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  1. 1. List1 Metallurg-09/05/12 Zhlobin Neman Grodno Khimvolokno-09/06/12 Yunost-Minsk Mogilev Shahter09/06/12 HC Brest Soligorsk09/06/12 HC Gomel HC Lida Liepayas09/06/12 HC Vitebsk Metalurgs Khimik-SKA Liepayas09/08/12 Novopolotsk Metalurgs Metallurg-09/08/12 Zhlobin HC Lida09/08/12 HC Gomel Neman Grodno Khimvolokno-09/08/12 HC Brest Mogilev Shahter09/09/12 Yunost-Minsk Soligorsk Liepayas09/11/12 Metalurgs HC Gomel09/11/12 HC Lida Yunost-Minsk09/11/12 Neman Grodno HC Brest Shahter Khimik-SKA09/11/12 Soligorsk Novopolotsk Khimvolokno-09/11/12 Mogilev HC Vitebsk Khimvolokno- Khimik-SKA09/13/12 Mogilev Novopolotsk Shahter09/13/12 Soligorsk HC Vitebsk09/13/12 Neman Grodno Yunost-Minsk09/13/12 HC Lida HC Brest Liepayas09/13/12 Metalurgs HC Gomel Liepayas09/16/12 Metalurgs Neman Grodno Khimik-SKA09/16/12 Novopolotsk HC Brest09/16/12 HC Vitebsk Yunost-Minsk Metallurg- Shahter09/16/12 Zhlobin Soligorsk Khimvolokno-09/16/12 HC Gomel Mogilev Liepayas09/18/12 Metalurgs Neman Grodno Khimik-SKA09/18/12 Novopolotsk Yunost-Minsk09/18/12 HC Vitebsk HC Brest Stránka 1
  2. 2. List1 Metallurg- Khimvolokno-09/18/12 Zhlobin Mogilev Shahter09/18/12 HC Gomel Soligorsk09/21/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Gomel Metallurg-09/21/12 HC Brest Zhlobin Khimvolokno- Liepayas09/21/12 Mogilev Metalurgs09/21/12 Neman Grodno HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA09/21/12 HC Lida Novopolotsk09/23/12 HC Lida HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA09/23/12 Neman Grodno Novopolotsk Shahter Liepayas09/23/12 Soligorsk Metalurgs09/23/12 HC Brest HC Gomel Metallurg-09/23/12 Yunost-Minsk Zhlobin Shahter09/26/12 Soligorsk HC Lida Khimvolokno-09/26/12 Mogilev Neman Grodno Metallurg- Khimik-SKA09/26/12 Zhlobin Novopolotsk09/26/12 HC Gomel HC Vitebsk Liepayas09/26/12 HC Brest Metalurgs Liepayas09/28/12 Yunost-Minsk Metalurgs Khimik-SKA09/28/12 HC Gomel Novopolotsk Metallurg-09/28/12 Zhlobin HC Vitebsk Khimvolokno-09/28/12 Mogilev HC Lida Shahter09/28/12 Soligorsk Neman Grodno Metallurg- Liepayas09/30/12 Zhlobin Metalurgs10/01/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Brest Khimvolokno- Shahter10/01/12 Mogilev Soligorsk10/01/12 HC Lida Neman Grodno Khimik-SKA10/01/12 HC Vitebsk Novopolotsk Liepayas10/04/12 Metalurgs Yunost-Minsk Stránka 2
  3. 3. List1 Khimik-SKA10/04/12 Novopolotsk HC Gomel Metallurg-10/04/12 HC Vitebsk Zhlobin Shahter10/04/12 HC Lida Soligorsk Khimvolokno-10/04/12 Neman Grodno Mogilev Shahter10/06/12 Neman Grodno Soligorsk Khimvolokno-10/06/12 HC Lida Mogilev10/06/12 HC Vitebsk HC Gomel Khimik-SKA Metallurg-10/06/12 Novopolotsk Zhlobin Liepayas10/06/12 Metalurgs Yunost-Minsk Liepayas Khimvolokno-10/09/12 Metalurgs Mogilev Khimik-SKA10/09/12 Novopolotsk HC Lida10/09/12 HC Vitebsk Neman Grodno Metallurg-10/09/12 Zhlobin HC Brest10/09/12 HC Gomel Yunost-Minsk Liepayas Khimvolokno-10/11/12 Metalurgs Mogilev Khimik-SKA10/11/12 Novopolotsk Neman Grodno10/11/12 HC Vitebsk HC Lida Metallurg-10/11/12 Zhlobin Yunost-Minsk10/11/12 HC Gomel HC Brest10/14/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA10/14/12 HC Brest Novopolotsk Khimvolokno-10/14/12 Mogilev HC Gomel Shahter Metallurg-10/14/12 Soligorsk Zhlobin Liepayas10/14/12 HC Lida Metalurgs10/16/12 Neman Grodno HC Lida Shahter10/16/12 Soligorsk HC Gomel Khimvolokno- Metallurg-10/16/12 Mogilev Zhlobin10/16/12 HC Brest HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA10/16/12 Yunost-Minsk Novopolotsk Stránka 3
  4. 4. List110/19/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Lida10/19/12 HC Brest Neman Grodno Metallurg-10/19/12 HC Gomel Zhlobin Khimvolokno-10/19/12 HC Vitebsk Mogilev Khimik-SKA Shahter10/19/12 Novopolotsk Soligorsk10/21/12 Yunost-Minsk Neman Grodno10/21/12 HC Brest HC Lida Metallurg-10/21/12 Zhlobin HC Gomel Shahter10/21/12 HC Vitebsk Soligorsk Khimik-SKA Khimvolokno-10/21/12 Novopolotsk Mogilev Metallurg-10/24/12 HC Lida Zhlobin10/24/12 Neman Grodno HC Gomel Shahter10/24/12 Soligorsk HC Brest Khimvolokno-10/24/12 Mogilev Yunost-Minsk Khimik-SKA10/25/12 Novopolotsk HC Vitebsk10/26/12 HC Lida HC Gomel Metallurg-10/26/12 Neman Grodno Zhlobin Shahter10/26/12 Soligorsk Yunost-Minsk Khimvolokno-10/26/12 Mogilev HC Brest Liepayas10/28/12 Metalurgs HC Vitebsk Metallurg-10/29/12 HC Brest Zhlobin10/29/12 HC Lida Neman Grodno Shahter Khimvolokno-10/29/12 Soligorsk Mogilev Liepayas10/30/12 Metalurgs HC Vitebsk10/31/12 HC Brest Yunost-Minsk Khimik-SKA Liepayas11/02/12 Novopolotsk Metalurgs Liepayas11/04/12 HC Vitebsk Metalurgs Shahter11/08/12 Yunost-Minsk Soligorsk Stránka 4
  5. 5. List1 Khimvolokno-11/08/12 HC Brest Mogilev11/08/12 HC Gomel HC Lida Metallurg-11/08/12 Zhlobin Neman Grodno Khimvolokno-11/10/12 Yunost-Minsk Mogilev Shahter11/10/12 HC Brest Soligorsk11/10/12 HC Gomel Neman Grodno Metallurg-11/10/12 Zhlobin HC Lida Khimik-SKA11/13/12 Novopolotsk HC Brest11/13/12 HC Vitebsk Yunost-Minsk Liepayas11/13/12 HC Lida Metalurgs Metallurg- Khimvolokno-11/13/12 Zhlobin Mogilev Shahter11/13/12 HC Gomel Soligorsk Khimvolokno-11/15/12 HC Gomel Mogilev Metallurg- Shahter11/15/12 Zhlobin Soligorsk Liepayas11/15/12 Neman Grodno Metalurgs11/15/12 HC Vitebsk HC Brest Khimik-SKA11/15/12 Novopolotsk Yunost-Minsk Liepayas Metallurg-11/18/12 Metalurgs Zhlobin Liepayas Metallurg-11/19/12 Metalurgs Zhlobin Khimvolokno-11/19/12 Mogilev HC Vitebsk Shahter Khimik-SKA11/19/12 Soligorsk Novopolotsk11/19/12 Neman Grodno HC Brest11/19/12 HC Lida Yunost-Minsk11/21/12 HC Lida HC Brest11/21/12 Neman Grodno Yunost-Minsk Shahter11/21/12 Soligorsk HC Vitebsk Khimvolokno- Khimik-SKA11/21/12 Mogilev Novopolotsk11/24/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Gomel11/24/12 HC Vitebsk Neman Grodno Stránka 5
  6. 6. List1 Khimik-SKA11/24/12 Novopolotsk HC Lida Liepayas Shahter11/24/12 Metalurgs Soligorsk Liepayas Shahter11/26/12 Metalurgs Soligorsk Khimik-SKA11/26/12 Novopolotsk Neman Grodno11/26/12 HC Vitebsk HC Lida11/26/12 HC Brest HC Gomel Shahter11/29/12 Soligorsk HC Lida Khimvolokno-11/29/12 Mogilev Neman Grodno Metallurg- Khimik-SKA11/29/12 Zhlobin Novopolotsk11/29/12 HC Gomel HC Vitebsk Liepayas11/29/12 Yunost-Minsk Metalurgs Liepayas12/01/12 HC Brest Metalurgs Khimik-SKA12/01/12 HC Gomel Novopolotsk Metallurg-12/01/12 Zhlobin HC Vitebsk Khimvolokno-12/01/12 Mogilev HC Lida Shahter12/01/12 Soligorsk Neman Grodno Liepayas12/04/12 Metalurgs HC Brest Khimik-SKA12/04/12 Novopolotsk HC Gomel Metallurg-12/04/12 HC Vitebsk Zhlobin Shahter12/04/12 HC Lida Soligorsk Khimvolokno-12/04/12 Neman Grodno Mogilev Liepayas12/06/12 Metalurgs HC Brest Khimik-SKA Metallurg-12/06/12 Novopolotsk Zhlobin12/06/12 HC Vitebsk HC Gomel Khimvolokno-12/06/12 HC Lida Mogilev Shahter12/06/12 Neman Grodno Soligorsk12/09/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Brest Metallurg-12/09/12 HC Gomel Zhlobin Stránka 6
  7. 7. List1 Khimvolokno- Shahter12/09/12 Mogilev Soligorsk Liepayas12/09/12 Neman Grodno Metalurgs Khimik-SKA12/09/12 HC Vitebsk Novopolotsk Khimik-SKA12/19/12 HC Lida Novopolotsk12/19/12 Neman Grodno HC Vitebsk Khimvolokno- Liepayas12/19/12 Mogilev Metalurgs Metallurg-12/19/12 Zhlobin HC Brest12/19/12 HC Gomel Yunost-Minsk12/21/12 HC Lida HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA12/21/12 Neman Grodno Novopolotsk Shahter Liepayas12/21/12 Soligorsk Metalurgs Metallurg-12/21/12 Zhlobin Yunost-Minsk12/21/12 HC Gomel HC Brest12/24/12 Yunost-Minsk HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA12/24/12 HC Brest Novopolotsk Khimvolokno-12/24/12 Mogilev HC Gomel Shahter Metallurg-12/24/12 Soligorsk Zhlobin Liepayas12/26/12 Metalurgs HC Lida Shahter12/26/12 Soligorsk HC Gomel Khimvolokno- Metallurg-12/26/12 Mogilev Zhlobin12/26/12 HC Brest HC Vitebsk Khimik-SKA12/26/12 Yunost-Minsk Novopolotsk Liepayas12/28/12 Metalurgs HC Lida Metallurg-12/28/12 Yunost-Minsk Zhlobin Khimvolokno-01/05/13 Mogilev Yunost-Minsk Shahter01/05/13 Soligorsk HC Brest Metallurg-01/05/13 Neman Grodno Zhlobin01/05/13 HC Lida HC Gomel Liepayas Khimik-SKA01/05/13 Metalurgs Novopolotsk Stránka 7
  8. 8. List1 Liepayas Khimik-SKA01/07/13 Metalurgs Novopolotsk01/07/13 Neman Grodno HC Gomel Metallurg-01/07/13 HC Lida Zhlobin Khimvolokno-01/07/13 Mogilev HC Brest Shahter01/07/13 Soligorsk Yunost-Minsk Khimik-SKA01/10/13 Novopolotsk HC Vitebsk01/10/13 Neman Grodno HC Lida Shahter Khimvolokno-01/10/13 Soligorsk Mogilev01/10/13 HC Brest Yunost-Minsk Liepayas01/11/13 HC Gomel Metalurgs01/13/13 Yunost-Minsk Neman Grodno Shahter01/13/13 HC Vitebsk Soligorsk Khimik-SKA Khimvolokno-01/13/13 Novopolotsk Mogilev Liepayas01/13/13 HC Gomel Metalurgs01/13/13 HC Brest HC Lida Metallurg- Liepayas01/15/13 Zhlobin Metalurgs01/15/13 Yunost-Minsk HC Lida01/15/13 HC Brest Neman Grodno Khimik-SKA Shahter01/15/13 Novopolotsk Soligorsk Khimvolokno-01/15/13 HC Vitebsk Mogilev Metallurg-01/17/13 Zhlobin HC Gomel Stránka 8