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What is the effect of change for your customers? Does a different leadership style result in a better engagement with your customers and your employees? What kind of systems and measurements do you need to change to get the full effect of new leadership, creativity and solution driven behavior? We see what works.

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Misfits presentation online

  1. 1. MisFits Research & Change institute
  2. 2. MisFits : for curious organizations that want to do things differently but don’t know how.
  3. 3. Situation organizations and especially HR departments should re- discover themselves in how human capital can be fostered and deployed for a greater purpose.
  4. 4. Employees ... ! ... want to work for a company that inspires them and where their full talents, ambitions and goals can be achieved.
  5. 5. What if... ! ... all those talents, ambitions and goals can be combined to a greater purpose.
  6. 6. Organizations of the future... ! ... have no longer only business goals but share a common purpose to which their employees can identify themselves and work on their full talents, strengths, believes.
  7. 7. Our believe ... …is that if employees can act as entrepreneurs in an organization and work together on a common purpose 1+1 = 3
  8. 8. So.... ! …in order to achieve continuos new ambitions, an organization should inspire, encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship for and with its employees.
  9. 9. That requires ... ! …a clear and strong purpose as organization …new organizational structures …different measurement & rewarding …authentic leadership …power to the talents & believes of the employees …tools & technologies to facilitate
  10. 10. Misfits : a research & change institute that advises, guides, implements and measures change in organizations with its employees.
  11. 11. What do we do differently? ! Change is a combination of interventions and programs that build up to something bigger. ! Change is something that can be measured.What are the results with your customers! ! We don’t just advise, we guide and measure.We are passionately involved in your new ambitions.
  12. 12. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! People Organization ! ! ! ! ! Identify vision & purpose Set goals & create program Manage and implement interventions Measure, learn and adjust Approach
  13. 13. Business • We deliver a full program that helps you in delivering on the promise to become a curious, inspiring organization where the talents of your employees come to its full benefits. • Knowledge & expertise through our research institute • Vision & Goal setting • Intervention programs: advice & implementation • Program management on new HR structures • Leadership programs • Talent & employee programs • In-company measurements of success • Technology adoption programs
  14. 14. MisFits : join us in being curious and achieve better results.