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business plan

  1. 1. 3.3 BUSINESS PLAN We can say that, business plan is a detailed description of the purposed business, including a description of the product of service, the type of customers it would attract, the completion, market size, characteristics, growth prospects, trends and sales potential per product or service category and the facilities needed for production. As a success entrepreneur, they must have a business plan to make their business succes. The own INANI CRAFT AND DESIGN, Mr Muhamad Zaini bin Hassan, have set plan to expand his branches to the whole area in Malaysia. This means every country is available for the customer to have their product. The other reason to make this product because it have special ceramic design to attract the customer. Besides, their product become well known by people around Malaysia and especially in peninsular Malaysia. Mr Muhamad Zaini bin Hasan also plans to enlarge his business. This is involves in enlargement of it factory, employs more workers and increase the quality of the products that able to fulfill the demand of their customers and make customer more satisfy. Therefore he can attract more customer that can increase demand of their product in the market and gain a higher profit. The other reason is to become a best competitor in this industry. IMPORTANT OF BUSINESS PLAN There are many importance of business plan for the business. First, through the business plan, it can be provide direction for all business. This is because with the proper management, the firm can be prevent from the business’s failure. It also can be a benchmark to the entreprenuers as they target or objective in other to archieve it. Thus the entreprenuers can evaluate the performance of the business along the way. Other than that, the business plan is management function that prepares the firm for the future business condition.
  2. 2. 4.0 CONCLUSIONS As a conclusion, the objective of the people entered in the entrepreneruship is because to obtain higher profit from the business. To start the business, the entrepreneur must have three types such as purpose, mission and objective in order to succeed. The type of this business is sole proprietorship that owned by a single owner. From the researh, we can see that sole proprietorship can achieved a goal of success more than we expected. As we know, Mr Muhamad Zaini bin Hasan is willing to accept sole responsibility for the firm’s performance. The success or failure of the firm depends on the sole proprietor. He is willing to work long hours in a day and work on time. He is also must have strong organizational skills, leadership skills, and communication skills. By the information that we get, we can learn that to be a successful sole proprietors, we must have an experience to work in this industry. From that, it can help us to fulfill the wants and needs of our customers. However, the own of the business must have ability to face the risk. So, if something bad happen to the company, the owner can solve the problem easily.