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  1. 1. CANADA
  2. 2. CANADA: FAST FACTS Population: 32,225,000 Capital: Ottawa; 1,093,000 Area: 9,984,670 sq km Language: English, French Religion: Catholic, Protestant Currency: Canadian dollar
  3. 4. CANADIAN FOOD beet soup pumpkin pie sauteed fiddleheads cranapple relish sweet corn pancakes
  4. 5. CANADIAN ANIMALS Bobcat Red fox Raccoon Canadian linx Artic wolf cougar
  5. 6. SPORTS IN CANADA curling soccer Basketball (invented by a Canadian in 1891) Ice hockey (invented in Canada in 1877) Lacrosse (invented in Canada by the indigenous people) baseball
  6. 7. FAMOUS PEOPLE Pamela Anderson (actress) Martin Short (actor) Neve Campbell (actress) John Candy (actor)
  7. 8. THE INUIT History The name Inuit means "the people." When the first Europeans met the Inuit, they called them Eskimo. This was because the Europeans had heard that name from another Aboriginal group called the Cree. In the Cree language, "Eskimo" means "eaters of raw meat." The Inuit don't like to be called Eskimo. They prefer to be called Inuit or, for one person, Inuk . Origins The Inuit arrived in their territory around 1,000 years ago from the Alaska region. What makes the Inuit unique? They are the only Aboriginal people who can be found from one side of the country to the other. It is important to note that Inuit are not related to other Aboriginal groups. They are their own distinct people who arrived in the North hundreds of years ago.
  8. 9. Daily Life: Way of Life The Inuit pride themselves on being great hunters . The Inuit had lots of sea and land animals to hunt. The most important of these were the caribou and the seal . These two animals provided the Inuit with food. Their skin was used for clothing, blankets, tents and boats and their oil was used for cooking and lamps. Bones, ivory and wood were used to make tools. Other animals the Inuit hunted were the walrus, whale, polar bear, musk ox, fox and wolf.
  9. 10. Culture: Language The Inuit language is called Inuktitut . Inuktitut has several dialects. The Inuit use a form of writing called syllabics. Where English and French use the letter alphabet, syllabics uses symbols to represent the syllables of words.
  10. 11. Inuit Tools The uluk is a knife traditionally used by women. The tupiq is a tent. The qamutik is a sled pulled by a snowmobile or dogs. The savik is a knife traditionally used by men. The kakivak is a tool to spear the fish. The aulasautik is a fishing hook used for ice fishing.
  11. 12. CANADA Itziar – Jon C. – Inge Jon C., Inge, Itziar