How Do You Find A Job In Today's Digital Era?


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This video describes various ways in which you can advertise yourself and make your social media resume stand out. It also gives an overview of what PR professionals expect to see on your resume. My very own example social media resume is also attached.

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How Do You Find A Job In Today's Digital Era?

  1. 1. The United States unemployment rate reached 9.7 percent in June 2009 (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Things since have not improved.
  2. 2. • Think CREATIVELY! • Explore different ways to advertise yourself • Make yourself STAND OUT!
  3. 3. The newspaper is a viable way to search for a job. B u t h o w a b o u t t o s e a r c h f o r y o u ? • Low investment of time and money • Place a classified ad that you are seeking work • Briefly explain credentials, contact information and experience • Create a separate email address specifically for receiving inquiries to the advertisement
  4. 4. is a free solution to help you get started with your web page!
  5. 5. Employers frequently check on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for potential hires. Use this to your advantage! • Send your social network pages to potential employers • Keep your page clean • Keep your posted material relevant and professional • This shows knowledge and experience
  6. 6. No matter how you create your resume, professionals look for: • Name • Contact information • Education/experience • Key words • Specific skills • Experience in social media (your own blog, Facebook, etc.) • Job history • Keep it short and sweet-but also professional!
  7. 7. • Career Builder in the Springfield News-Leader • To: Build the Ultimate Social Media Resume • U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2010-11 edition • Retrieved from Google images. Thank you for following along! Continue on to see my VERY OWN SOCIAL MEDIA RESUME!
  8. 8. • Writing I • Computers for Learning • Creative Writing and Poetry • Fundamentals of Public Speaking • Introduction to Psychology • Introduction to Society • Introduction into Journalism • Public Speaking II • Communication Research Methods • Survey of Communication Theory • Technical Writing • Mass Media and Society • Principles of Public Relations • Organizational Communication • Rhetorical Tradition • Writing for Public Relations • Techniques/Cases for Public Relations • Proseminar in Public Relations • Media Design and Production • Interpersonal Communication
  9. 9. • Principles of Marketing • Principles of Advertising • Consumer Market and Behavior • Personal Selling • Principles of Advertising
  10. 10. I completed 40 hours of service learning for the Make-A-Wish Foundation in Springfield, Missouri during my 2010 spring semester. I worked under the management of Debbie Herren. My responsibilities consisted of: • Take phone calls in the office • Create and email the volunteer newsletters • Create letters to the Wish Families • Assist in planning and implementing the 2010 Walk-For- Wishes • Create company name tags • T-shirt design • Re-design the contact computer files • Track hours for the volunteers
  11. 11. I completed my integrated service learning requirement for a communication course with Planned Parenthood of Springfield, Missouri. For Planned Parenthood, I completed a media kit consisting of: • Feature stories • Public Service Announcements • News stories • Press Releases • Pitch letters
  12. 12. I also write a social media blog on WordPress. My topics include:
  13. 13. I currently work at Ebbets Field in Springfield, Missouri. I have been a waitress at Ebbets for 3 years. I have various responsibilities at Ebbets. I waitress, meet and greet, help schedule events/parties, schedule management, bartend and the occasional day shift manager. I enjoy working at Ebbets because I get to interact with various customers! My previous work experience consists of: • Missouri State Alumni Center-8 months • Panera Bread in Saint Louis, Missouri-3 years • Lake Forest Country Club in Saint Louis, Missouri-2 years • Lifeguard at Lake Forest in Saint Louis, Missouri-2 summers
  14. 14. I am also an active member of Missouri State University's professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. I have been an active member in good standing for 3 full semesters. Alpha Kappa Psi has truly made me grow as a person and as a professional. It allows me to attend conferences in Chicago, interact with students of all nationalities, attend professional programs and complete service for both my school and the community.
  15. 15. My contact information: 636 262 5242