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Charmaine And Bianca


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Charmaine And Bianca

  1. 1. Misleading Graphs// Statistics Charmaine & Bianca
  2. 2. Misleading… Some graphs have misleading information such as not having a scale or the scale starts at another number other than 0. Misleading graphs are very common where information is shown in the incorrect way.
  3. 3. One more slide away… From some research, we have collected information on misleading statistics and pointed out the misleads which have been spotted. After this presentation we hope you would understand more about misleading graphs and how to identify them.
  4. 4. 3D – not right scale No title, “people” wrong measure word
  5. 5. Different amount of dots Doesn’t add up to 100% -scale is not right. Equal distances but not equal numbers on scale. -the axis does not start on zero
  6. 6. scales are different vertical scales are different
  7. 7. A little break ….
  8. 8. axis is made big to exaggerate increase of rainfall
  9. 9. Misleading scale Scale does not start on zero