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Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. • You lead a busy life and do not want to spend time on checking your fridge?• Good food and good money go to waste as the content of your fridge expires?• Your fridge is sometimes smelly, mouldy, dirty - and a health hazard?• Your green conscience suffers as you have to throw away food?Then the SmartFridge is what you need!
  2. 2. • Each day you get alerts for the food that will expire soon• By smartphone, tablet or email• Allowing you to adjust your dinner plans accordingly• Resulting in money saved and a reduced burden on the environmentSo how does the SmartFridge system work?
  3. 3. • When putting food into the SmartFridge, you check it in by automatically reading its expiry date into your smartphone or tablet• How? Run our SmartFridgeApp and put the expiry date in front of the camera.• Food that is not pre-packaged will be put into our SmartBoxes.• SmartBoxes have sensors that will make a box blink a LED whenever its contents start to emit molecular indicators of decay.
  4. 4. • Whenever you take food outside the fridge to consume it, check it out the same way you checked it in• While you are at it, check for SmartBoxes that have started to blink: o orange: still good for a few more days o red: should be discarded• The SmartBoxes are reusable• The SmartBox sensors can be bought separately and attached to the fresh drawer
  5. 5. • No more rotten smell• No more expired food• Always know whats in your fridge• Smartphone and tablet integration• OCR technology for ease of use Get your SmartFridge application now in the App Store!
  6. 6. Future developmentsQuestions to ourselvesCompetition
  7. 7. • databar-faq.html#Expanded_Stacked_Omni- directional• The above means that we could actually strike a deal with food retailers to upload all expiry date info to our smartphone or tablet at the cash register when you pay for the merchandise
  8. 8. • Manually checking in may be asking too much. Do we need a deal with food retailers as mentioned on the previous slide before we can even start?• What will be the price for the SmartBoxes, the separate sensors and what channel will we use to sell them - App is easy• RFID or Bluetooth to generate expiration warnings from the SmartBoxes? Batteries, expenses, standards ....
  9. 9. We transformed the idea before analyzing the competition ... you can not do that in the real world! Check out the links below•••• like we re-invented FridgePolice, but at least with some interesting new angles
  10. 10. 1. Integrated touch multimedia interface (android)2. Integrated air exhaust for air-shutting the bags and containers3. Air-shut compatible bags and containers4. Air-shut drawer5. SmartBoxes with status blinking lights6. RFID reader