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Decision Making Skills


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This presentaion gives a brief explaination about the Decision Making Skills in Human Resource Management inclusive case studies.

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Decision Making Skills

  1. 1. “DECISION MAKING SKILLS IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT” “The thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options.” -
  2. 2. Presented by: SNEHA. J. CHOUHAN ROLL NO. B111207 TY.BMS
  3. 3. What is Decision Making? • Decision making can be regarded as the Judgmental process resulting in the selection of a course of action. • When trying to make a good decision, a person must wei ght the positives and negatives of each option, and consider all the alternatives.
  4. 4. Thus, • For effective decision making, a person must be able to forecast the outcome of each option as well, and based on all these items, determine which option is the best for that particular situation.
  5. 5. Importance of making effective Decision Making in HR: • Better utilization of resources • Business growth. • Facing problems and challenges. • Achieving objectives. • Facilitates innovation. • Increases efficiency. • Motivates Employees.
  6. 6. 6 Ways To Make Great Decisions…
  7. 7. Decision Making Skills in Human Resource Management Define the issue. Evaluation Of Alternatives Prepare for the changes in future (if any) Make a Decision Identify the Pros and Cons of the options Gather Information about the Alternatives
  9. 9. A Group Activity to understand how to make effective decisions as an HR Personnel…
  10. 10. RULES & REGULATIONS: 1) Any individual knowing the answer is supposed to raise their hands. Chorus answers will be neglected . 2) Maintain discipline. 3) Person answering highest number of answers shall be rewarded.
  11. 11. Case 1: How to Deal With a Negative Employee as a HR Personnel?
  12. 12. Solution for case 1:• 1) Conducting regular meetings with the staff and know their grievances and resolve them.; 2) Appreciation for their work in the form of certificates, displaying their name on the notice boards for some doings, rewards or word of mouth. 3) Give and Take Respect policy must be followed. 4) Smiling face is the best solution to keep your employees happy.
  13. 13. Case 2: • If there is a conflict between the two people of your organisation what decision will you take to resolve the conflict?
  14. 14. Solution for case 2: Workplace Conflict Resolution: • You must know how to deal quickly with the burning situation and act into immediate effect. • Conflict resolution, with you as mediator, is essential. • Practicing personal courage is necessary if you want to really resolve conflicts at work.
  15. 15. Case 3: An employee of your organisation has a very low attendance at his workplace. What would you do in order to improve his attendance?
  16. 16. Solution for case 3: • Counseling the employee, understanding the reason behind his absenteeism. • Making him realize the value for his work. • Emotional influence, (Eg: How would his family run if he is not attending his work on regular basis?) • Recommend him to go under a Medical Fitness Test in case he is ailing with any disease. If there is any disease ruled out then give him a light job or in case if the disease is critical then offer him a VRS.
  17. 17. Case 4: • Ms. Sonia who is a sales executive of your company is dealing into making business with Mr. Ajay from Goodwill company pvt. Ltd. Recently they had a conflict and Mr. Ajay complained to you for removing Ms. Sonia or else he will stop making any further business with your company. • Problem arised are: 1) Mr. Ajay is a loyal customer you cannot afford losing him as he gives your company a lot of business. 2) Ms. Sonia is an excellent employee who has a very good track record and he was liked within the company. Dismissing her or even transferring her to a new region will affect the morale of the work force What decision would you make as an HR Manager to resolve the issue?
  18. 18. Solution for Case 4: 1. Mr. Ajay is a major customer and cannot be displeased. You can remove or transfer Ms. Sonia. 2. Ms. Sonia is a loyal and hard working. You need to keep people like her even if it means loosing customers. 3. You can stop answering calls, act ignorant of the whole episode. 'Time will solve the problem'. 4. Try to get Ms. Sonia and Mr. Ajay together for discussion and try to compromise over the differences. 5. Shift Ms. Sonia to a new and more important project - develop new business in the newly formed sub-region. Mr. Ajay will have no problem with the new sales representative
  19. 19. Case 5: • A worker whilst working in the factory got his hand severely injured. The company did not pay attention initially for getting any immediate medical treatment. The workers thus got aggrevated and they stopped the production process and thus called off a flash (immediate/ without any notice) strike. • How would you tackle the situation as a HR Manager?
  20. 20. Solution for Case 5: • Pacify all the Trade Union Leaders and Workers to start with the production process and thus accordingly the matter can be discussed with utmost peace with the Trade Unions . • Assure the workers that the entire medical facilities shall be taken care by the company. • Inform the factories department, headquarters and regional offices. • Assure the workers that higher safety measures shall be taken to prohibit any further accidents.