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best way to train your dog


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best way to train your dog

  1. 1. ==== ====dog training tips ====The attractiveness of training dogs should not be cliched at the very least. Dogs are born to bepets. When trained properly, dogs can render support and affection more than what they wereborn with. Hence, the old adage, "A dog is a mans best friend," is not a sheer cliché.However, in spite of the innate qualities of dogs, it is still important to train them to develop theskills that they possess. By nature, dogs are obedient animals. However, because of theircharacter, training is important.For this reason, numerous obedient trainings and advanced schooling programs were created todevelop the necessary skills in dogs. The basic obedience skills such as sit, walk, or lie down areusually taught.To do this, the help of a professional dog trainer can be very helpful. However, if you do not havethe budget for it, you may opt to train your dogs all by yourself. You just have to equip yourselfwith the right tools and equipments.Among the various devices needed to train dogs, dog training collars are the most important. Dogtraining collars helps the owner control the behavior of the dog, thereby, creating an air ofauthoritativeness over the dogs. Hence, dogs can easily understand that they have a master tofollow.One of the most common types of collars used by non-professional trainers or simply dog ownersthemselves is the electronic dog training collars. Although quite controversial, electronic dogtraining collars are effective if used properly.Electronic dog training collars had created such media hype when quite a number of dog ownershave discreetly denounced their use. The issue is focused on the outright infliction of pain causedby electronic currents that run from the collar to the dogs skin. These electric currents can createshock, which can be very harmful for the dog.However, experts say that when used properly, electronic dog training collars can be effective intraining dogs and in managing dog behavioral problems. In fact, an electronic dog training collarcan be safe and effective if the trainer or user knows how to operate the device properly.In essence, electronic dog training collars create electric shock that warns the dog how to respondappropriately. The main purpose of producing electric shock is to assist the dog trainer duringtraining sessions and in controlling behavior of your dog.Nevertheless, not all electronic dog training collars are created equal. Each has its own distinction
  2. 2. depending on the make of the product and its feature benefits.Here are some tips in buying electronic dog training collar.1. BudgetElectronic dog training collars can be very expensive. If you do not have the budget for it, buyingan electronic dog training collar can be a problem.So before you decide on a particular type of electronic dog training collar, try to see first if yourbudget can afford it.2. FunctionEach type of electronic dog training collar has its own distinct function. Hence, it is best that youknow what you want in an electronic dog training collar.For example, if you want to control the route of your dog whenever he walks, you can use atraining collar that will fit near your dogs nose. The electronic shock will direct him which way togo. If you want to control your dogs behavioral problem such as excessive barking, try to use anelectronic dog training collar that has a transmitter device attached at the collar placed near thedogs neck.3. BreedIn buying an electronic dog training collar, you also have to consider the dogs breed. For smallerbreeds, it is best to buy collars that will fit on their little necks. Moreover, this type of dog trainingcollar has additional training device that will facilitate the training process.4. Kind of trainingIf you are trying to correct canine behavioral problems, it is best to use remote electronic dogtraining collar. The transmitter can send signals to the collar as far as 300 feet. Hence, you do nothave to be in close proximity with your dog just to train him whenever he gets into annoyingbehaviors.All of these things can help you choose the best electronic dog training collar. Coupled with goodknowledge about the product, electronic dog training collar is, indeed, one of the most effectivetraining tools available in the market today.Lee Dobbins writes for where you can learn more about all typesof dog collars including the electronic dog training collar[].
  3. 3. Article Source: ====dog training tips ====