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Kleptika presents Robotic Process Automation - Improve your overall Customer Experience


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Take the robot out of your agents!

Processing an insurance claim, opening a bank account, recording a complaint, delivering contact center services: you can easily find numerous processes that are repetitive, time-consuming and that require lots of staff training.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is the 4th industrial revolution, and it is happening now.

RPA is a solution that delivers very fast high process efficiency, costs reductions and let your agents focus on delivering a high-end customer experience.

At Kleptika, we believe in innovative solutions and that is why we have partnered with the European leader Contextor: the first of its kind solution in the region that improves quality, speed and delivers better value for customers, hence making them happy.

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Kleptika presents Robotic Process Automation - Improve your overall Customer Experience

  1. 1. take the robot out of your agents
  2. 2. are you flooded with repetitive tasks?
  3. 3. why not focusing on customer experience? why not increasing your efficiency? why not enhancing your accuracy?
  4. 4. How to free up to 80% on your Handling Time? How to reduce by 90% your Response Time?
  5. 5. (RPA) Robotic Process Automation is about integrating and automating the flow of data and information from one digital system to another. Robotic Process Automation is the solution (RDA) Robotic Desktop Automation frees the agent from the repetitive tasks
  6. 6. Robotic Process Automation = handling the repetitive agent’s tasks mouse click copy / paste data capture calculations data input navigation database integration
  7. 7. benefits of RPA applied to a French bank INTEGRATED APPLICATIONS 12 Time to market 1,5 months 3 Resources No need to increase the number of agents 100
  8. 8. RPA’s dos and don’ts
  9. 9. we all benefit from RPA
  10. 10. Lotus Notes Various Terminal Emulators seamless integration and counting ... NO API NO API
  11. 11. want to know more?