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A webquest

  1. 1. LINKS snp8@uakron.eduIntroduction Teachers Task Process Resources Evaluation Conclusion
  2. 2. HomeIntroduction :: Digital Etiquette Ok journalists, get those pencils ready! You will be writing a story on the most interesting person you know. You will conduct a live interview of this person and complete your gripping piece! You will be focusing on digital etiquette in this assignment as you appropriately discuss the subject in your story and use Standard English to complete it. Well, what are you waiting for! Let’s get started because in the journalism world there is no time to lose in order to make deadlines!
  3. 3. Digital Etiquette Digital Etiquette: electronic standards of conduct or procedure. Technology users often see this area as one of the most pressing problems when dealing with Digital Citizenship. We recognize inappropriate behavior when we see it, but before people use technology they do not learn digital etiquette (i.e., appropriate conduct). Many people feel uncomfortable talking to others about their digital etiquette. Often rules and regulations are created or the technology is simply banned to stop inappropriate use. It is not enough to create rules and policy, we must teach everyone to become responsible digital citizens in this new society.
  4. 4. HomeTaskYou will interview and write a story about a person who falls under at least one of these requirements: Has been to an interesting place Has lived somewhere outside of the United States before Has an interesting job Has a rare exciting story to share from their life
  5. 5. HomeProcess You will create a page long story You will include four quotes from your notes Though you are taking notes and using your computer for this story you MUST write in complete grammatically correct sentences. Your notes may include abbreviations such as txt, omg, thankz etc. but your story will include proper digital etiquette and Standard English with the news writing style we have discussed in class. Part of digital etiquette is not stealing the ideas of others so you must write your story in your own words as you incorporate the perspective of the subject of your story. Your piece must use the format requirements from your news writing textbook.
  6. 6. Questions to ask yourselfbefore turning in your story… How did you use digital etiquette in your story? Did your story represent your subject accurately and with respect? Did you put your opinion in your reporting story? (The answer should be no because you are reporting an event/story) Did you use Standard English in full and complete sentences? Did you use your textbook when formatting your piece? Is your story in your own words? Did you copy any of your story from another source?
  7. 7. Evaluation HomeSubject Excellence Bare Minimum Failure to meet the Failure to Try Total requirements PointsUse and 3- The student writes 2-The student writes 1- The student writes 0- The students copyunderstanding of in their own words, in their own words, in their own words but their work, aredigital etiquette are respectful to the are respectful to the could have been disrespectful when subject and write in subject but have more respectful writing about their the correct format some mistakes with towards their subject subject and do not format and could improve follow the format their fomatInterviewee 3- The subject 2-The subject 1-The subject 0- The student did not interviewed fits the interviewed fits the interviewed does not get their subject requirements and requirements fit the requirements approved before they provides for an wrote their story interesting storyGrammatical 3- The story is a page 2- The story is a little 1- The story is a lot 0- The student hadStructure and length long and has few to bit less than a page less than a page and made many errors no errors with some errors has many errors and did not write any draftsQuotes 3- The story has four 2- The story has 1- The story has less 0- The student failed quotes that are quotes that are than four quotes that to interview their effectively incorporated into the are not very effective subject incorporated into the story but could have story been more effectiveFlow of the piece 3- The story flows 2- The story is 1- The story does not 0- The student did not together coherently somewhat choppy but flow nor make sense put their piece and provides an is put together well together with effort effective and and meets the and it does not flow entertaining piece requirements
  8. 8. HomeConclusion Congratulations! You have now finished your first story! You have used digital etiquette to communicate an interesting story about someone who had an interesting story to share. Because of you, dear journalist, their story was made known! Great Job!
  9. 9. HomeTeachers will want to… Make sure students stay on task when interviewing Have the students discuss who they will interview before they start their story Have the students do several rough drafts before turning in their piece Using the textbook News writing as a Process will be the best source to help students use the correct format
  10. 10. HomeResources http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/Nine_El ements.html http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/ http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resour ce/747/02/ News writing text book News Writing as a Process http://www.squidoo.com/feature-article