Social Media presentation from the AICD event - September 2013


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  • QUANT HARD NumbersIncrease RevReduced Cost: We are seeing more customers start to quantify the cost savings of reduced call volume and enhanced real time customer service through social. Relevant Ex by Customer/Preso here:Utility companies managing outages and driving communication via social, leverage social engagement to drive EE behavior change and assess attitudes toward Smart Grid. Boulder Energy Smart ARRA-funded no mass marketing Non-profits and higher ed use social to drive fundraising and donor engagementOther companies are linking social media benchmark metrics to CSAT scoresFor customers already on the Salesforce platform, this is an value worth exploring.
  • of Command4.5M facebook impressions 18M twitter impressions 22% increase in followers 92% positive sentiment 9000 posts
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  • Social Media presentation from the AICD event - September 2013

    1. 1. Social Media Management AICD – August 29th Charlie Wood General Manager / Vice President Salesforce Marketing Cloud Asia Pacific, Japan and India @snoutley
    2. 2. Is it Worth It? 51% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or brand after liking them on Facebook Consumers 40% more likely to spend money with brands that engage on social Companies that don’t engage on social see customer churn 15% higher than those that do “JetBlue can handle five customer related tweets for every one call handled through a call center.” – Bain & Co: Putting Social Media to Work
    3. 3. Update on Social Media in Australia Top Takeaways: New normal mobile connected consumer Social now part of the path to purchase Small business adoption growing fast
    4. 4. Lorna Jane nourishes customer relationships with Marketing Cloud Largest brand following in Australia -- 140 Facebook pages, one for each of their stores Seeking new ways to achieve a deeper connection with their large customer base Use Marketing Cloud to listen & engage in customer conversations happening on the social web Gain immediate product line feedback so they can tailor activewear to consumer wants and build customer loyalty
    5. 5. Video Lorna Jayne
    6. 6. Continuous Disclosure – ASX Guidance 2013
    7. 7. Better Customer Service with NAB’s Social Media Command Center
    8. 8. 4 Key Phases To Managing Social Media ( and risk )
    9. 9. Create an Inbound Social Media Playbook1 Tip Business Objectives Roles & Responsibilities The Workflow Escalation People Policies & Training
    10. 10. Vodafone makes connections through social media Marketing Cloud helps Vodafone improve the customer experience and brand perception See negative comments on social media as an opportunity to learn and build trust Maintain an average of 1 conversation every 4.5 minutes across social channels Quickly built a community of
    11. 11. Create an Outbound & Engagement Plan Goals, Objectives & Metrics Target Audience Personas Roles and Responsibilities Theme, Topics and Types Workflow, Optimization & Distribution 2 Tip
    12. 12. Commonwealth Bank is changing the way banking happens One of the first banks in the world to have a real-time banking core Social brings back the intimacy people once had with banks Makes the customer experience more personal & relevant using Marketing Cloud Helps build trust, transparency and their customer base
    13. 13. Listen / Analyze Publish / Measure Your Brand Your Competitors Your Industry 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Engage Know Your World – Listen and Analyze3 Tip
    14. 14. Nestlé’s Social Command Center helps them manage brand reputation
    15. 15. Monitoring Demonstration
    16. 16. Review Your Crisis Plan4 Tip There’s no longer the perfect news cycle and people won’t wait for you to create the perfect press release. It’s about maximum exposure with minimum delay - Anastacia Visneski U.S. Coast Guard
    17. 17. Brisbane City Council reaches the public quickly through social
    18. 18. Four Questions to Ask Your Management Team do your people have the right training, tools and processes in place? 1. Do we have a Inbound & Reactive media plan? 2. Do we have a social Engagement plan? 3. Do we have a Listening & Analytics plan? 4. Do we have a Crisis plan?
    19. 19. #1 Social Marketing Platform #1 in Social Publishing#1 in Social Listening Customers: #1 in Social Advertising
    20. 20. Service, PR, Crisis Communications & Consumer Affairs Social Hub Classifies & Routes Actionable Posts to Engaging Agents Example
    21. 21. Just in case… Resources: ebook: