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  1. 1. A country in middle-eastJORDAN
  2. 2. 9th august 2011. By ………  Kajal Shenvi  Zahra Taqi  Sneha Shirole
  3. 3.  A Brief Introduction About The Historical Places . Culture Of Jordan Cuisine Of Jordan
  4. 4. TheKingAndQueenOfJorda
  5. 5. The Royal Palace Of Jordan
  7. 7. TheJabalRamMount-tain
  8. 8. LAUTMAT The sand which can solve any skin
  9. 9. Tomb of jafar bin abi talib
  10. 10. TheJordan
  11. 11. TheCultureOf Jordan
  12. 12. The dress ofSunni Muslim
  13. 13. TraditionalDress-Jordan knownOne of the bestgroups from jordan’spopulation is the Bedouin.As they are known inArabic, the Bedu, or“desert dwellers,” endurethe desert and have learned to sclimate. It is difficult tocount Bedknown that the majority of jordaBedouin origin.
  14. 14. City Mall City mall situated in King Abdullah II St. - is Jordan’ premier one–stop family shopping destination offering an extensive rang of new international brand restaurants, coffee shops,10 screen Cineplex and an exciting family entertainment zone, distributed over folevels of elegantly designed space.
  15. 15. Amman Nightlife
  16. 16. Encompassing 25000 square feet of nightlifeindulgence, Haze
  17. 17. TheInfrastructure Of Jordan
  18. 18. COASTAl Infrastructure
  19. 19. J O R D A NVALLY
  21. 21. Cuisine InJordan
  22. 22. The Le Royal Hotel
  23. 23. TheMansaf Mansaf, which is a lamb and rice meal, is the specialty of Jordan. The meal is generally served with cucumbers, tomatoes and a plain white yogurt condiment
  24. 24. Hashem is one of the most popular restaurants of Amman and also servesthe Royal family. Habeebah isfamous for its traditionaleast Mediterranean sweets suchas baklava and a traditionaldessert known as knafehnabelseyyeh.Vegetarians can enjoy
  25. 25. Baklava is a greatGreek pastrymade with honey,nuts and filodough. ...
  26. 26. JORDAN APITISERThe immense cultural diversity also defines the cuisine of Jordan. The appetizers from the cuisine of Jordan are served before the start of the main course meal. The appetizers in the cuisine of Jordan are immensely delicious. Baked dishes, fried dishes etc are all part of the appetizer category of the Jordanian cuisine.
  27. 27. Bukisa- national dish
  28. 28. Little Jordans Mee JORDANIAN SOUPSThere are many soups that you aremost likely to find in the cuisine ofJordan. As the region of Jordan isdiverse, so is its cuisine. Many of the This famous Lebanese soupsoups in the Cuisine of Jordan areeither clear broths with some freshlyboiled vegetables and meat pieces inthem or thick broths that form intobeing stews, with pieces of someseafood ingredients added in them.Most of the soups in the cuisine ofJordan are very unique and verytraditional. It is not all that difficult toprepare them and they are indeedquite delicious
  29. 29. The salads in the Jordanian cuisinereflect the love and variety of foodthat is quite prominent in their cuisine.The Jordanian salads found in theJordanian cuisine are made from somefresh vegetables, fruits as well as somemeat in them. Some of their salads alsohave cheese dressings on them. TheJordanian salads are extremelydelicious and can be eaten as anappetizer too.
  30. 30. JORDANIAN BEVERAGES The most common beverage in the cuisine of Jordan is the traditional coffee that is served to guests in Jordan marking the true traditional hospitality of the region.
  31. 31. Jordan Marsh Famous Blueberry muffins
  32. 32. cuisine. Most of them have potatoes asthe primary ingredient in the dish. Mostof the vegetarian dishes are also boiledrather than cooked. It is quite easy toprepare a vegetarian dish out of theJordanian cuisine, and most of themare very delicious if you have theknack for true authentic vegetariancuisine. The spices and herbs that areused in the vegetarian category of theJordanian cuisine vary from eachvegetarian dish in the region.
  33. 33. The Jordanian meat dishes are trulyoriental and savouring in the truestforms of the word. There are abundantof meat dishes in the Jordanian cuisine,and all of them have a uniquedelicacy to them. The Jordanian meatdishes are very tasty in taste and areeasy to cook, Using the right amount ofspices and herbs is always a great tactwhile preparing your Jordanian meatdish. The recipes to Jordanian meatdishes are readily available and are atrue delight to serve to your guests.
  34. 34. In the cuisine of Jordan there are manysnacks and the people of Jordansimply love food, therefore, it is notsurprising to find many local Jordanianssimply loving the traditional snacks ofthe region. There is a marvelous rangeof snacks that are presented in thecuisine of Jordan. These snacks arequite exceptional in nature, they arequick and easy to make and are trulyvery wholesome.
  35. 35. Jordanian desserts are literally lip-licking. They are so delicately preparedand their taste is just so fine that theywould leave your mouth-watering formore. The best part of Jordaniandesserts is that they are so simple tomake. Most of these desserts areprepared on special occasions andevents, the Jordanians love to play theperfect host to their guests as they takeit as an honour to have a guest cometo their homes. They serve a variety ofdesserts along with the traditional teato their guests. Jordanian desserts aretruly made in complete delicacy andare extremely unique and distinctive intaste. Their preparation does not ask fora lot of time, this makes themenjoyable to make, and your guests willsimply love the taste of the distinctivetaste of the desserts of Jordan