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Troop 700 Mulch
        How Much Mulch?
Troop 700 Price List 2004
     Mulch Guide

Mulching shrub beds is a great way to add ...
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Mulch Guide Brochure 2004


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I designed this brochure for our scout fundraiser

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Mulch Guide Brochure 2004

  1. 1. Troop 700 Mulch How Much Mulch? Coordinator HINT: SCOUT STUDY GUIDE FOR HELPING MULCH Assistant Scoutmaster CUSTOMERS WITH AMOUNT OF MULCH NEEDED. Mr. Alex Salamon Mulch is usually sold by the cubic yard, and 5292 Predmore Pl. that can leave gardeners scratching their head when trying to figure out how much to buy. Columbus, OH 43230 Here’s the easiest way: 1. First, find out the size of the area you want Phone: 614-476-3164 to cover in square feet. This is easy; just multi- ply the length of your garden by the width. 2. Next, decide how deep you want your mulch to be, in inches. A couple of inches is usually sufficient. 3. Now multiply the size of your garden in square feet (#1) by the depth of your mulch in inches (#2). 4. Divide the number you get in #3 by 324. ABOVE: Cypress Rose Mulch This is the number of cubic yards of mulch you will need to cover your garden. BELOW: Hardwood Mulch One cubic yard contains 27 cubic feet B.S.A. Troop 700 (Volume = 3 feet x 3 feet x 3 feet) E-mail: TROOP CONTACT INFORMATION Committee Chairperson – Mr. Darrell Cipriany 614-890-7002 Scoutmaster – Mr. Fred Black 614-899-0491 Assistant Scoutmaster — Mr. Tom Moore 614-475-0983 Troop Treasurer - Mrs. Susan Nichols 614-476-5640 Sponsoring Organization-Westerville Civitan Club
  2. 2. Troop 700 Price List 2004 Mulch Guide HINT: SCOUT STUDY GUIDE FOR SELLING Mulching shrub beds is a great way to add Hardwood Cypress Rose uniformity to your landscape. Mulch also 2 cubic feet bags 3 cubic feet bags helps prevent weeds, holds moisture, and in most cases, adds organic matter to the 4 bags for $12 3 bags for $12 soil. $3 per bag $4 per bag If you're looking for a way to save lots of time in the garden, look no further. Mulch- ing your flower and vegetable beds will drastically reduce the amount of time spent weeding, watering and fighting pests. Wood Chips Mulch also improves the appearance of your garden, and keep dirt from splashing Appearance: Insulation: Cost: Moderate up on your flowers and vegetables when it Good Good rains. Weed Control: Water Penetration: Thickness: 2-4 in. Good Good Decomposition Speed: Fairly slow; Moisture Retention: Good little effect on soil nitrogen SALE STARTS MARCH 1st, 2004 Wood Shavings PICK-UP & DELIVERY DATES Insulation: Appearance: Fair Cost: Low Saturday, April 17 9 am—5 pm Fair Weed Control: Water Penetration: Thickness: 2-3 in. Sunday, April 18 1 pm—4 pm Fair Good Decomposition Faith Covenant Church Parking Speed: Very rapid; Moisture Retention: Fair will use up soil nitro- Lot gen 3607 Dempsey Rd.