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Its a catalouging file i used to name the titles of my stamp collections including country names, flags, their present status, names of capital cities,currency and local names.

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Stamps Headers

  1. 1. lefttopISLAMIC REPUBLIC of AFGHANISTAN<br />(Afghani: Jomhūrī-ye Eslāmī-ye Afġānistān)<br />STATUS: Islamic Republic<br />CAPITAL: Kabul<br />CURRENCY: Afghani (100 pue)<br />19050125730<br />COMMONWEALTH of AUSTRALIA<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy & Federation of States<br />CAPITAL: Canberra<br />CURRENCY: Australian Dollar (100 cents)<br />19050146050<br />REPUBLIC of AUSTRIA<br />(German: Republik Österreich )<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Vienna<br />CURRENCY: Austrian Schilling (100 groschen)<br />19050178435<br />STATE of BAHRAIN<br />(Arabic: Dawlat al-Bahrayn)<br />STATUS: Absolute Emirate<br />CAPITAL: Manama<br />CURRENCY: Bahraini Dinar (1000 fils)<br /> <br />19050139065<br />PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of BANGLADESH<br />(Bengali: Gana Prajatantri Bangladesh)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Dhaka<br />CURRENCY: Taka (100 poisha)<br />19050304165<br />REPUBLIC of BELARUS<br />(Belorussian: Respublika Belarus)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Minsk<br />CURRENCY: Belarussian Ruble (100 kopeks)<br />00KINGDOM of BELGIUM<br />(Flemish: Koninkrijk België Walloon: Royaume de Belgique)<br />STATUS: Federal Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Brussels<br />CURRENCY: Belgian Franc (100 centimes)<br />0117475<br />KINGDOM of BHUTAN<br />(Dzongkha: Druk-yul)<br />STATUS: Absolute Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Thimphu<br />CURRENCY: Ngultrum (100 chetrum)<br />06350FEDERATIVE REPUBLIC of BRAZIL<br />(Portuguese: República Federativa do Brasil)<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Brasilia<br />CURRENCY: Real (100 centavos)<br />0147955<br />REPUBLIC of BULGARIA<br />(Bulgarian: Republika Bulgariya)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Sofia<br />CURRENCY: Lev (100 stotinki) <br />-1828800384810 <br />THE PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of BURKINA FASO<br />(French: République Démocratique Populaire de Burkina Faso)<br />STATUS: Socialist Republic<br />CAPITAL: Ouagadougou<br />CURRENCY: CFA Franc (100 centimes)<br />190509525STATE of CAMBODIA<br />(Khmer: Roat Kampuchea)<br />STATUS: Unitary Parliamentary Democracy & Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Phnom Penh<br />CURRENCY: Riel (100 sen)<br />00REPUBLIC of CAMEROON<br />(French: République du Cameroun)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Yaoundé<br />CURRENCY: CFA Franc (100 centimes)<br />-19050165100<br />CANADA<br />STATUS: Parliamentary Democracy & Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Ottawa<br />CURRENCY: Canadian Dollar (100 cents)<br />19050-3175REPUBLIC of CHILE<br />(Spanish: República de Chile)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Santiago<br />CURRENCY: Peso (100 centavos)<br />-19050153035<br />PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of CHINA<br />(Chinese: Zhonghua Renmin Gonghe Guo)<br />STATUS: Socialist Republic<br />CAPITAL: Beijing<br />CURRENCY: Yuan (100 fen)<br />19050132080<br />REPUBLIC of COLOMBIA<br />(Spanish: República de Colombia)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Bogota<br />CURRENCY: Peso (100 centavos)<br />0111125<br />REPUBLIC of CUBA<br />(Spanish: República de Cuba)<br />STATUS: Socialist Republic<br />CAPITAL: Havana<br />CURRENCY: Cuban Peso (100 centavos)<br />-190500CZECHOSLOVAKIA<br />(Czech/Slovak: ČeskoSlovensko)<br />STATUS: Dissolution on 1 Jan, 1993, to form the republic states of Czech Republic & Slovakia formerly Socialist Republic<br />CAPITAL: Prague<br />CURRENCY: Czechoslovak koruna (100 haleru)<br />0165100<br />KINGDOM of DENMARK<br />(Danish: Kongeriget Danmark)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Copenhagen<br />CURRENCY: Danish Krone (100 øre)<br />-19050144145<br />ARAB REPUBLIC of EGYPT<br />(Arabic: Jumhuriyat Misr al-Arabiya)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Cairo<br />CURRENCY: Egyptian Pound (100 piastres)<br />00UNITED KINGDOM of GREAT BRITAIN & NORTHERN IRELAND<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: London<br />CURRENCY: British Pound (100 pence)<br />0113665<br />REPUBLIC of EQUATORIAL GUINEA<br />(Spanish: República de Guinea Ecuatorial)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Malabo<br />CURRENCY: CFA Franc (100 centimes)<br />0164465<br />FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of ETHIOPIA<br />(Amharic: Hebretesebawit Ityopia)<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Addis Ababa<br />CURRENCY: Ethiopian Birr (100 cents)<br />00REPUBLIC of FINLAND<br />(Finnish: Suomen Tasavalta Swedish: Republiken Finland)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Helsinki<br />CURRENCY: Markka (100 penniä)<br />0189230<br />REPUBLIC of FRANCE<br />(French: République Française)<br />STATUS: Parliamentary Democracy<br />CAPITAL: Paris<br />CURRENCY: Franc (100 centimes)/ Euro (100 cents)<br />0-3175REPUBLIC of The GAMBIA<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Banjul<br />CURRENCY: Dalasi (100 butut)<br />0153035<br />FEDERAL REPUBLIC of GERMANY<br />(German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland)<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Berlin<br />CURRENCY: Deutsche Mark (100 pfennigs)<br />0-1270GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC ( D.D.R.)<br />(German: Deutsche Demokratische Republik)<br />STATUS: Reunited with West Germany on 3 Oct, 1990; formerly a Socialist Communist Republic <br />CAPITAL: East Berlin<br />CURRENCY: Mark der DDR (100 pfennigs)<br />07620FEDERAL REPUBLIC of GERMANY ( F.R.G.)<br />(German: Bundesrepublik Deutschland)<br />STATUS: Reunited with East Germany on 3 Oct, 1990; formerly a Federal Parliamentary Republic<br />CAPITAL: Bonn<br />CURRENCY: Deutsche Mark (100 pfennigs)<br />00REPUBLIC of GHANA<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Accra<br />CURRENCY: Cedi (100 pesewa)<br />0-4445STATE of GRENADA<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Saint George’s<br />CURRENCY: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (100 cents)<br />0186690<br />CO-OPERATIVE REPUBLIC of GUYANA<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Georgetown<br />CURRENCY: Guyana Dollar (100 cents)<br />0173355<br />Republic of Upper Volta <br />(French: République de Haute-Volta)<br />STATUS: On 5 Aug, 1960 it attained full independence from France & was renamed on 4 Aug, 1984 BURKINA FASO<br />CAPITAL: Ouagadougou<br />CURRENCY: CFA Franc (100 centimes)<br />0152400<br />HONG KONG SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGION of The PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of CHINA<br />STATUS: Former British Crown Colony till 1 July, 1997<br />CAPITAL: Hong Kong<br />CURRENCY: Hong Kong Dollar (100 cents)<br />0-1270REPUBLIC of HUNGARY<br />(Hungarian: Magyar Köztársaság)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Budapest<br />CURRENCY: Forint (100 filler)<br />00REPUBLIC of INDONESIA<br />(Bahasa: Indonesia Republik Indonesia)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Jakarta<br />CURRENCY: Rupiah (100 sen)<br />0165100<br />ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of IRAN<br />(Farsi: Jomhori – e – Islami – e – Irân)<br />STATUS: Authoritarian Islamic Republic<br />CAPITAL: Tehran<br />CURRENCY: Iranian Rial (10 dinars)<br />0187325<br />REPUBLIC of IRAQ<br />(Arabic: al-Jumhuriya al-Iraqiya Kurdish: Ǧumhūriyyat l-ʿIrāq)<br />STATUS: Federal Parliamentary Republic<br />CAPITAL: Baghdad<br />CURRENCY: Iraqi Dinar (1000 fils)<br />0153035<br />STATE of ISRAEL<br />(Hebrew: Medinat Israel)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Jerusalem<br />CURRENCY: Shekel (100 agorot)<br />0-1270REPUBLIC of ITALY<br />(Italian: Repubblica Italiana)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Rome<br />CURRENCY: Italian Lira (100 centesimi)<br />0140335<br />JAPAN<br />(Japanese: Nippon (Nihon))<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Tokyo<br />CURRENCY: Yen (100 sen)<br />00BAILIWICK of JERSEY<br />STATUS: Dependency of The British Crown<br />CAPITAL: Saint Helier<br />CURRENCY: Pound Sterling (100 pence)<br />0-4445HASHEMITE KINGDOM of JORDAN<br />(Arabic: al-Mamlaka al-Urdunniya al-Hashemiya)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Amman<br />CURRENCY: Jordanian Dinar (1000 fils)<br />046355STATE of KUWAIT<br />(Arabic: Dawlat al-Kuwait)<br />STATUS: Absolute Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Kuwait City<br />CURRENCY: Kuwati Dinar (100 fils)<br />0169545<br />GREAT SOCIALIST PEOPLE’S LIBYAN ARAB JAMAHIRIYA<br />(Arabic: al-Jamahariya al-Arabiya al-Libya al-Shabiya al-Ishtirakiya al-Uzma)<br />STATUS: (Jamahiriya) Republic State of The Masses<br />CAPITAL: Tripoli<br />CURRENCY: Libyan Dinar (1000 dirhams)<br />0147955<br />FEDERATION of MALAYSIA<br />(Malay: Persekutuan Tanah Malaysia)<br />STATUS: Federal Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Kuala Lumpur<br />CURRENCY: Malaysian Dollar (100 sen)<br />0-635REPUBLIC of The MALDIVES<br />(Divehi: Divehi Rajje ge Jumhuriya)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Malé<br />CURRENCY: Rufiyaa (100 laari)<br />00REPUBLIC of MALTA<br />(Maltese: Repubblika Ta’Malta)<br />STATUS: Insular Republic<br />CAPITAL: Valletta<br />CURRENCY: Maltese Lira (100 cents)<br />0-1270STATE of MONGOLIA<br />(Mongolian: Mongol Uls)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Ulaanbaatar<br />CURRENCY: Tughrik (10 mongo)<br />0130175<br />FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of NEPAL<br />(Nepali: Sanghiya Loktāntrik Ganatantra Nepāl)<br />STATUS: Since 28 may, 2008, Federal Republic; formerly Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Kathmandu<br />CURRENCY: Nepalese Rupee (100 paisa)<br />0187325<br />KINGDOM of The NETHERLANDS<br />(Dutch: Koninkrijk der Nederlanden)<br />STATUS: Semi – Federal Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Amsterdam<br />CURRENCY: Guilder (100 cents)<br />0142875<br />DOMINION of NEW ZEALAND<br />(Mäori: Aotearoa)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Wellington<br />CURRENCY: New Zealand Dollar (100 cents)<br />0-1905REPUBLIC of NICARAGUA<br />(Spanish: República de Nicaragua)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Managua<br />CURRENCY: Gold Córdoba (100 centavos)<br /> <br />00 DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC of KOREA<br />(NORTH KOREA)<br />(Korean: Chosun Minchu-chui Inmin Konghwa-guk)<br />STATUS: (Juche) Unitary Single Party Military Dictatorship<br />CAPITAL: Pyongyang<br />CURRENCY: North Korean Won (100 zeuns)<br />0146685<br />KINGDOM of NORWAY<br />(Norwegian: Kongeriket norge)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Oslo<br />CURRENCY: Norwegian Krone (100 øre)<br />0187960<br />SULTANATE of OMAN<br />(Arabic: Saltanat Uman)<br />STATUS: Absolute Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Masqat<br />CURRENCY: Omani Rial (100 baizas)<br />0134620<br />ISLAMIC REPUBLIC of PAKISTAN<br />(Urdu: Islami Jamhuriya e Pakistan)<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Islamabad<br />CURRENCY: Pakistan Rupee (100 paisa)<br />0-635INDEPENDENT STATE of PAPUA NEW GUINEA<br />(Pidgin: Papua Niugini)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Port Moresby<br />CURRENCY: Kina (100 toea)<br />0121920<br />REPUBLIC of The PHILIPPINES<br />(Tagalog: Republika ng Pilipinas)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Manila<br />CURRENCY: Filipino Peso (100 centavos)<br />00REPUBLIC of POLAND<br />(Polish: Rzeczpospolita Polska)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Warsaw<br />CURRENCY: Zloty (100 groszy)<br />0122555<br />REPUBLIC of PORTUGAL<br />(Portuguese: República Portuguesa)<br />STATUS: Parliamentary Democracy<br />CAPITAL: Lisbon<br />CURRENCY: Portuguese Escudo (100 centavos)<br />0173355<br />ROMANIA<br />(Romanian: România)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Bucharest<br />CURRENCY: Leu (100 bani)<br />0-3810REPUBLIC of RWANDA<br />(Kinyarwanda: Republika y’u Rwanda French: République Rwandaise)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Kigali<br />CURRENCY: Rwanda Franc (100 centimes)<br />0161290<br />DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of SÃO TOMÉ & PRÍNCIPE<br />(Portuguese: República Democrática de São Tomé & Príncipe)<br />STATUS: Independent State<br />CAPITAL: São Tomé<br />CURRENCY: Dobra (100 centavos)<br />-19050121920<br />KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA<br />(Arabic: al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya)<br />STATUS: Absolute Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Riyadh<br />CURRENCY: Saudi Rial (100 halalas)<br />00SCOTLAND<br />(Scottish Gaelic: Alba)<br />STATUS: Devolved Government within Constitutional Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Edinburgh<br />CURRENCY: Pound Sterling (100 pence)<br />0122555<br />REPUBLIC of SINGAPORE<br />(Malay: Repablik Singapura Tamil: Sinkappur Kutijarasu <br />Chinese: Xinjiapo Gongheguo)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Singapore<br />CURRENCY: Singapore Dollar (100 cents)<br />0182880<br />REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA<br />(Afrikaans: Republiek van Suid-Afrika)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Pretoria (Administrative), Bloemfontein (Judicial), Cape Town (Legislative)<br />CURRENCY: Rand (100 cents)<br />0150495<br />KINGDOM of SPAIN<br />(Spanish: Reino de España)<br />STATUS: Parliamentary Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Madrid<br />CURRENCY: Peseta (100 céntimos)<br />0-3810DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of SRI LANKA<br />(Sinhala: Sri Lanka Prajathanthrika Samajwadi Janarajaya<br /> Tamil: Ilankayc Cananayaka Sosalisak Kutiyarucu)<br />STATUS: Socialist Republic<br />CAPITAL: Colombo<br />CURRENCY: Sri Lankan Rupee (100 cents)<br />0138430<br />DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC of SUDAN<br />(Arabic: Jumhuriyat es-Sudan)<br />STATUS: Military Republic<br />CAPITAL: Khartoum <br />CURRENCY: Sudanese Dinar (100 pounds)<br />00SWITZERLAND (SWISS CONFEDERATION)<br />(German: Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft French: Suisse Italian: Svizzera Romansch: Confederaziun Svizra)<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Bern<br />CURRENCY: Swiss Franc (100 centimes)<br />0152400<br />REPUBLIC of TURKEY<br />(Turkish: Türkiye Cumhuriyeti)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Ankara<br />CURRENCY: Turkish Lira (100 kurus)<br />0-1270UNITED ARAB EMIRATES<br />(Arabic: Dawlat Ittihad al-Imarat al-Arabiyah al-Muttahidah)<br />STATUS: Federation of 7 Emirates; Federal Monarchy<br />CAPITAL: Abu Dhabi<br />CURRENCY: UAE Dirham (100 fils)<br />0140335<br />EMIRATE of AJMAN<br />(Arabic: Aǧmān)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy; Part of UAE<br />CAPITAL: Ajman<br />0148590<br />EMIRATE of SHARJAH<br />(Arabic: Imārat ash-Shāriqa)<br />STATUS: Constitutional Monarchy; Part of UAE<br />CAPITAL: Sharjah City<br />0156845<br />UNITED STATES of AMERICA<br />STATUS: Federal Republic<br />CAPITAL: Washington D.C.<br />CURRENCY: U.S. Dollar (100 cents)<br />00The UNION of SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS<br />SOVIET UNION(Sovietsky Soyuz) (U.S.S.R./C.C.C.P.)<br />(Russian: Soyuz Sovietskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik)<br />STATUS: Constitutionally Socialist State that existed in Eurasia between Dec 30,1922 & Dec 26,1991<br />CAPITAL: Moscow<br />CURRENCY: Soviet Ruble (100 kopeks)<br />0189230<br />REPUBLIC of UZBEKISTAN<br />(Uzbek: Uzbekistan Respublikasy)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Tashkent<br />CURRENCY: Uzbek Som (100 tijuns)<br />0187960<br />SOCIALIST REPUBLIC of VIETNAM<br />(Vietnamese: Công Hòa Xã Hôi Chu Nghia Viêt Nam)<br />STATUS: Unitary Socialist Republic<br />CAPITAL: Hanoi<br />CURRENCY: Dông (100 xu)<br />020320SAHARA ARAB DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC<br />(Arabic: al-Jumhuriya as-Sahrawiya ad-Dimukratiya al-Arabia Spanish: République Arabe Saharouie Démocratique)<br />STATUS: Disputed Territory Occupied by Morocco; R.A.S.D. O.C.C. is non recognized revolutionary movement. The stamps carry no postal validity.<br />CAPITAL: El Aaiún<br />CURRENCY: Moroccan Dirham (100 centimes)<br />041910REPUBLIC of YEMEN<br />(Arabic: al-Jumhuriya al-Yamaniya)<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Sana’a<br />CURRENCY: Yemeni Rial (100 fils)<br />0164465<br />SULTANATE of UPPER YAFA<br />(Arabic: Salṭanat Yāfiʿ al-ʿUlyā)<br />STATUS: State in British Aden Protectorate & the Protectorate of South Arabia till 1967 now part of Yemen<br />CAPITAL: Mahjaba<br />CURRENCY: Dinar (1000 fils)<br />00REPUBLIC of ZAMBIA<br />STATUS: Republic<br />CAPITAL: Lusaka<br />CURRENCY: Kwacha (100 ngwee)<br />050800REPUBLIC of ZIMBABWE<br />STATUS: Semi Presidential Parliamentary Consocialist Democracy till 2000; now Classified as Failed State by U.N.<br />CAPITAL: Harare<br />CURRENCY: (Erstwhile) Zimbabwean Dollar (100 cents)<br />(Zimbabwean dollar is no longer in active use after suspension by the government due to hyperinflation. The United States dollar, South African rand, Botswanan pula, Pound sterling, and Euro are used now.)<br />