iMovie import Mod, Mod to iMovie - How to convert .mod to iMovie, and import .mod to iMovie


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Mod Converter for Mac can help you convert your .mod video files to .mp4, so that you can import your favorite video into iMovie, then edit your video to what you want by iMovie. Mod to imovie converter is very powerful and easy to use.

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iMovie import Mod, Mod to iMovie - How to convert .mod to iMovie, and import .mod to iMovie

  1. 1. Mod to iMovie Converter - How to import mod into imovie? As more and more people use JVC digital Camcorder, most of us know the .mod video, because many JVC Camcoders save their video to .mod format. To many of the mac users, always a problem must troubled us, it is how to import their .mod video to iMovie, and then we can edit it to what we want. Most of us know that, the Apple's iMovie is part of the iLife suite of software products, That comes free with every Mac. iMovie can support .mp4, .dv, etc format videos, so such as these format videos we can import into imovie directly, but when you want to import mod video into imovie, which video comes from your JVC Camcorder, you will find we failed. Because iMovie can not support .mod format, so we can't import mod to imovie, how do we solve it? It is easy now, just use Mod to iMovie Converter, it is the best Partner of JVC Camcorder for mac users, it can help you to convert mod to imovie just like .mp4 format video. In order to import .mod into iMovie, you should convert your JVC Camcorder videos to other format. With a help of Mod Converter Mac, you also can convert your mod file to other format video or devices, just like covnert mod to iPod/iPhone/iTunes/Apple TV/PSP, etc. It is useful and powerful. Step by step tutorials: How to convert mod and import mod to imovie on Mac OS?
  2. 2. • Step 1: add your Digtal Camcorder mod files. Free download Mod Converter for Mac, install and run it, then click "add file" button to import your mod files. • Step 2: Select output format: "MPEG-4 Movie (*mp4)" In the "down-list", just select the right format .mp4 which can be supportted by iMovie.
  3. 3. • Step 3: the end, click the "Convert" button Click "Convert" button, it begins to convert your mod files to imovie mp4 format. • Step 4: Import the output video into your imovie. Launch iMovie, go to "file > import movies". Select the converted MP4 video then click "import".