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Mrs funnel


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Mrs funnel

  1. 1. 10.2.12W.A.L.T: DescribeToday we are describing Mrs Funnell.Opening Statement.WO HO! Mrs Funnell is the best teacher I have everheard of!I have never seen her without earrings on.Her eyes are as brown as acorns. I love her dresses.They arealways pretty. Her jewellery is pretty too. She thinks we areFANTASTIC!!!!!!!! Mrs Funnell loves to laugh!Describe what Mrs Funnell looks like!Mrs Funnellwears pink lip stick and always wears gorgeousearrings and beautiful shoes. Her hair is brown and she hasblack rimmed glasses. She smells minty FRESH!!!!!!!!!!!By: Anika 23.2.12