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Marketing goes social


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Marketing tips with Social Media like Fan Page, Application develop, virus marketing and social games

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Marketing goes social

  1. 1. Marketing Going Social
  2. 2. Something you may not know about Facebook…
  3. 3. Statistics of Facebook • More than 300 million users-5%of world population • Fastest-growing demographic are people 35 years old and older • Average user has 130 friends • More than 6 billion minutes are spent on Facebook daily • More than 40 million status updates each day
  4. 4. More.. • More than 2 billion photos are uploaded each month • More than 14 million videos uploaded each month • More than 45 million active user groups exist on the site • More than 3 million events created each month • 70 percent of Facebook users are outside of the United States • 65 million users access Facebook through mobile devices and are 50 percent more active than people who access Facebook through non-mobile devices
  5. 5. Marketers on Facebook • Check out • There are millions of Fan Pages conducted by small to large firms • Each page average have 100fans. • Distribution-Average user has 130 friends • More than 250 applications have more than one million monthly active users
  6. 6. What do local Marketers think about Facebook • 90% of them consider social media is a quick way of communication • 75% of them consider it’s free and affordable • 68% of them consider it’s effective for a positive word-of-mouth strategy • 46% of them include social media as one of the marketing strategies • 21% of them list social media marketing in their promotional budget (source from: on Sep25,2009)
  7. 7. Are you on the marketer list? • Small-medium business for marketing • Branding experts or PR firms • Campaign practitioners • Customer relationship managers • Event promotion practitioners • Political figures or celebrities • NGO or interest groups • E-commerce owner • Leading international business head • Service and support providers
  8. 8. For your business, Facebook is…
  9. 9. A functional and conversational Marketing TOOL
  10. 10. social component for marketing • Fan Page with multimedia Start Up Social Express content • Fans comments , polls engage Social Interaction and event participating • Social game , promotion Virus spread Social Competition & other competitions Social User Satisfaction Social Marketing milestone milestone
  11. 11. Facebook Marketing tools • Use Publisher to keep your users updated on new content. • Write Notes (even on-the-go) and share them with your audience. • Post Photos and Videos of your events. • Add Applications that enhance your Page experience. • Create Discussion Boards to solicit user feedback and generate brainstorms. • Create Groups to help your fans with similar interests connect with one another • Set up Events and have your fans RSVP • Import your blog and help it spread on Facebook • Check out Facebook Platform to see how you can customize your presence on Facebook.
  12. 12. News Feed • Critical communication channel • 1000’s of potential stories are considered • Based on proprietary algorithm, plus – Both people need to have app installed – Individual user privacy settings affect feed • News Feed Optimization is key - see further reading
  13. 13. Profile Page Pulldown Mini-feed Profile action links Profile Box
  14. 14. Mini-feed • Leverage images • Show off your content • Communicate value • Add call to action • Show popularity
  15. 15. Use the Profile Picture Link • Link to key action • Make every word count • Don’t assume I have ever heard of your app • Be clear
  16. 16. Advertise on the Profile Box
  17. 17. 3 Keys to Successful Invitations 1. Intelligently work the 10 / day limit 2. Discourage accidental spam 3. Provide a great reason to accept
  18. 18. Great Invitation Design
  19. 19. Why should I accept? “Top friend? I’m popular!”
  20. 20. Inviting with Content
  21. 21. Need to Install to See it
  22. 22. Share Buttons
  23. 23. Sharing goes to the In-Box
  24. 24. Share vs Invite Share Pros Invite Pros -Stands out -Encourages people to add app -Does not require install Invite Cons Share Cons -Spammy? -Does not encourage user to -No preview add app -Alert is not as visible -No stories -Can be marked as spam
  25. 25. Application Directory • FB says directory will be improved • Focus on fundamentals – Packaging: Key Art, Copy – Positioning & Differentiation • Strong voice & personality
  26. 26. Cross Promotion
  27. 27. Deep Integration • 5 Slide Apps Promoted on Top Friends • Top friends is a platform in itself
  28. 28. Additional Integration Points Wall Application pull- attachments down • More added all the time… • Use them all to make your app more viral
  29. 29. Agenda • What are the demographics of Facebook users? • What are some best practices for brand marketing on Facebook?
  30. 30. Microsoft handles IAB standard ad sales
  31. 31. Targeting beyond demos
  32. 32. Face book's News Feed Ads insert targeted messages 4-26% CTR News sponsored for Feed stories
  33. 33. Facebook Flyers give self-service control
  34. 34. Heard by many in social marketing
  35. 35. social component for marketing • Fan Page with multimedia Start Up Social content Express • Fans interactions: comments , engage Social polls and event participating Interaction • Social game and applications, Virus spread Social promotion & other competitions Competition Social User Satisfaction Social Marketing milestone milestone
  36. 36. Page Leaders
  37. 37. Michael Jackson Fan Page
  38. 38. Michael Fans interaction Secret to Success Fans-driven and oriented sharing Memorial
  39. 39. Michael social promotions Secret to Success Direct E-sale to the fans Focus on the global scale
  40. 40. Skittles Fan Page
  41. 41. Skittles Fans interaction Secret to Success Communicative listening Fun and attractive
  42. 42. Skittles social game Secret to Success Cool product image Impressive music related to product Virus spread by post Fun and entertaining
  43. 43. Louis Vuitton Fan Page
  44. 44. Louis Vuitton Fans interaction Secret to Success Artistic and attractive Positive comment awarded Celebrities and updated
  45. 45. Louis Vuitton social promotions Tips for promotions Based on Video promotions More interactive promotions could be used in the future Depends on internet Speed
  46. 46. Local leaders Ocean Park Harbor city Yakult 31562 15440 8916 fans fans fans
  47. 47. Ocean Park yuan-Ocean-Park-Hong-Kong/75415661389?ref=nf Secret to Success attractive content Sharing experience Positive reviews
  48. 48. Harbour city Secret to Success attractive content Sale oriented Smooth communications
  49. 49. Yakult Secret to Success Expanded from TV ads Creative and fun
  50. 50. Yakult Tips More functions could be explored Regular monitor could be applied
  51. 51. Social Gaming Heroes
  52. 52. Latest Ranking
  53. 53. Farmville Long-lasting fever on social game Market Competitions oriented Virus and branding strategy implanted
  54. 54. Cafeworld Gathered 10million users in a week Virus campaign Competitions among neighborhood
  55. 55. Happy aquarium Figures Top gainer among new social games Virus campaign More virtual goods sale
  56. 56. Social Gaming going Virus
  57. 57. FB viral channel (invitation) Invitation used to be the most effective viral channel (circa mid 2008), but it become less apparent and useful. However, invitation should be compelling and social. Instead of ask friends to join a new app, give them compelling reasons: to compete, to collaborate, to show off, etc!
  58. 58. FB viral channel (notification) Even though feeds are more apparent, but notification are more persistent. It’s an effective communication protocol for app to users (promotion + update) and users to users (social action)
  59. 59. FB viral channel (news feed) News feed is what users pay most attention to on Facebook. They are the most apparent, and as of late the most effective viral channel. Use attention grabbing graphics, and include relevant social message!