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Woodworking Projects That SellThis is an article from http://www.basicwoodworking2000.comWoodworking projects that sell ar...
you can create any number of interesting items. I always recommend this collection for the best qualitycollection of plans...
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Woodworking projects that sell


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Woodworking projects that sell

  1. 1. Woodworking Projects That SellThis is an article from http://www.basicwoodworking2000.comWoodworking projects that sell are a great way to make some extra cash. If youve been working withwood for any length of time, you know that its a rewarding skill to have, but did you know that yourhobby could also provide you with some extra income on the side?Thats right, your creative outlet can also be a way to bring in some extra cash for emergencies,savings, or just when you want to have a night on the town.Everyone goes through tough times, but if you can create woodworking projects that sell, youll havethe ability to take care of yourself and your family whenever you need to. You should make sure youhave some good quality plans at your disposal to get started. That way youll never have to worryabout ideas for your little business. What you should NEVER do is sell your raw lumber, your tools, oranything you can use to create woodworking projects that sell! This is vital! Dont do it.Factors to Make Woodworking Projects That SellThere are some things you can do to make sure your projects will sell. People buy things for anynumber of reasons, but you can raise your chances by understanding why they specifically buywoodworking pieces. • Theyre Unique – The more you can use words like “hand crafted”, “rare”, or “limited make”, the more people will perceive your pieces to be worth. Help them understand that this isnt something you can walk into a big-box store and throw in your basket with diapers and candy. Its a rare, well made item of good quality and high value. Wood is a great medium because its automatically perceived as something valuable. You can make any item unique by adding a different finish, using different wood, adding a personal touch like a wood-burning design or other rustic attachment. • Theyre Interesting – Everyone wants to have interesting items in their homes to show off to friends and family. If you want to make woodworking projects that sell, tap into this mentality. Use contrasting colors in your projects. Use a dark finish on one part and a light finish on another. Use odd angles, make unusual designs and shapes, and most of all, be interesting. • Tickles a Fancy – Everyone has that thing they love more than anything. I knew a carpenter who wanted to make some extra money for himself and get an excuse to spend more time in his shop. In order to earn woodworking projects that sell, he started using scraps in the shop to build models of expensive cars, like Mercedes, BMWs, and Jaguars. He showed a finished Jaguar model to a doctor friend of his who drove one. The doctor was enthralled! He instantly offered him anything he wanted for it. If you can find a project like that that people want to show off, youll make money every time. Just find some good plans and modify them to fit your project.In order to make sure you have a quality product, you need to follow a fine set of plans. If you have acollection of plans already, you can use them (with some tweaks) to create your items. You can alsouse them as a base template for woodworking projects that sell. If you follow the guidelines above,
  2. 2. you can create any number of interesting items. I always recommend this collection for the best qualitycollection of plans. Youll always have something to build or design from if you have that.Other Tips and Tricks for Woodworking Projects That Sell • People have it in their heads that hardwoods are more valuable than softwoods, even though the cost difference can be very small, if you buy them right. • Use deep, rich finishes. They provide the color contrast mentioned above, and they make the project look more expensive. • Keep a notebook of your costs. When you make woodworking projects that sell, you need to make sure youre making a profit. I recommend doubling whatever it cost you to make the item. • Number and sign your work. Just like an artist, when a woodworker numbers and signs the work, it makes it look and feel more valuable to the owner. It makes the whole project look like a premium item. • Dont say you like to make woodworking projects that sell, tell people you make “wood sculptures”. Keep the truth to yourself.Where to Take Woodworking Projects That Sell • Flea Markets • Yard Sales – if theyre your own, sell your stuff. If its elsewhere, offer to pay the owner a commission on any sales made. • Ebay or – This is a website for handcrafted items like yours. Remember, the same rules for woodworking projects that sell still apply. Value, value, value.