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How to Promote Businesses Over the Internet


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I have gathered some main channels for Marketing and Promotion of your businesses and brands..

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How to Promote Businesses Over the Internet

  1. 1. Data Collected: NEED TO PROMOTE MY BUSINESS
  2. 2. You can either set up your own website or you can pay someone to set it up for you. You can usually have a nice website designed by yourself for as little as $5.00 per month plus yearly registration of your domain name, the website address. Most importantly, your website needs to have easily navigated layouts, be filled with useful and interesting information and be free of junk or unhelpful things. Avoid using anything that will discourage a customer from lingering; this is one time when some upfront paid advice from a web designer can be well worth it and will pay itself back in no time. SET UP YOUR OWN WEBSITE.
  3. 3. Advertising online has a large reach and is the way many sites thrive or even survive online. You can set a price that you would be willing to pay every time someone clicks on an ad that you write. You only have to pay this when someone clicks on your ad. If no one clicks on your ad, you do not have to pay. These ad formats allow you to set up a daily advertising budget and you have the freedom to cancel and restart your ads any time you want. USE PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING
  4. 4. Perhaps one of the most popular and creative way to show more information about your business is to use videos. Some examples of how to do this include:  Upload a video of your company, and put on as many links as you can from all sorts of topics so as many people as possible see it.  Videotape launches and other public events promoted by your business so that clients who couldn't make these events are still able to catch up on what happened.  Video how-to information related to your business, so that when someone is looking how to solve a problem your business has knowledge of, they find your video answer and learn more about you. Self-help videos on common, basic problems can be a great way to show your business's sharing side and to garner interest from potential new customers.  Create an ongoing storyline showing customers using and enjoying your products or services. This may require a little more work but stories rope people in and they're far more likely to remember your business if there's a regular mini soap opera to tune into! USE YOUTUBE TO PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS
  5. 5. This is one way to help promote your product or services, showing yourself as an expert and as someone who genuinely wants to help resolve people's problems. Often you can do this for free. However, this option has one huge caveat––be sure to post in forums that are website promotion friendly if you intend on using your URL or emblazoning the post with your business details. Not all blog sites or forums allow promotion blog or forum posts and breaching this could see your business blocked and even badmouthed. In some cases you may have to pay a fee to advertise on their sites but usually you do not. In many cases, simply stating that you're the founder/owner/director/community manager, etc. of a certain site can be sufficient to alert people to the good your company is doing online. Let them do the rest of the adding up and finding of you––consumers are intelligent. PARTICIPATE IN FORUMS AND BLOGS
  6. 6. You can create lists of customers, or potential customers that you can keep in touch with on a regular basis. However, be aware that many recipients regard this as spamming and may complain. Always seek to get the agreement of customers to be emailed first, and always take into account spamming laws, which detail that you're not allowed to send people information they do not want. It makes good business sense to only send information to people who want to hear about your products or services and not to those who do not. These e-mailings can all be sent out in bulk, as if you were sending them through postal mail. USE EMAIL MARKETING
  7. 7. Even if your business does have a Facebook account, make sure it is optimized to get the most from it. Use Facebook ads, updates and Fan pages to keep fans posted on your business happenings. As a business, just be careful to get your business a Facebook Page and not a Profile; profiles are for individual people only and they are limited in what you can do as a business. Moreover, if Facebook discovers you using a profile as a business, you stand to lose the whole profile and all the friends your business has accrued. For more ways to make the most of a Facebook page as a business, see How to leverage your Facebook business page to boost profits and brand awareness through Facebook Applications. GET ON FACEBOOK IF YOU'RE NOT ALREADY THERE
  8. 8. Get a good Twitter handle for your business and start tweeting updates. However, remember that Twitter is a conversation, not just a place to push your products or services. Be sure to instruct employees to interact with online fans. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO TWITTER
  9. 9. Pinterest has created an platform for visual social media input and your company can make the most of this by feeding in well taken photos of your business products and other relevant images. Make them interesting, compelling and shareable though; some creative effort will need to be put into the photos to make Pinterest users want to share the photos around. As with any advertising, focus on what makes your products interesting and desirable and try to capture that in photographs. BECOME A PART OF PINTEREST
  10. 10. A more recent stream of consciousness in the world of social media, your business really should be here as well as on Twitter and Facebook. It's still unfolding and this is a niche time to establish your business' presence. Join groups, share photos and information and link up with your customers in Google Hangouts. GO ON GOOGLE+ BUSINESS PAGES
  11. 11. You can link to surveymonkey surveys using your website, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts. And get this–– almost every person loves a survey. Ask people directly what they want and you'll find out in no time.Ask for feedback on products, services and promotions. Be prepared for honesty!Keep the survey short and interesting. USE SURVEYMONKEY TO GET MUCH NEEDED INSIGHTS FOR YOUR BUSINESS
  12. 12. Social media is a great tool for businesses but it can also be misused and create follower fatigue, unlikes and unfollows and general annoyance if misused Take Away: Remember your business basics. The best form of advertising is free – –that's word of mouth. If you're an excellent business with superior customer service, your customers will tell everyone they know about their experience. That makes their friends and family remember your business name when they are in need of your products and/or services. KEEP SOCIAL MEDIA INTERACTIONS MEANINGFUL AND CONSIDERATE
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