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Demo Show Proposal


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Demo Show Proposal

  1. 1. Premise<br />Follow us behind the scenes for the debut of the new physics-themed boy band P.ROF: The Professors of the Stage. But in the competitive world of pop music, will their skills in physics and music be enough for them to handle embarrassing interviews, band battles, and sibling rivalries? Tune in to find out!<br />Cast<br />Announcer – The enthusiastic host for the reality show, but he sounds like he learned English from action movies.<br />Albert Einstein (Fire Hands) – The leader and public face of the band. He’s half-German. <br />James Maxwell (Fire Flour) – Known as Max. He’s the main dancer of the group.<br />Lord Kelvin (Potato Cannon) – The main singer of the group. Known for his princely charms.<br />Nicola Tesla (Tesla Coil) – Known as Big T. He’s the group’s main rapper.<br />Isaac Newton (Corn Starch) – The youngest and cutest member.<br />Genie/Gina (Dry Ice Bubbles) – A talk show host who can put on a new hat, literally, to switch between her roles as the calm talk show host Genie and the elementary school game show host Gina.<br />Marie Curie (Oil Drum) – An experienced solo singer. Though she wanted to be physics-themed singer too when she made her debut, her manager stopped her. Instead, she became known as the Beautiful Goddess Maria. She’s also Max’s older sister and fake-dating b.<br />b (Fire Salts) – Pronounced “Little B.” He’s a popular musician with a long career already behind him, however, because he made his debut at 14, he is the same age as Maria whom he is currently fake-dating in a celebrity dating show.<br />Back-Up Dancers/Fans (Bed of Nails) – Probably 2 or 3 other people to help out.<br />Note: This is a very gendered cast. I tried to allow room for as many girls as possible but that’s difficult with the concept, however, I think it would be entirely fitting if one of the boy band members was a thinly-disguised girl.<br />Demos<br />Fire Hands<br />Dry Ice Bubbles<br />Corn Starch Mixture<br />Potato Cannon<br />Tesla Coil<br />Bed of Nails<br />Fire Salts<br />Fire Flour<br />Oil Drum Explosion<br />Script<br />Scene 1: Genie’s: Tell Me Your Wish<br />Announcer: Ladies and Gents, a new boy band is nothing new. Following the cancellation of our favorite soap operas, many of the new afterschool programs that took their place thrived on these band’s celebrity and pretty faces. BUT today we bring to you a behind-the-scenes look at the formation of the first and only physics-themed band. Relying on more than just their dance skills and singing ability, these kids are bringing talent back. Let’s watch as they were first introduced to the World.<br />Genie: Good afternoon everyone. This is Genie’s: Tell Me Your Wish. Today we have a very special guest. Please welcome the new rookie group P.ROF to the stage. (Slideshow: applause. Band members enter and do a pose.) <br />Albert: We’re a new physics-themed band. I’m Albert Einstein, half-German, and the oldest member and head of the group.<br />Max: The name’s James Maxwell, but call me Max. I’m the lead dancer.<br />Lord Kelvin: My name is Lord Kelvin. I’m the lead singer and I’m told quite handsome.<br />Big T: My name’s Nikola Tesla. People know me as Big T. I’m the rapper.<br />Newton: I’m Isaac Newton. The youngest and cutest member of the group.<br />Albert: And together we’re…<br />Everyone: P.Rof: School’s in Session.<br />Genie: (claps) Good, but I hear one of you is already a little famous. Max, isn’t your sister a famous musician?<br />Max: Yeah, she’s Maria.<br />Genie: The one and only Beautiful Goddess Maria. She’s actually on set here today filming her new hit movie. You must have gotten your singing talent from her, but first give us a demonstration.<br />(Play dance music. Put Your Hands Up. Put-Put Your Hands Up! While the guys are putting their hands up, Albert lights his hands on fire.)<br />[Fire Hands Demo]<br />Genie: Now, we’ve reached the point in the show that I, Genie, will try to grant one of our guests’ wishes. What do you guys wish for?<br />Albert: We’re still a new group. So how would we get more fans and become popular?<br />Genie: In order to get more fans, you need to show them your charms and demonstrate your scientific knowledge. Let me teach you a cool trick to show your fans when the stage lights are getting hot.<br />[Dry Ice Bubbles Demo]<br />Genie: Stay with us because after the break, we’re going to get personal the boys and learn all about their favorite types of girls.<br />Scene 2: Backstage<br />(Enter all the guys.)<br />Lord Kelvin: That was so awkward!! It’s like when my grandma always asks “Have a girlfriend yet? Your grandfather was quite the charmer at your age.” And I’m always like “Nothing’s changed since you asked a month ago.”<br />Newton: I thought you had a ton of girlfriends… <br />(Enter Marie Curie Aka Beautiful Goddess Maria and her posse of back-up dancers. She’s not happy.)<br />Maria: You guys think you’re all that, huh? They’re calling you the physics band. Back in my day, you needed a little more than that to make a name for yourself. Can you back it up or are you just a cheap gimmick?<br />Albert: If it’s a battle of the bands you want, let’s break it down! (Slideshow: P.ROF vs Maria. FIGHT!)<br />Maria: You cutie boys think you’re so tough, but all you can sing about is how beautiful your fans are. Let’s do this for real. A Physics Battle!!<br />(Enter the Announcer.)<br />Announcer: Yo, baby. I love it. I love it. Right after their debut and already the Beautiful Goddess Maria challenges them to a Physics Battle. Think of the publicity. The Ratings. The Action! But this little scuffle right now won’t stand. We need to advertise. Sell tickets. My people will get in touch with your people. But get ready because next week there’s going to be action, baby!<br />Maria: This isn’t over. Back-up dancers, come.<br />(The Announcer and Maria leave but one of her back-up dancers stays behind.)<br />Back-Up Dancer: Maria told me to give you this (hands them paper). It’s her work phone number. The Networks can be tough on rookies. You may need it.<br />(She leaves.)<br />Big T: What was that about?<br />Scene 3: Games With Gina<br />(Enter Gina, Albert, Max, and Newton.)<br />Gina: You’re watching Games with Gina with me Gina and today we have a very special playmate P.ROF.<br />Albert: I’m Albert, the master of getting girls’ numbers.<br />Max: There is never a boring second with me Max.<br />Newton: And this is Newton who went from a boy to a man.<br />Altogether: Don’t change the channel.<br />Albert: Aren’t you Genie?<br />Gina: I get that a lot. And are you really popular with the ladies?<br />Albert: I’ve already gotten a celebrity’s phone number.<br />Gina: Seriously?! Let me take a look at that.<br />Newton: Let’s look at today’s first mission. Oh, we have a special surprise for our beautiful viewers who get lovelier and lovelier by the day.<br />Max: Wait! Stop us. We’re getting…uncontrollably awesome!!<br />Newton: Today, we have a special game you can try at home.<br />[Corn Starch Demo]<br />Gina: We’re going on a short break so gather up your friends ‘cause when we come back we’re going to have our boys pass this piece of paper between each other using only their mouths!!!!<br />Scene 4: Dorms<br />(Enter Big T and Lord Kelvin.)<br />Lord Kelvin: We’re totally going to beat her. She won’t even see what’s coming with this new device I’ve put together.<br />Big T: Wait till the fans see this on youtube. (Pulls out camera.)<br />[Potato Cannon Demo]<br />Lord Kelvin: What have you working on?<br />Big T: Big T’s got this in the bag. We’re going to beat Miss Pretty faster than the speed of light with me Tesla’s own Tesla Coil.<br />[Tesla Coil Demo]<br />Lord Kelvin: With what we’ve prepared, there’s no way she can win.<br />(The rest of the guys enter.)<br />Newton: I can’t believe we had to do that. That doesn’t count, right?<br />Albert: Americans! It was just an accidental slip. <br />Newton: Onto my lips. Not even Mom kisses me there.<br />Albert: But the fans love that stuff. (Pulls out phone.) Oh look, we’re a Trending Topic on Twitter.<br />Newton: Seriously?!<br />Lord Kelvin: Well while you guys have been having fun and games, we’re ready for the big competition. (Brandishes the potato cannon.)<br />Max: I think you guys are underestimating her.<br />(Enter Maria.)<br />Maria: I saw your little peashooter online. If that’s the best you can do, you’re in for a rude awakening. <br />Albert: You! How did you get here?<br />Maria: I called Mom for Max’s new address. But let me show you a little of what we can do. Girls!<br />(The back-up dancers bring in the Bed of Nails and Maria leaves.)<br />Back-Up Dancer:<br />Are you smart enough to figure out the Bed of Nails or are you too chicken to try?!<br />[Bed of Nails Demo]<br />Max: I was trying to tell you guys. She’s good. She taught me all I know. She originally wanted to be a science-themed singer too, but her agency wouldn’t let her. They only wanted her to look pretty. She never got the chance to show her talent.<br />Newton: So that’s why she was mad at us because we got to be physics-themed singers from the start. <br />Max: You guys don’t know what we’re up against. We have no chance. She’s crazy good, plus she has that boyfriend of hers.<br />Big T: I know him. Little B, though he’s not so little anymore. He’s been in this business forever. I wanted to be a rapper because of him. But he’s actually not that much older than us because he started when he was 14.<br />Everyone: Woah~<br />Max: With his experience and her talent, there’s no way we can win. I’ve got to stop her.<br />Scene 5: Backstage<br />(Enter Maria and b.)<br />Maria: They are totally out of their league. I almost feel sorry for them. They should have practiced more before coming out into the big leagues.<br />B: Hey, we were all rookies at first.<br />Maria: But there’s no way they can beat this. (Lights oil drum.)<br />B: Actually, I’ve had to learn a little about this stuff too. We’ve been prepping for our new concert tour and I’ve had to work with the special effects team on building fireworks that were just the right color. Let me show you.<br />[Fire Salts Demo]<br />(Enter Max.)<br />Max: Maria, do you have to do this? I know you’re pissed but you don’t need to take it out on us.<br />Maria: Huh? Oh, I wasn’t that angry at you guys. You have to overact for the camera sometimes. No, Max, this is my big break. For the first time, I get to show my skills to the public. My publicist has been busy all week. If this goes well, it’ll be my first chance to take my image in my own hands and do what I want to do. I’ll no longer just be Beautiful Maria. No more stage names. People will see me as I truly am: the scientist Marie Curie.<br />Max: So you’re set on this?<br />Maria: Yes, and do your best too. Together, we’re starting a new genre of music.<br />Scene 6: The Concert Hall<br />Announcer: Ladies and Gents! Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for: the battle between the Beautiful Goddess Maria and P.ROF: The Professors of the Stage. Not only is this going to be a battle of science, but a battle of siblings between P.ROF’s Max and his older sister. May the best team win!<br />[Fire Flour Demo]<br />Max: Can you beat that?<br />Maria: Good try, but it is nothing against the Oil Drum Implosion!!!!<br />[Oil Drum Demo]<br />Announcer: The results are coming in, but I think the verdict is clear: Maria Wins!! And what ACTION! I think the fans want to turn this into a weekly event, but first let’s congratulate everyone for their hard work.<br /> <br />