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MOBILE COMMERCE & NFC - Essential Background


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Commerce originating from mobile phones is expected to see explosive growth by 2012. Mobile based transactions has relevance for both online transactions and especially offline @ POS transactions, since it is a device that is both with you and connected, most of the time. A neutral technology that allows both consumers and merchants freedom of choice is necessary for this explosive growth in m-commerce to be realized, much like what web technology did to e-commerce. This presentation walks through essential background and data to make this point.

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MOBILE COMMERCE & NFC - Essential Background

  1. 1. ESSENTIAL BACKGROUND & DATA TYFONE© 2011, Tyfone, Inc. All rights reserved. Patented and Patents Pending.
  2. 2. US Data TYFONE Mobile technology adoption fastest in history. >30% faster than computer adoption!2 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  3. 3. ALWAYS CONNECTED = ONLINE COMMERCE ALWAYS WITH YOU = OFFLINE @ POS COMMERCE Can’t ignore! Start with Online Informational Services (NOW) of people will be managing finances via mobile by 20201 TYFONE Focus towards POS Transactional Services (COMING SOON!) of retail transactions happen offline at POS2. Online is <10% Focus on ID security! is how much your credit card and banking identity is worth online3 1.Future Foundation, 2009 2.US Census Bureau, 2009 3.Bloomberg Businessweek, 20103 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  4. 4. Astounding numbers, but… Carriers Device Payment makers Assn Chip Issuers + makers TYFONE Perso bureau OS/App Acquirers vendors Many stakeholders = potential disintermediation? = distrust? = stalemate?4 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  5. 5. History repeats: Learning from e-commerce… TYFONE Merchant-consumer interaction freedom required for scale Viewdata (videotex) to Amazon (web) took 11 years! Mobile: >30% faster?5 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  6. 6. Based on market launch dates MCOMMERCE EXPLOSION? ECOMMERCE EXPLOSION! Freedom of choice AMAZON OPEN LOOP SE? MOSAIC BROWSER CLOSED LOOP APPS ❷ ❸ ❺❻ Channel restricted DOCOMO AT&T VIEWTRON OSAIFU-KEITAI TYFONE ❶ ❹ ~7.5 years ± 1? ~11 years ± 1 30% faster? ❶ ❷ ❸ ❹ ❺ ❻6 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  7. 7. Secure ID Storage Options Need Offline Access for POS payments Hardware More secure – Hard to clone Software Easy to clone Secure Element Required for scaled payments! Embedded TYFONE Removable / Add-on Portable – Consumer friendly SIM MicroSD Other Neutral – Ecosystem friendly Neutral solution is the most scalable and will coexist!7 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  8. 8. Mobile channel communication modes TYFONE • Mobile Web represented approximately 50% of all mobile transactions, while SMS and APPs each contributed 25%. • In addition, more than 40% of consumers of informational services use at least 2 out of the 3 modes in any given month. Freedom of choice applies to comm modes too!8 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.
  9. 9. MOBILE 75% COMMERCE NEUTRAL Always Online <10% + CHOICE connected commerce Always Offline >90% with you POS commerce TYFONE SECURE ELEMENT Many Many stakeholders stakeholders TRANSACTION High Evolutionary PLATFORM adoption rate9 © 2011 TYFONE, INC - PATENTED & PATENTS PENDING.