any translation job from a marketplace assures relativelybetter earnings. But many service providers, especially the fresh entrants are not sure about whatrates to charge. This leads them to make mistakes when quoting a price for translation jobs.Sometimes they suffer a loss by quoting a lower than standard rate for a translator job. Othertimes they may lose a client because of quoting a higher rate.Most of the popular online marketplaces like or do not provide muchhelp in this matter. In these sites, the service provider has to make his own bid and negotiate withclients. So the service provider has to develop an understanding of the standard rates by applyingto each translator job. A translator needs to realize that the price of a translator job is influenced bya number of different parameters. These are the target and the source languages, the level ofexpertise needed and the time of the week, among others.The average earnings of translation service providers range from less than 10 Euros to more than100 Euros per hour. A major percentage of service providers earn between 10 to 30 Euros perhour. About 2% earn upwards of 40 Euros, and 1.2% earn more than 100 Euros per hour.If we take into account the net monthly income of translators we would find that it ranges from 200Euros and less to above 10,000 Euros. Out of this the majority of translators, that is around 34%,earn between 1000 to 5000 Euros, about 5% earn between 5000 to 10000 Euros and only 2%earn over 10000 Euros. is a site that offers a very helpful system of bidding. The translator getsto see the document before giving a quote and once giving it he can see it compared to otherquotes given and change it accordingly. Find the best translators jobs on
  2. 2. Article Source: ====check out the translate pro ====