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Meriden on the Move

  1. 1. MERIDEN TOD MeridenOn The Move!
  2. 2. MERIDEN TOD PanelistsAllan Hodges, FAICP Senior Planning Manager Parsons BrinckerhoffPeggy Brennan Director of Economic Development City of Meriden, CTDom Caruso, AICP Planning Director City of Meriden, CTMargarita Iglesia, AICP Senior Planner/Architect Parsons Brinckerhoff
  4. 4. MERIDEN TODNew Haven, Hartford toSpringfield Rail Project Meriden - Designated station stop. Connection to Boston, Vermont, Montreal rail service State DOT design complete 2012; new service 2015-16 State and Federal funding $447 million Meriden -New station, double platform, flyover, parking garage
  5. 5. MERIDEN TOD Active ProjectsTOD Master Plan / ZoningMeriden Intermodal CenterNew Circulation to and within the CityMeriden Market AssessmentHUB Redevelopment Park Plan
  6. 6. MERIDEN TODMeriden Downtown TOD Master Plan
  7. 7. MERIDEN TOD Market AnalysisObjective: Help the City achievethe goal of revitalizing the CityCenter in today’s economy andreal estate market
  8. 8. MERIDEN TODDevelopment Framework and Phasing Strategy Position downtown as origin rather than a destination; i.e., emphasize housing to build up population downtown; Commercial will follow. Early phases: encourage mid- to high-density residential with small-scale commercial Later phases: maintain flexibility with long-term development opportunity
  9. 9. MERIDEN TOD Development StrengthsStrengths Recommendations Central Make Center City an origin rather than location a destination Accessible Convey consistent and focused Theme Station / Vision Location Message for developers: Historic “Meriden City Center will be an attractive character place for commuters to live. It will be ONLY location equidistant from Hartford and New Haven with multimodal access to both
  10. 10. MERIDEN TOD Development OpportunitiesOpportunities Recommendations Increased rail Aggressively market enhanced rail capacity service (6 to 52 trains a day!) Increasing Convenience preference for Affordability transit Enhanced quality of life Increasing Target pioneering renters preference for Rapidly growing demographic segment downtown young professionals seeking central living/working location, transit, and character Strong rental Willing to accept area in transition as trade off for price and transit market conditions
  11. 11. MERIDEN TODEncourage Physical Improvements Make the HUB plan a reality Upgrade/distribute affordable housing Deliver physical / visual improvements Target niche tenants to fill existing vacancies Improve pedestrian/bicycle/auto access
  12. 12. MERIDEN TOD Other RecommendationsWays to overcome weak market conditions Identify institutional partners/tenants less exposed to economy Make it easy to develop City CenterWays to change perceptions of City Center Emphasize that the City Center is changing dramaticallyTo developers: increased rail capacity and HUB progress list of initiatives and developer incentives central regional locationTo public Quality of life; access to jobs in Hartford and New Haven Updates on improvements to City Center/Events
  13. 13. MERIDEN TOD
  14. 14. MERIDEN TODTransit Oriented Development Master Plan Meriden, CT
  15. 15. MERIDEN TOD What is TOD?TOD means Transit-OrientedDevelopment or a development thatincorporates a mix of uses withinwalking distances from a transitstation.
  16. 16. MERIDEN TOD Basic TOD Principles1. Efficient Land-use Patterns – interconnected neighborhoods that consume less land, generates less traffic, contribute less to congestion and air pollution2. Mix of Choices - a choice of transportation options, mix housing types and retail types that reflects the regional diversity of incomes and family structures3. Livability - transit, improved circulation, traffic calming, safe walking, bicycling and recreation with appropriate parking4. Financial Investment – a mix of uses that are responsive to market demands and financial realities through partnerships
  17. 17. MERIDEN TOD Center City TOD District MHA/Mill Street Colony Infill ITC STATION HUB Site Pratt Street GatewayHanover/W. Main East of Pratt East-West Main Connection Factory H Area
  18. 18. MERIDEN TOD Mill Street: MHA / HUB Site
  19. 19. MERIDEN TODITC Concepts ITC Multi-Modal Interface Public Park Parking Structure
  20. 20. MERIDEN TOD ITC / Mixed-use
  21. 21. MERIDEN TOD Colony Street Infill
  22. 22. MERIDEN TODMTC Intermodal Station Future Park
  23. 23. MERIDEN TOD MTC Intermodal Station Urban Planning ObjectivesHigh Speed Rail (NHHS) Commuter ParkingCommuter Rail Traffic CirculationTransit (Bus) Drop-Off / Pick-UpPlatform Connections Pedestrian AccessPassenger Services Bicycle Access
  24. 24. MERIDEN TOD MTC Intermodal Station Urban Design ObjectivesVisibility of Station TOD OpportunitiesState St. – Station Plan Complementary to HUB SiteBrooks St. – Close At-grade Accessibility to DowntownRail Crossing and NeighborhoodsSafe and Efficient Connections - E. Main StIntermodal Transfers Connections - Colony St
  25. 25. MERIDEN TOD Station Site Program Existing ProposedAt-grade Rail Platform (1) Raised Rail Platforms (2)At-grade Crossings “Up-and-Over” BridgeOn-street Bus Stops Dedicated Bus Berths (6) Dedicated Bus Lane Drop-Off / Pick-Up Area ADA Parking, Taxi Stand Commuter Parking Pedestrian and Bike Access
  26. 26. MERIDEN TOD Option with Station on Colony Street Colony StreetBike Path
  27. 27. MERIDEN TOD Raised Rail Platforms (2) “Up-and-Over” Bridge Dedicated Bus Berths (6) Dedicated Bus Lane Pedestrian and Bike AccessDrop-Off / Pick-Up AreaADA ParkingTaxi StandCommuter ParkingPedestrian and Bike Access
  28. 28. MERIDEN TODNew Circulation Pattern
  29. 29. MERIDEN TOD
  30. 30. MERIDEN TOD Transportation Goals Improve the gateway to the cityDirect travelers to the transit center and hub safelyand efficientlyImprove circulation within center cityEnhanced streetscape & landscapingImprove pedestrian and bicycle circulation
  31. 31. MERIDEN TODTraffic and Parking StudiesTraffic counts morning and eveningGenerated Traffic flow under different scenarios: • One way vs. two way • Different access routes to city center • Existing and future conditions Public transportation – existing bus routes Parking availability
  32. 32. MERIDEN TOD TOD District CirculationThe city center isaccessible bypedestrians,bicycles, cars,busses and trainsProvide newway-finding signsPropose mainentrance from I-691 Exit 8 toPratt StreetCreate anattractivegateway
  33. 33. MERIDEN TOD
  34. 34. MERIDEN TOD New Center City CirculationEliminate theunusualexisting trafficpatternProvide a morepredictablestreet layoutInvestigatedroundaboutsbut to close toRR crossingInclude newgreen spacesand pedestrianpaths
  35. 35. MERIDEN TOD Goals of the New TOD Zoning District:I. Accommodate future growth which will enhance the TAX BASE through the optimum use of appropriate parcels for sustainable economic development;II. Encourage moderate to high DENSITY development within walking distance of the Intermodal Transportation Center;III. Create a PEDESTRIAN-FRIENDLY environment to encourage walking, bicycling and transit use, and reduce dependency on the automobile;IV. Emphasize MIXED-USE Overlay Code and District with a focus on mixed-income residential development with supporting commercial and retail uses;V. Encourage INFILL and building REHABILITATION to create higher densities, preserve existing fabric and complete the definition of streets;VI. Protect existing neighborhoods / assets by ensuring HIGH QUALITY development that is well integrated and compatible in aesthetics;VII. Protect the integrity of HISTORICALLY significant and ENVIRONMENTALLY sensitive areas.
  36. 36. MERIDEN TOD Gateway Historic/ Park Commercial CivicHanover TOD ZONING SUB-DISTRICTS
  37. 37. Bridgeport: Downtown Village Districts MERIDEN TOD Gateway Historic/ Park Commercial WEST MAIN STREET Civic Hanover Primary Street Secondary Street TOD DISTRICT: STREET HIERARCHY
  38. 38. MERIDEN TODPARK SUB-DISTRICT:• Focus on HUB Park / Proximity to ITC• High density, mixed-use, mixed-income residential [35 D.U. / acre min.]• Define Pratt corridor and Park edges with ground floor uses that promote a pedestrian-friendly public realm• Maximum height 5 floors [8 floors with incentives] Park
  39. 39. MERIDEN TODCIVIC SUB-DISTRICT:• Preserve & “Showcase” existing cultural, institutional and civic buildings of merit• New development should compliment existing scale and grandeur to appropriate siting and articulation• High quality single, 2 & 3 family residences are permitted on secondary and tertiary streets to provide complimentary infill fabric• Residential densities must be a minimum of 10 D.U.s / acre• Height: 4 floors [6 floors by incentives] Civic
  40. 40. MERIDEN TOD HUB Flood ControlRedevelopment Plan
  41. 41. HUB Flood Control Redevelopment Plan(February 2008)
  42. 42. MERIDEN TOD Sourceswww.MeridenTOD.COMwww.CityofMeriden.COM