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Life GMT -5+1


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This is a collaborative slide show made by students in Indiana, USA and Denmark.

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Life GMT -5+1

  1. 1. LIFE GMT  -5 +1 Discovery Middle School, Granger, Indiana, USA Vonsild School, Kolding, Denmark
  2. 2. Life in Denmark and Indiana, USA Group 1: Places to see before you die! Group 2: Music Group 3: The weather Group 4: Sports Group 5: Local food Group 6: School life Group 7: How is your country ruled? Group 8 Wildlife Group 9: Nature Group 10: Industry Group 11: Chicago, Illinois Group of 4 pupils - 2 from DK/ 2 from USA Group work in Google Docs.  Skype connection if possible in the group.
  3. 3. Places to see before you die! Made by  Magnus Schou & Mads Nicolajsen, Vonsild School, Denmark Hannah Paradine & Lauren Janicki, Discovery Middle School, Indiana, USA
  4. 4. Kolding Kolding is a big city located in the South East Denmark. It is a central city and it's easy to come to by all the highways. Kolding has a lot of big and great museums and is design city number one in Denmark. It is a big city and same time really close to the nature. Kolding has a lot of different kinds of weather. Kolding is definitely worth a visit.
  5. 6. Copenhagen Denmark´s capital are one of the most beautiful cities in the whole world. It has a lot of things to see and one of Europes most famous statues called The Little Mermaid.
  6. 8. Bornholm Bornholm is an island located 80 kilometers from Denmark. There lives about 40,000 people on Bornholm and it's a really histroric island and a lot of Danish students from 6th to 9th graders are going for an education trip to Bornholm.
  7. 9. HAWAII!!     A very tropical island! A lot of people come here for their honeymoons if they just got married. If you come here, you will usually get a tan or a very red tan.
  8. 10. Las Vegas, Nevada Most people come to Las Vegas to gamble. There are many casino's there and many people either lose money or win a lot of money. When you visit here you have a wide variety of hotels to choose from. Hotels that are for the rich, hotels for anyone who needs a place to sleep, and hotels like the Cosmopolitan, which is the nicest, biggest hotel in Las Vegas.
  9. 11. New York! New York city has cool places to go. They have times square, where many people go on new years eve to see the ball drop. MSG is a place where many stars preform. MSG stands for Maddison Square Garden. Lots of big stars preform here and it would be a very cool place to go.
  10. 12. Music in America Here in America we listen to a lot of music. We listen to rap, pop, classic, rock and country. There is also many singers like Justin Bieber<3, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Taylor Swift, Michel Jackson, Katy Perry, and a lot more. We listen to music almost all the time but were not allowed to in school unless the teacher is playing it. In America we have a game called just dance and you dance to music that is being played and you have to do a cretin dance.   Made by Kelsey Perkins & Nastasia Lastochkin, Discovery Middle School, Indiana, USA
  11. 13. Danish Music <ul><li>Here in Denmark we have some band s there is famous world wide. If we come up with fx. “Aqua” They have a very popular song called “Barbie Girl”. The song only came famous because “Mattel” who made the doll Barbie sued Aqua for using there name Barbie. Because of that everyone searched on the Internet after Barbie Girl to see what it was. It ended up with that Mattel lose the sue because they didn't own the name Barbie. They sold over 28 million Cds World wide only because of the sue.  </li></ul><ul><li>There are also other famous artist fx Safri Duo, Infernal and Medina. Kim Larsen is very big in Denmark. He started in 1969 and still doing it today. He is singing mostly in Danish. He started the band “Gasolin”, they where active 1969-1978. After that he sang solo. He also sang for the Queen of Denmark to her 70 year birthday. In Denmark its very popular with music festivals.There are many along the summer but the most famous one is “Roskilde Festival”. Roskilde Festival is held on the south of Roskilde in Denmark and is one of the biggest annual rock music festivals in Europe. A grand total of around 110,000 people participate in the festival. The campsite for the venue of the Roskilde Rock Festival would traditionally open on the last Sunday of June, which gives the festival guests enough time to organize themselves with the festival officially starting on the following Thursday at the Animal Showground’s and lasting for 4 days. In 2006 had a line-up of more than 170 performing bands. </li></ul>Made by Egzon Hoxhaj & Markus Hvidt-Petersen, Vonsild School, Denmark
  12. 14. Highest temperature in Indiana was  116 F, 47 C in July 14, 1936. We have, on average, 39.12 inches of rainfall per year. The lowest temperature in Indiana was -36 F, -38 C January 19, 1994. The average snowfall a year in Indiana is 22in, 56cm.  The weather in Denmark is cold compared to Indiana. When it´s summer the temperature is the same. In Denmark is it really hot (32 C) and in the winter is it really cold (-15C).  By Nicklas and Steffen, Vonsild School, Denmark  & Deniz Arikan and Brianna Belardinella, Discovery Middle School, Indiana, USA The  Weather 
  13. 15.                               SPORTS In Denmark the most popular sport is soccer and handball. In America the most popular sports are football and basketball. Soccer is becoming more and more popular through-out the years. Of the two countries, a common sport is soccer. Made by  Abby Utterback & Sydney Fozo,  Discovey Middle School, Indiana, USA   Anders Lund & Lukas Kirkely,  Vonsild School, Demark
  14. 16. Sports in America <ul><li>In America the most popular sports are basketball, football, and soccer. Basketball is a game of 10-15 players who run up and down to hard wood and polished court to put an orange ball into the opposing team's basket, to score points.The team with the most sports in the end wins. They wear jerseys that are made of mesh, a kind of material sport uniforms are made out of. There is a picture of a Los Angeles Laker's player in a uniform. Football is a rough and tough sport where big men tackle eachother to get the football for their team, then they run to the opposing team's touchdown zone, where if they pass a certain line on the field they win points for their team. There are around 32 teams in the NFL, National Football League. They also wear mesh jerseys, but helmets are required when they play because football is an easy sport to get hurt in. The helmets are worn for protection.  Soccer is played on a field of grass. There are 11 players out on the field players pass the ball to each other to try to getr the ball into the goal to get points. Players wear knee pads, high socks, and cleats are the type of shoe worn for protection. Games usually last up 2 hours. </li></ul>
  15. 17. Danish soccer <ul><li>In Denmark the most popular sports are Handball and Soccer. Soccer is the national sport of Denmark. Soon Denmark will be the host for U21  European Championship . The Danish league called Superligaen has many good teams but only a few have played at the Champions Leauge. Brøndby is the team that has obtained the most. They have been in the semi-final of  the Euro Leagues. FC Copenhagen has been in 1/8 of the finale in Champions League. </li></ul>
  16. 18.   Danish Handball <ul><li>Handball is very big in Denmark. Right here in Kolding we have a very good handball team. KIF Kolding has won 12 Danish championship, and they have played against Barcelona, Kiel and Montpellier HB. Then they have been in the top of the world handball. But now a larger club here in Denmark - AG Copenhagen has won the Dansih championship this year while 38,000 watched it live in a big soccer stadium called Parken (that´s a new World record) and 1,000,000 people watched it on TV. In 2008 the Danish national team won the European Championship. When  they came home there was a big party. </li></ul>
  17. 19.         Danish National Handball team KIF Kolding    
  18. 20. Local Food  Local Food in the USA Mcdonalds Burgers Fries Chicken nuggets, Pancakes Spagetti, Tacos, Sub sandwhiches, Onion Rings, Steak Ice cream, Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, cake, Ramen, Eggs,  Popsicles Local Food in Denmark Roast pork with gravy and potatoes Meatballs with gravy and potatoes Sausage with brown sauce and potatoes Made by: Grace Jozwiak Kaitlynn Brown Indiana, USA Kamilla Lumbye Julie Smedegaard Denmark
  19. 21. School Life: Discovery <ul><li>    Schools in Indiana are all very different. Here at Discovery, academics are very important. We have six periods in one day that are one hour each. The main subjects we have to take are language arts, math, science, and social studies. Electives we can choose are choir, orchestra, band, and piano lab. If you don't want to do any music, you have the choice of Rotations, which includes art class, media sciences, WDMS (Discovery's morning announcements team) and FACS (Family And Consumer Science.) Middle Schools here include sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Over all, there are over 850 students in our middle school. Each grade eats lunch at different times, seventh grade first, sixth grade second, and eighth grade last. Discovery also has high expectations in athletics and music. There are lots of different sports to be involved in, such as football, track, cross country, basketball, volleyball, and wrestling. Also, Discovery has at least one before or after school activity for everyone. For those who like to sing, Archer Voices is the show choir and are considered very good choir students. Also, for those who enjoy skiing, there is a Ski Club in the winter and they go into Michigan and have fun skiing on the slopes. People who enjoy band and are good at playing their instruments get the opportunity to join Jazz Band. ISTEP is the state wide test in Indiana. Third grade students up to eighth grade students are required to take this test to show their academic capabilities. Over all, school in Indiana is a good experience. </li></ul><ul><li>By: Kimberly Gulbranson, Mari Zeitlow, and Natalie Freehan </li></ul><ul><li>Discovery Middle School, Indiana. USA </li></ul>
  20. 22. <ul><li>School system 1. In Denmark we don´t use school uniforms   (only some privet schools do) 2. Our school, Vonsild, has a rule against eating cake and candy in the school. 3. Our school, Vonsild, has one gym lesson once a week 4. Vonsild School has 400 students 5. The school is 50 years old. </li></ul><ul><li>From age 6 to 16 children go to school, called &quot;Folkeskolen&quot; in Demark. After that you can go to Gymnasium (High School) for three years or Business school or start to learn a practical subject ex. carpenter, painter or something similar. </li></ul><ul><li>Made by Daniel Andersen & Sejr Stentoft, Vonsild School, Denmark </li></ul>
  21. 23. How is our country ruled? Made by McKenna Hummel & Hannah Thompson, Discovery Middle School, Indiana Anders Lund & Erik Holst, Vonsild School, Denmark
  22. 24. In America In America, we are a democracy. We have one primary “ruler” though,they are known as our president. The president is elected every four years, and can be elected two terms in a row. The people vote on who they want to be president, based on who is running for office. The person who has the most votes, becomes president. How ever, to run for president you have to have certain qualifications, such as being born in the United States, being 35 or older, and has been a resident in the United States for more than fourteen years. Next in power, is the vice president. The president and vice president, make the final decisions for our country, but are helped by many other people.
  23. 25. The President of the United States of America: Barack Obama.
  24. 26. In Denmark In Denmark we have a Prime Minister and a Queen. The Prime Minister is called Lars Lokke Rasmussen and the Queen Margrethe the second. In Denmark we have democracy so all over 18 can vote to who will be the new Prime Minister. In Denmark we have democracy that is the  same like in the United States. The Queen doesn´t deside anythng. It´s called constitutional monarchy.
  25. 27. Danish Rulers Lars Lokke Rasmussen Queen Margrethe the second.
  26. 28.         WILDLIFE   Wildlife in the United states has many different types of animals. We have mammals, reptiles, and other different kinds.   ex.  eagle snakes wolfs bear lion panda bears polar bear penguins Made by  Abbey Bailey, Taylor Carire Discovery Middle School, Indiana
  27. 29. Made by  Brandy Weathers Britney Ngarambe Discovery Middle School Indiana, USA       Nature  How It looks in the state of Granger, Indiana     - There’s tons corn fields. - A lot of Agriculture - Small city, not much goes on - COLTS- Professional football team - Pacers Indiana basketball team
  28. 30.       Nature 2 How it looks in the United States. - Has Major rivers > Like the Mississippi,Ohio,and Tennessee Rivers (just an example) - Many entertainment areas >For example, we have Las Vegas, Nevada - 50 states The United States -Has a main language of English -The hottest state is Arizona - A lot of historical features > like the place of Pearl Harbor - Capital is Washington D.C. >Our president’s name is Barack Obama - About 307 million people live in the United States
  29. 31.       Nature 3 How Nature looks in Granger,IN 1. In the springtime - the flowers grow and the leaves of trees change color. -average temperatures is 50 degrees to 60 degrees. -very colorful 2.In the summer - Very hot. - a lot of flowers grow -some thunderstorms -variety of tornadoes -Average temperature in the summer is 80 degrees 3. In the Winter - snows frequently - very cold - sometimes the sun shines and it is still snowing -average temperature is 30
  30. 32. <ul><li>      Nature 4 </li></ul><ul><li>How Nature looks in Denmark </li></ul><ul><li>  </li></ul><ul><ul><li>In springtime </li></ul></ul><ul><li>-The flowers bloome and the trees become green </li></ul><ul><li>2. In summer </li></ul><ul><li>-The sun is shinnig and the strawberry get eat and you eat ice  cream  and  cold buttermilk soup all the time. </li></ul><ul><li>3. In autumn </li></ul><ul><li>-The leaf fall down to the earth and it rain very much and storm a                           little. </li></ul><ul><li>4. In Winther                              -In winther its cold and snowing and sometimes you drink hot chocolate </li></ul><ul><li>Made by Annebel and Pernille N., Vonsild School, Denmark </li></ul>
  31. 33. Industry! With Lindsay and Emily from Granger, Indiana! And  Maria and Pernille from Kolding, Denmark!
  32. 34.   The car industry! *Granger <ul><li>Granger is known for its cars. Right by our highschool, Penn High, there's a HUMMER manufacturing plant. The county of Elkart, which is close to our county of St.Joseph, is the RV capital of the world! </li></ul>
  33. 35. The Farm Industry *Granger Indiana, particulary Granger, is widely known for its corn and soy farms. Almost completely surrounding the city, miles and miles of corn fields go through their yearly cycles of growth, and soy beans are harvested yearly and shipped to various soy plants.
  34. 36. Chicago, lllinois Chicago Historical Facts! 1) More than 45 million people visited Chicago in 2007! 2) The world's first Skyscraper was built in Chicago, 1885. 3) The Sears Tower, Chicago is the tallest building on the North American continent. 4) The first Aquarium opened in Chicago, 1893.  5) Chicago produced the first Zipper in 1896. 6) America's highest indoor swimming pool is on the 44th floor of the John Hancock Center (100 floors)