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Socialising Your Brand 2


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Slides from social media and branding workshop with Clockstudio at Contrast, Inverness on the 25th April 2012

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Socialising Your Brand 2

  1. 1. &Socialising Your Brand Contrast, Inverness 25th April 2012
  2. 2. Introduction time! It’s no good using socialnetworking if you can’t network in person!! ;)
  3. 3. BRANDINGWhat’s it all about?
  4. 4. Branding checklist:• Is your logo still relevant to your company?• Is it suitable for use on social media?• Do you use it on everything you produce?• Email signatures – is everyone using the same?• Do your adverts have a similar style?• Does your printed literature have a similar style?• Be consistent!
  5. 5. Why use social media for business?• Raise brand awareness• Increase traffic to website• SEO (search engine optimisation)• Your customers are using it!• To find new customers• Widen your target market and potential reach• Build strong relationships with customers• Build strong relationships with local businesses• Market research• And much more…
  6. 6. Social Media Mishaps – What to avoid!• Using social media channel purely for sales• Lack of interaction and updating• Not tying it in with your other marketing and branding• Getting too personal• Having no overall ‘plan’ in place• Reacting badly to negative feedback• Talking badly about other businesses• Inconsistent content, bad spelling, etc• Not letting customers know you are using it• Doing updates not related your business/market• Too many updates• Expecting immediate results• Using social media instead of other marketing techniques
  7. 7. What, when, and how should I communicate on social media?• Don’t just talk about your business - use it to promote other local businesses and the area also• Social media is all about interaction and conversation• Share your experience and expertise• Keep posts/updates short and concise• Share photos and links – they will help to create interaction• Check all posts carefully before sending them out• Be quirky, be different, be innovative• Timing is everything
  8. 8. How to let customers know you are using social media…• Icons/links on website• Icons/links within your blog• Links from other social media accounts• Icons on printed marketing materials• Links within email newsletters• Links on email signatures• Tent cards within your business premises• Window stickers within your business premises• Mention it to customers in conversation
  9. 9. Google Alerts and how to use them for social media…
  10. 10. The new Facebook timeline…
  11. 11. Use your new Facebook coverphoto as your shop window…
  12. 12. What you can’t do with new Facebook cover photos…• Cover photo dimensions – 851 pixels x 315 pixels• No price or purchase information• No contact information – web address, telephone number, etc• No reference to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, etc• No calls to action, such as ‘get it now’ or ‘tell your friends’, etc• Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties’ intellectual property
  13. 13. Cover photos, profile pictures, Twitter backgrounds and all that stuff…
  14. 14. FUN STUFFGetting creative…
  15. 15. Business cards from
  16. 16. FACEBOOK AND TWITTER Keeping it consistent…
  17. 17. What we’re looking for:• Consistency across both platforms – backgrounds, avatar and colours• What makes a good Facebook cover• Using the Twitter background• Avatars – which ones stand out
  18. 18. YOUR AVATARPicture or logo?
  19. 19. DIYBefore and after…
  20. 20. Things to remember:• Whatever you do online needs to be consistent with what you already use in the ‘real world’• Use the same avatar on both Twitter and Facebook – adapt your logo if necessary• Keep backgrounds the same or very similar for instant recognition• Twitter – use themes to change colours to be consistent with your brand
  21. 21. Key Highlights of Twitter:• The speed of interaction• Building relationships and making new contacts through fellow tweeters• Raising your profile and increasing brand awareness• The potential reach of your content• Quick answers – feedback• Communicating with people you would never have met without Twitter• Sharing items that are likely to get retweeted• Great for running competitions• Fantastic search facility – make full use of it• Hashtags - Using them for events, topics, businesses, causes and much more
  22. 22. Stuck for Twitter inspiration? How about…• Use it for research• Start a trend!• Share inspirational content such as quotes• Have a conversation…just like real life!• Share local news and events• Share interesting photos• Where possible support your clients• Ask questions• Share tips that will help your target market• Share a daily wisdom tweet• Share a new design or logo and ask for feedback
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