Sapphire Orlando 2013


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Sapphire Orlando 2013

  1. 1. SUSE Linux Enterprise:The Open Platform for SAPDirk OppenkowskiSAP Partner
  2. 2. 2SAP Migration ExampleSource: The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data-Centers, RealTech Consulting, Oct 2012
  3. 3. 3SAP installations on Linux steadilyincreasing each year (SCN)• Most SAP UNIX migrationgoes to Linux• Linux on Intel achieves 5xSAPS/$• No Limits for SAPworkloads on Linux• Competitive Advantage‒ Improved Performance‒ High Availability‒ Increased Reliability‒ Tightened SecuritySource: The Trend from UNIX to Linux in SAP Data-Centers, RealTech Consulting, Oct 2012
  4. 4. 4SAP customers are using Linux to run thedatabase and/or application serverof these are running their workloads onSUSE Linux EnterpriseSUSE Linux Enterprise is SAPs developmentplatform for UNIX and LinuxSUSE Linux Enterprise is the recommendedand supported OS of choice for SAP HANAFirst Linux distributor to certify HA extensionfor integration with SAP Netweaver16,80070%#1#1#1SAP and SUSE by the numbers
  5. 5. 5SAP and SUSE13+ years of technology and engineering collaboration• Front runner technologies‒ 1stAmazon EC2 OS for SAP‒ 1stvalidated open source HA‒ 1stvalidated virtualization• Strategic OS for:‒ SAP HANA‒ SAP BWA‒ SAP Business ByDesign• Integrated Enterprise Support
  6. 6. 6SAP HANA: In-Memory ApplianceSUSE Linux Enterprise is the recommended and supportedOperating System of choice for SAP HANASUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 pre-loaded by all SAP HANA hardware vendorsMajor SAP customers that have deployedSAP HANA, a real-time platform foranalytics and applicationsMore on why SAP selected SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for use with SAP HANA
  7. 7. 7SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAPThe only operating system optimized for SAP Applications• Built in HA components to enableyou to protect Mission CriticalApplications• Extended Update Cycle (18 months)to fit your needs• Enables High Performance of LargeWorkloads• Integrated Priority Support from bothSUSE and SAP• Enables Fast and Easy Deploymentwith Installation Wizard
  8. 8. 8Product Elements SLES 11Basic Priority Basic Priority PremiumMaintenance / Update X X X X XDedicated SAP Update Channel X XPriority Support 24X7 X X XSAP Solution Manager Integration X XInstallation Wizard X XLinux Kernel 3.0 X X X XXen Virtualization supported by SAP X X X XKVM Virtualization supported by SAP X X X X XPage-Cache Limit X XExpanded Service Pack Overlap Support X XHigh Availability Clustering X XCluster File System support X XSupport for SAP required JVM X X XClamSAP integration X XSLES for SAPApplications 11RHEL 6 for SAPBusinessApplicationCompetitive Assessment
  9. 9. © 2012 IBM CorporationIBM Migration Factory9Migration Factory SAP Pre-Sales Offerings for SUSEHelp drive new workloads and new accountsStartWorkloadMigrationWorkshopWorkloadMigrationAnalysisWant PoC? Workload MigrationProof of Concept (PoC)
  10. 10. REALTECH SAP Partnership and SAP OS/DBMigration History§ Founded in 1994 by SAP consultants, REALTECH has grown to become astrategic SAP partner operating in over 7 countries with over 2500customers§ REALTECH performed the first SAP production migration worldwide in 1998§ REALTECH has completed over 900 migration projects worldwide§ Proven track record with a 100% Success Rate§ Core competencies include: SAP Technical Upgrades, Unicode conversions,Implementations, Securtiy, Cloud, and Mobility§ REALTECH is currently HANA certified and optimizing our delivery model§ First Run SAP Implementation Partner worldwide§ SAP Solution Manager Implementation§ 24/7 Operations Support & Monitoring•
  11. 11. Texperts, Inc. - SAP expert Services and Solution OfferingsContact: Gerhard.Saumweber@texpertsinc.comCopyright © 2012 Texperts, Inc. All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. Corporate HeadquartersMaxfeldstrasse 590409 NurembergGermany+49 911 740 53 0 (Worldwide)www.suse.comJoin us on:www.opensuse.org12