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SnApp real estate mobile apps for real estate agents


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SnApp Real Estate builds mobile apps for real estate agents and brokers, to enable a branded, custom, native mobile-app experience for potential home buyers. This includes an interactive map, IDX / MLS integration, and geolocation.

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SnApp real estate mobile apps for real estate agents

  1. 1. Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents Real Estate
  2. 2. Conclusion Real estate agents need an affordable way to provide customers a mobile property search, that personalizes the home-buying experience, while also streamlining it. Problem - Home Buyers Need a Better Way to Search For Properties Apps by 3rd parties (Zillow) or large agencies, lack functionality, contain too many ads, and clutter the home buying experience. The cost to build a personal mobile app is usually cost-prohibitive for real estate agents.
  3. 3. The SnApp platform builds amazing and affordable apps, branded to each real estate agent. Home Buyers Benefit from Great Features Easily Connects Home-Buyer With Agent Custom App, Branded to Agent Our Solution
  4. 4. Agents can overcome 3rd party apps. Real estate agents can build their brand with an app vs. buying it back. Top-performing real estate agents invest in apps to streamline the customer’s experience. 3rd Party Apps vs. Your Own
  5. 5. Too much competition 3rd Party Apps Have 1,000’s of other agents (your competitors). Impacted marketplace Too many ads Clutters experience for customer. Users have complained of out-dated / false listings Selling Information. Users have complained about multiple companies contacting them. 
 In order to make money, these companies must continue selling “leads” and informatio. 3rd Party Apps Advertising on 3rd party apps vs. building your own.
  6. 6. Branding themselves - Not You! By giving you a “free app” to use, it also routes customers back to the lender or corporate office.
 This acts as an extension of their brand. Not YOURS! Lack of Control and Functionality These apps often have no benefit to the home- buyer and are not as feature-rich.
 By having your own app, you can control the user- experience 100% You Get What You Pay For. What you “Save” by getting a free app, you “lose” by not having your own search tool for your customers. 
 What if you move to another real estate group? Good bye free app, and any marketing efforts you’ve put into it. Apps by Lenders / Corporate
 These apps benefit the lender, or the real estate company. Not the agent. Corporate apps limit your functionality and control. Routes back to Corporate Brand. NotYours.
  7. 7. Your App! App Customized to Each Agent Integrated with the MLS, to enable customers an effective property search, with an interactive map, and features like saving searches, sharing listings, and scheduling a showing. If there are specific designs or features you want to implement, this can be customized by the SnApp Real Estate team.
  8. 8. Your App Invest in building YOUR brand.
  9. 9. Benefits Streamlines Sales Experience You exist on the customer’s phone Generates Leads Send the customer Push Notifications You are in constant connection! How you make money Give customers a better property search. Streamline the experience. 0 2500 5000 7500 10000 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 New Customers SnApp Real Estate Projection
  10. 10. Agents can overcome 3rd party apps. Real estate agents can build their brand with an app vs. buying it back. Top-performing real estate agents invest in apps to streamline the customer’s experience. Beating Competition the best option for agents.
  11. 11. Competition has fewer apps deployed. SnApp out-performs based on feature-set and design. SnApp has more successful clients than any other app builder in real estate. Other App Builders why we’re different and better…
  12. 12. Fully Customizable. Have an idea? We’ll build it! Give customers your app. Having a personal app generates leads and streamlines the sales process. SnApp’s Advantage Give customers what they want - an excellent mobile experience.
  13. 13. We are already working with agents and brokers at the most successful real estate companies. Customers
  14. 14. Colin O’Brien CEO and Co-Founder Charles Zivko CTO and Co-Founder The SnApp Real Estate Team Ari Summer Lead Developer Jarown Belgrave Operations Manager + our excellent sales, operations, and marketing teams!
  15. 15. Next Step - Let’s build your app! 800-343-9013 Get Started Today Contact us Today…