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Open data for data sharing and transparency


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Short (10-minute) presentation as part of panel discussion on transparency and data sharing at Illinois Digital Government Summit.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Open data for data sharing and transparency

  1. 1. Open Data for Transparency and Data Sharing 9/30/13 Stephen Newell IBM Client Technical Advisor Illinois Government
  2. 2. Transparency results from open data …data that is free to use / reuse / distribute... – Open Knowledge Foundation
  3. 3. Detail of first record Crime data in a browser
  4. 4. … in a web app
  5. 5. … in a smart phone app
  6. 6. … in the media
  7. 7. Operational System Browser App Server App Data sharing environment Open Data Platform
  8. 8. Justification Increase transparency Internal use Economic development Accountability Engage citizens and businesses Reduce FOIA Avoid building applications Reduce reporting Benefits Savings
  9. 9. Essentials Executive support Policy Goals and strategy Funding Technology Data literacy * What Who CDO * CIO CTO Department heads Community * Staff Inventory Tools Deploy Transform/cleanse Publish Manage Interact * Outreach * Evangelize * Track * Noteworthy for open data
  10. 10. Align with goals Existing reports and requests Common FOIA and public requests Review others Ask the public Ask other departments Your website Publish Financial Public safety Accountability Legislative Property Education Government services Performance / KPIs Environmental Public health Ideas Typical
  11. 11. Use your platform