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Albert einstein pp 1


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Albert einstein pp 1

  1. 1. BySneha Gill 9f
  2. 2. Albert Einstein is known as the father of science. Hechanged the way people saw and thought aboutscience. Elbert Einstein was a gifted human being.He had a sophisticated mind and was alwaysdevoted to his work of science.His capability to believe that gravity, light, energyand matter were connected with each and he hadevidence to prove that his studies on these matterswere correct. Einstein created many theories onthese complex matters as well.
  3. 3. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany in 1879and grew up in Munich. He wasn’t an academicallyfar reaching student at school and only did thingshe was interested in, like science and mathematics.At a very early age young Albert started wonderingabout the mysteries of the universe. He wasamazed by the way our world operated. He hadmany questions that he could ask, but there was noone to answer them for him, that is also what gotEinstein interested in science and mathematics, thesimple need to answering his curiosity.
  4. 4. As a Child
  5. 5. After school Albert went to Switzerland andtried to become a teacher there in maths andscience, except failed to find a job. Giving up onteaching, he went to work at the Swiss patentoffice in Bern where he occupied himself instudying what other people had inventedalready. This way Albert was now being moreexposed to the world of science.
  6. 6. In Switzerland, on the January 6th of 1903Albert got married with Mileva Maric. He hadthree children with his first wife, a daughterLieser and two sons, Hans Albert and EduardAlbert. They then got divorced in 1919 becauseAlbert had left for Berlin and had not returnedor spoken to his wife for five years by the timethey got there divorce. Albert then went back toBerlin where he married his cousin Elsa, exceptshe died very quickly after their marriage.
  7. 7. His First and Second wife
  8. 8. He lived in Berlin for a long time and there he developed manyof his scientific theories.Photoelectric Effect is one of Einstein famous theories. ts beendetermined experimentally that when light shines on a metalsurface, the surface emits electrons, which means electricity isbeing made.Brownian motion is also another one of Albert’s theories. TheBrownian motion is the random movement of microscopicparticles suspended in a liquid or gas, caused by collisions withmolecules of the surrounding medium.Special Relativity is another one of Albert’s theories. This theoryinvolves physics which means at what speed objects travel at.This is a theory that has been most commonly heard of, that isE=mc square. It is the most famous theory ever heard. It is anequation by Albert Einstein showing that energy and mass areinterchangeable.
  9. 9. In 1921 he received the Nobel Prize for Physics.In the meantime things were starting to change in Germany. Einsteinwas against the Nazis and their ideas of controlling the world andkilling Jews. The Nazis, in return, hated him and his theories and theyburned most of his books. That’s why we still don’t have all of thebooks Albert had published.Albert left Germany and went to United States when the World War IIbroke out. He also discovered that the Germany scientists wereworking on building an atomic bomb. He then immediately informedthe American president.In 1941 the American government started the Manhattan projectwhich led to the construction of the atomic bomb. Two of thesebombs were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end the waragainst Japan. Einstein was horrified when he heard the news. Hewanted the world to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes.
  10. 10. Nobel Prize Award
  11. 11. Atomic Bomb
  12. 12. For the last twenty years of his life, Einstein livedin Princeton where he continued his scientificwork.Three years before his death an element wasnamed after him, Einsteinium was the name ofthis element dedicated to Albert Einstein for hiscontribution to the world science.The death of this great scientist was on the April18, 1955.
  13. 13. Albert Einstein Dead
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