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How to become an alpha male review


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How to become an alpha male reviewed, this book by John Alexander, originally published in June 2005, holds an entirely different focus from the usual dating books out there.

Instead of focusing on the woman, this one focuses on you.

It has been updated twice already (once in 2007 and now more recently in 2011) to make it more up to date and effective.

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How to become an alpha male review

  1. 1. How to become an alpha male review How To Become An Alpha Male by John AlexanderFor more information on “how to become an alpha male” visit
  2. 2. How to become an alpha male reviewJohn first started writing this book in early 2003 because he noticed thatpretty much all books out there were focusing on the wrong thing.Every “how to seduce women” book out there focused on either seducing thewoman or attracting women. All of this by telling stories, peacocking,hypnosis, psychological “tricks”, busting her figurative balls, using social proofetc.But while these methods and tricks do actually work, theyre a bit deceivingand are focused completely on the woman. No effort is done to actuallyimprove YOU.Why the heck would we want to improve ourselves???Well, its pretty darn easy to improve ourselves and in doing so we becomemore attractive. We automatically start attracting women into our lives. (nouse of “lines” or memorized stories as in neuro-linguistic programming)Itll just be natural, its who YOU really are that will attract these women. Itsnot the tricks you picked up along the way that are responsible for theattraction.Thats where How To Become An Alpha Male comes in and saves the dayso to speak. It focuses on YOU and is designed to help you become theultimate version of you. Itll make YOU so good and interesting that you wontneed to think of lines or have to think “what do I do next?”.Now Im not saying your bad or anything, Im just saying you can improve, weall can. In fact, right now...YOU are the best version of YOU in the world!Think about that one for a sec.How to become an alpha male does include psychological know-how onwomen, why they act the way they act and so on. Which is really helpful,because sometimes... women can just act WEIRD, you know? Im sure youdo!For more information on “how to become an alpha male” visit
  3. 3. How to become an alpha male reviewNow John alexander finished writing this book in June of 2005, updated it in2007 to increase its effectiveness and include some extra information thatsreally helpful. And now in 2011 he has once again updated it to make it EVENmore effective.Im sure hell keep updating as time passes on and itll only get better andbetter.Click here if you are interested in knowing more about “How to become analpha male”. Youll find an unbiased review which is just straight facts, no fluffand gets right to the point.For more information on “how to become an alpha male” visit