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Introducing Selise: Developers Paradise.


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SELISE is a developer of scalable software. By focusing on the tech community, we draw on the latest technologies within .NET & J2EE. We develop products for you, with you or against you. Our creative force is distributed over Dhaka, Zürich, Thimphu and Dubai. Our clients are in consulting, e-government, banking and financing. Their customers are our end consumers and that's whom we focus on in all our work.

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Introducing Selise: Developers Paradise.

  1. 1. Introducing Selise Rockstar’s Paradise Shah Ali Newaj Topu CTO, Selise
  2. 2. Software is NOT Engineering
  3. 3. Software is NOT Art
  4. 4. It’s Craft
  5. 5. No COMPANY can build software
  6. 6. Only a team can
  7. 7. The Principal Build a team of most talented developers, give them a complex problem to solve, take out all management and all external interference. The team will self organize and solve the problem.
  8. 8. Take out Managers
  9. 9. Solve all interference Hunger Paying bill Doing laundry
  10. 10. We are Selise
  11. 11. We are
  12. 12. We are a Swiss Company Kurt - Chairman Julian - CEO Hans - Director Swiss Office Topu - CTO
  13. 13. We are Team
  14. 14. We are best in Algo and Data Struct
  15. 15. We Play
  16. 16. We Party
  17. 17. We Travel
  18. 18. We Train
  19. 19. We build amazing softwares that... Used by Swiss Government Downloaded by 1M user Runs in European Train Handles thousends of Bank Transaction per second
  20. 20. With Scalable and robust Architecture
  21. 21. With eye candy UI
  22. 22. Using Best Development Process
  23. 23. With Precise Quality
  24. 24. And...We are Hiring
  25. 25. Freshers have blurred vision
  26. 26. We offer roadmap for 3 years Monthly Salary Annual Bonus 3 years bonus
  27. 27. We dare you to join our team See if you survive the test
  28. 28. Like our Facebook Page All our openings are published here
  29. 29. Send Your CV Write to us -
  30. 30. Questions