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  • Volume: CSCs receive 50-60 communications-related emails/weekLength:Average messages is 600 wordsTimeliness:44% of CSCs took longer than 6 hours to open time-sensitive messagesMeasurement: Email only provides basic measurements and does adequately measure comprehension
  • Note: Bigger drop in readership for Gen Y
  • Although Overall
  • SnapComms roi-case-study-Rogers

    1. 1. 1 Rogers Communications Telecommunications Case Study Nicola Hanson
    2. 2. 2 Rogers Communications Partnership Rogers Communications Inc. is a diversified Canadian communications and media company engaged in three primary lines of business. Rogers Wireless is Canada's largest wireless voice and data communications services provider and the country's only national carrier operating on the world standard GSM, HSPA+ and LTE technology platforms. Rogers Cable is a leading Canadian cable services provider, offering cable television, high-speed Internet access, and telephony products for residential and business customers. Rogers Media is Canada's premier group of category-leading broadcast, specialty, sports, print and on-line media assets with businesses in radio and television broadcasting, televised shopping, sports entertainment, and magazine and trade journal publication.
    3. 3. 3 3 JobKnowledgeCompanyKnowledge Overlapping scope will result in consistent /collaborative communications n n Content & Communications Corporate Communications Training Rogers Communications – KM Content & Communications Field Operation Employees (3,500 +) Call Centre Employees (10,000 +) In-Store Employees (6000+)
    4. 4. 4 Content & Communications Business Objective Streamline operational communications, simplify messaging and increase compliance and comprehension
    5. 5. 5 Business Problem Four issues compromising frontline readiness and flexibility to sell/support services: Volume of messaging – employees expected to read over 170K words/month delivered via email and KM articles No time to understand and act on information – over seven hours required to read 90K words Difficult to cut through volume and identify information central to job function – only 30-40% of messages sent are role-critical Email is not an ideal vehicle to deliver critical/time sensitive messages – 56% of employees read critical information in first five hours
    6. 6. 6 How Much Information are employee reading?
    7. 7. 7 * 200 words per minute when uninterrupted (Jakob Neilson Web Reading Research) 93,334 WORDS = 7 h o u r s 4 0 m i n u t e s Assuming all Material is Read $253 $885,500 $3,036 $10,062,600 Monthly Cost Annual Cost Single Employee 3,500 Employee Base * *Based on $33/hr fully loaded cost for Customer Care Retention Employee What does it cost to read 93,334 words?
    8. 8. 8 Impacts Description Higher AHT Looking through e-mail, asking peers, waiting for information from team managers Increased Repeat Calls Customers who receive incorrect information call back - Issue not resolved on first call Higher Operating Costs Knowledge gaps reduce compliance and drive higher costs to Rogers Lower CSat Customers who receive inconsistent responses are less willing to recommend Rogers Lower ESat /Lower Productivity Without the right tools to do their jobs and timely messaging, employees are unable to resolve customers issues Opportunity /Size & Scope: What if the Messages are not Read?
    9. 9. 9 Are we Audience Focused? Semiformal Chunk it down but give me everything Relevance to the bottom line and my rewards Accept rules Print, face-to-face, online tools and resources Available; handy As needed Not Serious Get to the point. What do I need to know? Relevant to what matters to me Openly question authority Online; some face-to- Face, technology Immediately when I need it Whenever Eye-catching; fun If and when I need it I’ll find it online Relevance to now, today, and my role Ok with authority that earns respect Online, wired, wireless, seamlessly connected Five minutes ago Constant STYLE CONTENT CONTEXT ATTITUDE TACTIC SPEED FREQUENCY BOOMER (1946-1964) GEN X (1965-1981) GEN Y /Millenials (1982-2000) WHERE WE ARE WHERE WE NEED TO BE Demographics of Audience Gen Y Gen X Boomer
    10. 10. 10 Concepts: Opportunities we’re seeking to trial CONCEPT#1 Implement Technology Deliver strategic push communication at the right time for the right audience 1. Timely – available on a trusted schedule or as it happens for emergencies 2. Relevant to their job 3. Tied to IQ/KM so information is at their fingertips 4. Fun and eye catching 5. Position information with the background 6. Provide the right amount of information CONCEPT #2 Read/View Time Give employees the time to know, understand, believe and act upon the information we deliver to them 1. Provide the time to read/watch/view the information CONCEPT #3 Build Communications Measurement Plan Provide solid business and communications measurements that help: 1. Provide direction on proper vehicle depending on message type and urgency (long term) 2. Provide Business reporting on message effectiveness in obtaining business goals (long term) 3. Provide a plan for both current and Snapcomm messages in order to provide a common detonator to compare tools during pilot (short term)
    11. 11. 11 Control Group Pilot Group 289 employees Concept 1: Pilot the Software 1. Call Centre employees representing Customer Care, Technical Support and Sales 2. × 3. 4. 289 employees
    12. 12. 12 Tool Initial Interest Description Ticker  • Scrolling ticker bar / RSS feeds, typically used to highlight information updates and breaking news Alerts  • Direct on-screen pop-up alerts, ensuring message cut through for important updates (Limited usage due to invasiveness of tool) Snapmag  • Tool to aggregate internal e-mails to reduce information overload. Push out user generated content. Reduce the resource required to produce a staff e- magazine. Quiz Tool  • Delivered to the desktop and used to reinforce messages, assess comprehension and ensure front-line readiness Pop-Up Survey  • Delivered to the desktop typically used for benchmarking, temperature checks and measuring communications effectiveness Screensaver messaging  • Uses screensavers as digital signage to help raise employee awareness of key messages Interactive  • Plug and play interactive discussion tool typically run and managed by non technical business units. Variants include: blog, forum, helpdesk and Q&A (NOTE – May wish to use later!) Reporting  • In-depth reporting that provides metrics on click-throughs, views, quiz and survey results at Agent, TM, centre, and Business levels. Internal Newsletter
    13. 13. 13 Concept 2: Pilot the Job Preparation Time Provide employees with 15 minutes offline before each shift to read and review all relevant content they need for their shift that day All content is tailored specific to audience group
    14. 14. 14 Concept 3: Measurement Plan Readership Understanding Adoption Business KPIs • Snapcomms: tracking the number of employees who opened the IQD and completed the quiz • Email: tracking the number of people who opened the email Readership – Pilot versus Control • Quizzing as part of the communications process to determine whether the messages have been understood • Response rate for emails is low: no comparable data Karen Volk Director, Knowledge Management & Communication • Adoption of the Snapcomms tool – engagement with communications process versus email • Surveying for message adoption in pilot versus control Quiz for Understanding Behaviour Change Tracked against: Average Handle Time, Problem Resolution, Customer Satisfaction, Commissions Tracking Business KPIs
    15. 15. Pilot Results – The Success Story
    16. 16. 16 IQ Now The information I get in the IQ Now is timely and relevant for my skill set and I like having the urgent messages scroll at the bottom of my screen. I really believe the information I receive in SnapComms helps me to be better prepared to support customers. 99% 97% 100% 98% 97% 93% 100% 96% 30%46% 31% 44% 50% 40% 22% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% ReadershipRate(WeeklyAverage) Pilot Study Week Phase 1 Ends IQ Now - Email Control Group IQ Now - SnapComms Pilot Group Readership
    17. 17. 17 IQ Direct 72% 64% 64% 62% 64% 75% 64% 74% 65% 65%61% 61% 62% 55% 59% 46% 81% 83% 89% 90% 90% 92% 80% 88% 85% 84% 83% 55% 30% 35% 30% 30% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% ReadershipRate(WeeklyAverage) Pilot Study Week Phase 1 Ends IQ Direct Email Control Group IQ Direct SnapComms Pilot Group SnapComms really gives me lots of useful and updated information which helps in my daily job. Excellent tool! I feel that it demonstrates that giving us the knowledge we need to do our job correctly is valuable. I know I have up to date info. Readership
    18. 18. 18 IQ Direct Quizzes “SnapComms is helpful as it gives you enough time in your whole day to go through all new updates; and the best thing is it’s brief, exactly to the point and simple to understand .....the quiz is also helpful as it shows how much we understood after answering the questions.” 88% 87% 86% 86% 78% 83% 79% 86% 83% 81% 84% 81% 95% 91% 94% 74% 81% 84% 86% 60% 80% 100% ComprehensionRate(WeeklyAverage) Pilot Study Week Phase 1 Ends IQ Direct SnapComms Pilot Group Understanding
    19. 19. 19 Behavior Change – Message Adoption Throughout the pilot, we consistently surveyed reps on messages delivered. For example, here are stats collected on a job procedure message – ‘Helping to reduce AHT with Onetime payment speed dial’: Read and clearly understood the message Received a call specific to the message Helped them understand the benefits of promoting self-serve as a onetime payment option Helped them understand when to offer a customer self-serve one time payment as an option 97% 77% 91% 87% Adoption
    20. 20. 20 Employee Satisfaction & ReadershipAdoption
    21. 21. 21 Business Key Performance Indicators April May June July Aug Sept Pilot Control KPIs • Technical support’s pilot group consistently achieved higher scores in problem resolution • Customer Care’s pilot group performed better in problem resolution, and overall satisfaction in July and August • Sales team’s pilot group consistently achieved higher scores in helping customers choose the right product for their needs. • Modest improvements in Sales and Technical • Customer Care’s pilot group had a statistically significant improvement in Problem Resolution in July
    22. 22. 22 Business Key Performance IndicatorsPIKPIs Feb '11 Mar '11 Apr '11 May '11 Jun '11 Jul '11 Aug '11 Sep '11 Phase 1 Ends (August 15, 2011) Lift in Average Monthly Commissions: Pilot Versus Control Lift in Average Monthly Commissions - Gen X Pilot Versus Control Lift in Average Monthly Commissions - Gen Y Pilot Versus Control Overall Satisfaction with the Snapcomms tool • IQ Direct Magazine Style 95% • IQ Quiz 90% • IQ Now Ticker 86 • Offline time 96% • Outage Notification 86% • Message History Window 83% %
    23. 23. 23 Feedback about… “SnapComms is helpful as it gives you enough time in your day to go through all new updates and, the best thing is the information is brief, to the point and easy understand. The quiz is also helpful as it tests how much we understood.” “This is a great idea as I have access to the information I need to work better. I have improved my resolution rates because I get information faster and I am able to deliver it to the customer sooner. The SnapComms pilot made it easier for me to find information.”
    25. 25. Questions Nicola Hanson Senior Manager, Knowledge Management Content & Communications Linked In: (416) 562-2013